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Theme of Discipline and Justice

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message 1: by Danielle (last edited Mar 03, 2016 05:35AM) (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
This is a place for you to discuss how the themes of discipline and justice appear in the books you are reading. Some people argue that discipline and justice are different things. How are these seen in your reading? How does your character feel? What do they experience? What are your personal thoughts? Don't forget to tell us what book you are reading.

message 2: by Proctor (last edited Mar 07, 2016 08:34AM) (new)

Proctor Davis | 3 comments Dallas has to go a Rehabilitation center. She feels that her father should have spoken up against this decision and is angry at him.

message 3: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
Proctor wrote: "Dallas has to go a Rehabilitation center.

Could you give a little more on that? How does she feel? Is it fair that she is there? How is she handling it?

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Pegg | 4 comments "the help"

message 5: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Pegg | 4 comments "the help"

black people have many problems with the white folks trying to make a living. the maids are losing jobs because of the white people. there treated like peasants and lower class people. the black people face death threats and many dangerous situations.

message 6: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Thomas | 2 comments "Navy Seals"

Talks about how the Navy Seals ware formed and the training they went through, on how to be tough, smart, strong, and to work as a team or unit. Talks about the wars they fought in and hard it is to become a Navy seal. Over all a good book so far. Cant wait to finish it.

message 7: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
In the first short story collection a common theme is justice. Justice, however is not always the same as discipline. In these stories people's actions and crimes always become known. Many times the characters get what they deserve based on their crimes. Sherlock Holmes often takes into account what act the other characters have committed and their circumstances before deciding on which form of "justice" would be best.

message 8: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Brisbane | 1 comments We is about an Utopian world where everything is the same. This guy is trying to escape it.

message 9: by Conner (new)

Conner | 1 comments I am currently reading Goosebumps, it shows Discipline and Justice because they solve crimes and the criminals end up getting disciplined.

message 10: by Brisyn (new)

Brisyn | 1 comments Ive been reading a sports article about a player that plays for a team in germany but his famioy wants him to go to spain and lay

message 11: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin P | 1 comments Stake Out.
Kenzie is a teenage girl who saves turtles from killers. She goes on adventures to find helpless turtles and save them.

message 12: by Camden (new)

Camden Dishman | 1 comments Sorry wrong number
Is a one act play about a lady who is trying to call her husband but gets connected to the wrong line and overhears two men planning to murder someone who lives on her street. She tries to call police but they won't connect her back since she was trying to make a personal call.

message 13: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Davis | 3 comments The Hunt For Red October
All of the characters in this book are disciplined because they work on submarines and/or are secret agents.

message 14: by Nique (new)

Nique | 2 comments The Sliver Blaze
The reason why i used The Sliver Blaze for justice, is for the simple fact that Sherlock had to go and find a murderer and who stole Silver Blaze

message 15: by Ashley (new)

Ashley G | 1 comments What i thought about this short story is that there's a lot of investigation to this case. The short story was about how a man named Hosmer Angel went missing and his "friend" Sutherland was worried so she told her stepfather about it and he did not want to talk to the police or any detective which would be Holmes about it. Long story short is that there was a letter that "Angel" had written and Holmes was looking at it then told Mr.windinki to write one and they had the exact same for of writing and typing Holmes came to investigate all of the letters and it showed that Mr.windinki was "Angel". Holmes never told Sutherland because he knew she would be upset.

message 16: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey Chewning | 2 comments The theme of discipline and justice is shown in my book when Rey stumbles upon an old, beat up cruiser that she desperately needs in order to survive on the planet Jakku.

message 17: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hill | 30 comments Mod
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
In this short story Sherlock is looking for a person who stole a priceless gem. At the end of the story Sherlock discovers that the person who committed the crime feel on economic hard times and is suffering from extreme guilt over his action. It is obvious to Sherlock that this person will not commit a crime again, so Sherlock lets him go with the promise that if he commits another crime he will be caught. This is an example of justice being chosen over discipline.

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Edwards | 2 comments A Time to Kill
This book is about two teenage boys who kidnap a little girl and rape her, and beat her till shes almost dead. The two boys are on trial and the little girls dads busts out of a janitors closet and kills the two boys as they're leaving. Then it talks about what happens as the father goes through the court process.

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