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Theme of Decision vs Fate

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message 1: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
This is a place for you to discuss how the theme of decision versus fate appears in the books you are reading. Does your character believe they have a choice or is their fate predetermined? What are your personal thoughts? Don't forget to tell us what book you are reading.

message 2: by James (new)

James Troxler | 5 comments Because the Hobbit is a prelude to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this book shows some fate themes. The most important one being the main character coming across a powerful weapon that is the center of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So in this boom, fate is predetermined. My thoughts are that it shouldn't have been fate, be cause the main character could have easily chosen not to pick up the weapon, leading the Lord of the Rings trilogy down a very different path.

message 3: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Crooks | 3 comments Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned

In Interview with a Vampire, this theme is very strong in the beginning as Louis has to make the decision to submit to the vampire way of living or die. He feels that he has a choice but is backed into a corner to the point where he has no choice. My opinion on this is that Anne Rice has incorporated this theme subtly and beautifully as far as context and depth as well as understanding the position that the character, Louis, is in.

message 4: by Byron (new)

Byron Young | 3 comments I am currently reading Percy Jackson lighting thief and its about decision vs fate because Percy decision about accepting the fact that he is a half-blood and his actual fate. Percy actual fate is to fight monsters and other beings for the good of the people. Percy really doesn't want to accept his fate in the beginning because his mother gets killed and that destroys him.

message 5: by Byron (new)

Byron Young | 3 comments My class and I are currently reading A study In Scarlet and so far its very interesting the mystery keeps you going and wants you to continue to read more and more. Sherlock Holmes is a character that you either love her hate because of how smart he is.

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
Byron wrote: "My class and I are currently reading A study In Scarlet and so far its very interesting the mystery keeps you going and wants you to continue to read more and more. Sherlock Holmes is a character t..."

How does this address the theme of fate?

message 7: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Rivera | 3 comments In the Time of the Butterflies
The setting of my book takes place in the Dominican Republic during the dictatorship of Trujillo. The main characters are four sisters who live on a farm. Each sister has their own unique personality, however they feel as if they have the same fate. This fate is influenced more by their sister Minerva, who believes Trujillo should be overthrown and . Throughout the book, there are events that slowly turn all the sisters towards one another for comfort and leads them to believe it is their fate to try and overthrow the government. Women during this time period had no say in the government and were seen as inferior to men. The sisters get help from friends and other rebels to play out their plans. It is a very dangerous decision to go against Trujillo but that is not stopping them. The book is fiction however is filled with true events. The very beginning informs the audience what the result of this fate was, and is told by one of the sisters herself.

message 8: by Byron (new)

Byron Young | 3 comments I am currently reading the X files and in a way its decision vs fate because the scientist has to make a decision to keep working or to let the people bother him.

message 9: by Seth (new)

Seth Blackburn | 1 comments Im reading holes and it fits in this cattegory because stanley was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got in trouble, but it was fate because he goes to the camp and lifts the curse on his family

message 10: by Yuri (new)

Yuri Ly | 1 comments I'm reading a book called Beast by Donna Jo Napoli. Its a prequel/ backstory of the beast from Beauty and the Beast. It goes more in detail on how he was turned into a lion. The prince had to make many important decisions that led up to his ultimate fate. As the beast searches for forgiveness and redemption, he comes across a beautiful girl named Belle. The rest is history ,but this book tells of what happened before the classic tale began.

message 11: by Tina (new)

Tina Stewart | 2 comments Shiver
So I read Shiver for my SSR this week and I see the theme of decision vs fate because even though Sam his been transformed into a werewolf for years and soon he will turn into a wolf forever he tries his hardest to stay human for Grace, the love of his life. His transformation occurs when he gets cold so he struggles all fall to stay in his human form and Grace does her best to help him, sadly they get in a car accident when it snows and he is forced to change. Even though its Sam's fate to eventually be a wolf forever he fights the change every year to spend more time with Grace and try to make a life with her. Eventually Sam and a few of Grace's friends try to prevent the change by injecting themselves with meningitis. It kills one of them but Sam survived, effectively preventing the change from taking him from Grace ever again. Now for the tragic part, Grace had been bitten when she was younger but he dad left her in a hot car so she never changed. So instead of her turning into a wolf forever she starts to die. Sam figures this out and decides to try biting her again. It works and Grace changes but now she will eventually become a wolf forever leaving Sam.

message 12: by Ethan (new)

Ethan Fisher | 4 comments In the book im reading, The Emerald Mile, the theme of decision vs fate is present. The river guides decide to raft the Colorado River while it is overflooded. The river was closed to rafting and it was illegal to do it. The river was so dangerous, everyone thought it was a suicide mission, but they made the decision to do it anyway. Fate could be on their side and allow them to make it through to 277 mile expedition, or they could very easily die.

message 13: by Josh (new)

Josh Schlabach | 2 comments I'm reading the book, Divergent, which has a theme of decision vs. fate. She had a choice to either keep her mouth shut about the things that she finds out about throughout the book or she would die. She found this very difficult throughout the book , because the information she knew could save the lives of people she loves. After finding out the results of her test, it was very difficult for her to not tell someone like her brother. If anyone would have found out they both would've been killed.

message 14: by Kaylin (new)

Kaylin Brummitt | 3 comments In The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson was told by the Oracle that he will end up loosing what matters most to him. With this on his mind he is battling the fact that he wants to choose his own destiny and his path rather than having an oracle tell him what will end up happening.

message 15: by Devin (new)

Devin Tash | 3 comments In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is told by Darth Vader that he is destined to either join the Dark Side or to die. Luke believes he does have a choice, that he can defeat Vader and the Emperor, even though Yoda and Obi-Wan have told him to complete his training first, hes made the decision to help his friends.

message 16: by Parker (new)

Parker Beauchamp | 3 comments In the book Highest Duty, Capt. Chesley Sullenburger loses both of his engines just after takeoff due to a bird strike. Capt. Sullenberger has his own fate in his hands, he can either try and make it back to the airport or land in the Hudson River. He chooses to land in the Hudson and everyone survived. He made the right decision because simulation showed that he wouldn't of been able to make it back to the airport. I believe that he made the right decision because everyone on that flight survived the water landing.

message 17: by Lilly (new)

Lilly Cavanaugh | 3 comments In the ending of the book "Fourth of July", Lindsay had to make a life or death decision and decide whether to kill the murderer or bring him to justice. Thankfully she made the decision to not kill him and she arrested him.

message 18: by Grace (new)

Grace Burton | 4 comments I am reading "Where She Went" and in the end of this book both of the main characters have to make major life decisions. They dated when they were in high school and 3 years later after being reunited they have the decision to stay together or continue with their musical careers. They decide to stay together and go on eachothers tours. I think they make their decisions based on fate because reunited after that long isn't common and this may mean they were meant for each other.

message 19: by Haley (new)

Haley McKinnon | 3 comments I am reading "Slasher Girls and Monster Boys." The short story I'm reading right now in this book is called "Hide and Seek." This story is about a girl who dies, is in the "in-between", and must choose a game to play to become alive again. If she wins the game the event that took her life would have never existed, and everything will go back to normal. If she loses the game, all the damage caused from the game will stay and she will remain dead. She chose the game hide and seek where she met many tough obstacles.

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