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Elena Helping Peony was one of the main reasons that Cinder stayed to help Dr. Erland find a cure for letumosis. This was because Peony always treated Cinder as a real sister, not just a cyborg stepsister. What did you think of their relationship?

Munyah I think Peony did love Cinder for who she was and not what she was.

Aida I really liked peony she was so kind and innocent...I also loved how she treated Cinder even though her own sister and mother hated her she was still a friend to Cinder, the only HUMAN friend Cinder had.
And i was really crushed when Peony died...I liked her more than Cinder =)

Julie Trapp Spoiler alert, Aida. I'm not finished with the book yet.

Audrey Hill I absolutely HATED IT

Julie Trapp I didn't like it at all either, but read one this week that was so much worse.
Just wait until you get to "Cut Both Ways".

Anna Why didn't you like their relationship, Audrey and Julie?

Audrey Hill not the relationship I meant the book I really disliked it. it was so weird I and I normally like that kind of thing. I'm planning on rereading it though since my friend is mad at me for disliking it

Anna Well, it was out of this world. . . ;) I hope your second reading turns out better for you! :)

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