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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Naughton | 3 comments Name says it all. What are the best action scenes ever to grace a science fiction novel? Here are some of my choices:

The climactic showdown in Player of Games.

Emperor Gregor's ship saving Miles in The Vor Game

The Klendathu Battle from Starship Troopers

The Martian War Machines vs. the Thunder Child in War of the Worlds

The Soldiers tale from Hyperion

The Surprise Attack on the Barracks from All You Need Is Kill

The Battles in the Hells from Surface Deatil

The Final Battle of The Forever War

What are your favorites?

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments To me there is no greater scene than when night falls in Asimov's "Nightfall."

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