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message 1: by Rose (last edited Feb 24, 2016 09:49AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rose Loving The Magicians - I don't mind the excerpt approach of the show but I love to, once again, as I did in HP, being transported into a school of magic, seeing the characters to which I became attached, come to life. I hope the show gets enough ratings to keep it going for many seasons... perhaps Grossman will indulge us with more books about magic and magic schools. Does anyone agree?

N.B. I still have to read the other 2 books in the series - I usually switch authors in between reads.

Bill I'm curious to see how much more the series will deviate from the books. Already it's a mix of the first two books; the second book deals primarily with Julia's story, but the TV series focuses on both her and Quentin's stories in parallel, which I think is a great choice for a television series.

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Rose_E Bill, When they combine books for a movie or tv series, I get the feeling they do so believing they will not get series picked up or do not believe movie will have success - so they cram everything in. Or, it may be they don't find enough 'action', 'plot' in one book to carry the story out following just one book at a time. In any case, I'm enjoying it. I like character development and following the character's journey in his/her discovery.

Shawn I've been watching both this and the Shannara Chronicles and both are going off the rails in terms of sticking to the books. However, I have decided that I like this show much better. The changes aren't really screwing things up and seem to enhance the show. The Shannara thing though, man, there's just so much wrong about that. Showing all the human rusting buildings is ridiculous and annoying. None of that stuff will be around in thousands of years.

Bethany I read all three books before watching the series and loved them! They were addicting. I was excited to see it had been made into a SyFy show, as I have enjoyed many years of SyFy programs. I binge watched the first 4 episodes and was really disappointed. I do not like how plots were mixed from the different books, nor did I like the added content (not in the books). They didn't even keep the same character names! I'd say the tv series is only roughly based on the books, at best.

Blue I'm loving the show. I read all the books and loved them also. I'm not that put off by the changes in large part because my memory of the details of the books are kind of foggy anyway, lol. I love that they kept the intricate finger actions in the show because that was a deal in the books and it's probably a pain in the ass to choreograph those for the show so they could have easily dropped them and given them wands or just magic spell words or whatever.
I keep feeling like the books were much quicker to get to Fillory, but I might just remember those parts of the books better, particularly since the last book was very much about Fillory.

Elliot is totally the star of the show as far as I'm concerned though. At first I sort of felt like Quentin was almost *too* stuttering and neurotic, which is saying something because I did imagine him, and do feel like he was represented, as pretty much both of those things in the books. The actor and his portrayal of that have grown on me considerably though. Kady and Margot kind of blurred together to me at first too, but now their stories are more clear.

Also, was Jane talking to the Dean in the books?? That was kind of weird to me too, but again I thought I might just have blocked that bit out from the books.

And Shawn, I watched Shannara too even though I never read the books. From that perspective it just seemed like, epic fantasy lite. I appreciated it for being fantasy, and I think they tried, but even though I liked the actors okay, they were very much 'mtv actors' to me and that did take away from it a bit. I don't know, it was just okay but I would still like to see more of that kind of storytelling on tv, but maybe on regular network tv where they could give it more gravitas somehow. This was probably perfect for an mtv audience (of the fantasy fan demo), but for me it was just mediocre. I read a commentary about cheap sets and all that but I thought they did an okay job with that personally. I never felt removed from the story because I was bothered by the set's flatness or anything. I might just have a high tolerance for that though.. everyone says it about Doctor Who and I never really pay attention to it. Maybe because I watched 70's Doctor Who and *those* were some truly flat sets.

Pudd'nhead Wilson The books are much better than the TV series. The TV series is all out of order compared to the books. TV series is still good, worth watching but its like a different story.

Bill I am enjoying the series more and more as it progressed -- in the 12th episode of the 1st season, they actually make a few references to the book. There's a sort of indirect suggestion that the book and TV series might both be part of the same, er, metaverse? Much better twist than telling the story as though the book series never existed....

Blue Bill wrote: "I am enjoying the series more and more as it progressed -- in the 12th episode of the 1st season, they actually make a few references to the book. There's a sort of indirect suggestion that the boo..."

Yeah, I definitely appreciated that nod to the different alternate versions of the story that could exist within the framework of the tv show. I sort of appreciate when shows give *some* answer to questions like, "Why do all these aliens happen to speak English?" Like in Farscape they gave them all implants so they understood one another, and once or twice that plot device was upheld by some incidental inclusion in another storyline. It was kind of superficial, but at least it's something. You kind of get over that one in particular (why do all these people from different times/galaxies/species/countries speak the same language), but there are definitely times when shows/books overlook some weird aspect of the story like that and you really wish they'd address it somehow, even if it's just to give some really flakey answer that might not hold up if you analyze it too much, it's still better than nothing and, for me, goes a long way to creating the suspension of disbelief for the rest of the outrageous ideas in the story.

SherryRose The book and show can’t be compared. They’re completely different. Both are very good but the two stories go in totally different directions.

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