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Mahlia Here is wher I will post the work I've done. I will admit, I'm no Edgar Allan Poe, so keep the bar low please. Feedback, both positive and negative is welcome. I'd like to grow as a writer and in order to do that, I need the feedback! Thanks so much.

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Mahlia Solitary Confinement

I wish for just one day
I could be the same as others
But I know this is just a dream
When people observe me they see a quite girl
One who doesn't speak unless she has to
Whose actions are under control
Someone who rarely reacts to anything
This is because they do not know me
It's because of her
She's always there
Her cold dark eyes lock with mine
Searching my soul for words that will never reach her ears
If only she knew what ran through my mind
My words so malicious even she would be afraid
This girl who is as tough as nails
She would observe the real me
The one who can't control her words
Whose actions are let loose on the fly
There is no warning
I sit behind my prison bars
Bound to the wall with my own chains
It's just me, myself, and I

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Mahlia Water

Calm, still
Wild, angry
These changes happen depending
On the weather
The roar of the waves like
The growl of a mad dog
The roll of the water like words
Lost on the lips of a stranger
The next wave crouches
Waiting for the right moment
Like a cat before it pounces
And still the killer hunts on
In search of its next victim

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Mahlia World of Hate

This world is full of hate
It hides behind closed doors
Seeping through cracks in your floor
Penning you in and shutting the gate

We wish we could run and hide
But still it lurks there
Pulling you deep inside its lair
Coming closer with every stride

When you are captured
You have one chance to break free
And though you may succeed
You will always be recaptured

Hate will find you
Time and time again
Nagging like a wen
Every time your in its view

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