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message 1: by Jonetta (last edited Apr 10, 2016 07:52AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Her passion is flying. As one of the best helicopter pilots in the naval reserves, Lieutenant Teri Howe is strong, dedicated, and highly skilled-until a past mistake surfaces, jeopardizing everything she's worked for.

Rock steady Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok has made a career of tackling difficult challenges. So it's no surprise when he comes to Teri's aid, knowing that his personal code of honor-and perhaps his heart-will be at risk. But when a jet carrying an American senator's daughter is hijacked, Stan's unflinching determination and Teri's steadfast courage are put to the ultimate test. The rescue mission will be daring and dangerous. But somewhere between peril and resolution, the line between friends and lovers begins to blur, pushing both their lives "over the edge." . . .

Spoiler zone on and after March 8

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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
This story marks a turning point in the series. It becomes much more suspenseful and action packed.

Anyone ready to begin reading this in March?

Kris - My Novelesque Life (mynovelesquelife) | 7 comments ME! (hand up in air) I have it all downloaded and will start it as soon as I finish my current audio book!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod

Robin (robinmy) | 745 comments I'm in. I love Brockmann's books.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
I do, too, Robin.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10171 comments Mod
I plan to read it as soon as I finish Immortal in Death. :)

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 670 comments I'm in, too. May need to refresh myself with this as a re-read.

message 10: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 852 comments OK, I"m in too. Put a hold on it at the library.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Great, everyone!

message 12: by Erin (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erin | 43 comments I just got the audiobook on my phone to listen to while at work. Looking forward to it and the discussion!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Glad you will join us, Erin!

Emerson Hawthorne | 175 comments Yes, please. I cannot wait for this reread.

Sheri Morell (smorell22) | 2165 comments I have it ready and waiting )

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
How about we stay consistent with the Buddy Read and make this a spoiler zone on March 8?

Emerson Hawthorne | 175 comments I think I will read it in tandem with Immortal in Death so I am not late to the discussion. Thanks for letting us know about the new date, Jonetta!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
You're welcome.

Maggie | 1432 comments I put a hold on it at the library last night, hopefully I won't have to wait as long as I did for The Defiant Hero.

message 20: by Erin (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erin | 43 comments I'm listening to the audiobook now. I am enjoying this one a LOT better than the last two.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod

Sheri Morell (smorell22) | 2165 comments I to am listening to it and really enjoying it.

message 23: by Sandy (last edited Mar 01, 2016 07:04PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sandy | 189 comments I too have started listening to it - it will be interesting to see if I can keep the flow by listening as I read the previous two.

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 670 comments Thanks for giving us a date that's early in the month. This will also help me order my buddy and group reads!

message 25: by Vera (new) - rated it 5 stars

Vera Maslow | 446 comments Am starting this one.

Sheery (wwwgoodreadscomprofilesheery) | 41 comments I just started this one and I like it so far.

message 27: by Sandy (last edited Mar 02, 2016 05:46PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sandy | 189 comments This is a really good book. It has me hooked. I really love the the characters in this book. Even in the first two books, I wanted the author to develop this character more!

Sheri Morell (smorell22) | 2165 comments Ok I finished and this was thus far my favorite....Really looking forward to the discussion.

Maggie | 1432 comments Really enjoying this one!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Really happy to hear you are all enjoying this one.

message 31: by Vera (new) - rated it 5 stars

Vera Maslow | 446 comments Started it. So far am liking it. It starts to jump around quite a bit, but she does it in a good way that I'm getting to know and like all these different characters. At this point, after reading the first couple books, I really have a feel for some of these characters and that is part of what's making it fun to read.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Her writing style ruined me for other romantic suspense writers:) I love how she weaves do many stories and characters, producing a rich story.

message 33: by Emerson (last edited Mar 05, 2016 10:08AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emerson Hawthorne | 175 comments Much better so far than Defiant Hero. Stan and Teri are welcome in their level-headedness :D

Maggie | 1432 comments This one was so good!!!! Have to confess I've already requested the next 3 books from the library; I can't wait to read the next book!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Gotta say that's what I did after reading this book:) I actually bought the entire series.

message 36: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina | 99 comments I think this is probably my favorite book of the entire series.

Sheri Morell (smorell22) | 2165 comments I am having a hard time doing the one a month. I want to just dig in to the next one. On the other hand I enjoy reading with the rest of you. Luckily I do have other books that I can read to help with that craving LOL.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
I understand completely. I binge read this series:)

Robin (robinmy) | 745 comments I'm starting this one tonight. Glad to see all the great comments from people who have read it.

Sheery (wwwgoodreadscomprofilesheery) | 41 comments I'm halfway through this book and really enjoying it! Stan is making me shake my head but I won't say why yet. And Alyssa and Sam are driving me up a wall with their stubborn behavior toward one another.

I can see myself wanting to binge read this series but I'm going to try and keep with the one per month. That way I can read the series with all of you.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
If we need to speed it up, just say the word!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
At a minimum, I can open the thread for the next book early for those of you who get ahead of the schedule.

Just let me know.

message 43: by Erin (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erin | 43 comments I just finished. So so so good! I enjoyed this book so much better than the first two in the series. I am glad I continued with the third book, despite my own doubts. I may be hooked now...

Maggie | 1432 comments My feelings exactly Erin!!

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 670 comments See you all on Monday!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12887 comments Mod
Yay, Erin!

Sheery (wwwgoodreadscomprofilesheery) | 41 comments I really like this book even though some parts of it were really hard to read. And some parts of it have left me seriously irritated. Still, I'm looking forward to continuing on with the series. And I'm looking forward to the discussion.

Sandy | 189 comments This was a great book for suspense. I couldn't put it down. These seals are like friends and family. There were times when I wanted to slap some of them upside the head though. Looking forward to the rest of the series and the discussion...

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 670 comments I re-read the entire book and I'm primed for a great discussion. I do love how this author can juggle three or four plot lines and make sense of them for the reader.

message 50: by Erin (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erin | 43 comments I think this one worked for me because it was much more suspenseful and the romance didn't dominate the entire book. I am coming to learn that I like suspense with a bit of romance and not romance novels with just a little bit of suspense. I feel this one had the right mix for me.

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