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Helen Laycock (helenlaycock) | 35 comments February 24th – 28th


For readers of 8 – 12

Glass Dreams by Helen Laycock

#kidlit #mgfiction #childrensbooks

Runaway, Jake, has no idea what adventures are in store when he meets circus performer, Khala, hiding in a ramshackle caravan.

Should he tell her about the mysterious box he has been warned never to open?
Khala also has a secret to share, but can she trust Jake?

Fantazi’s circus is a place of danger, but with the help of Cedric the dwarf and his beloved Chihuahua, Audrey, the children unravel the truth, and are utterly astounded at the biggest secret of all.

In case you’re still unsure, here are some of the fantastic reactions to Glass Dreams (some from reviews, others from a writing site):

'Glass Dreams draws you in from the first sentence.'

'The first chapter drew me in...'

'Laycock's beautiful and imaginative descriptions of events leave you totally immersed'

'an amazing story'

'Rich vocabulary, a nail biting plot, characters who stay with you long after you put the book down'

'You've caught a child's reaction to sudden death so poignantly it almost made me want to cry.'

'Your writing is beautiful. You are especially good at portraying emotion. Your characterization is great...'

'...your plot is bewitching'

'an enchanting, captivating story'

`magnificent story telling'

'Ms. Laycock is a master storyteller who takes you on an amazing journey'

'This is a fantastic children's book! I loved it!'

`I thought this was terrific.'

'What a delightful, charming story. This may be written for older children and tweens, but this elderly woman really enjoyed it'

'There is enough action, adventure, danger and mystery in this book to get my heart pumping, never mind a child's!'

'Helen Laycock has written a fast paced action adventure that will keep even children with short attention spans hooked!'

'This is just my kind of read - poignant and emotional, but pacy at the same time.'

'What a wonderful, enchanting story you have woven here!'

'Brilliantly vibrant and so much fun!'

'There is some really excellent writing, but none better than yours and your story is excellent as well. I am no expert on children's stories but I was immediately struck by how well it balanced the modern world with a classic motif - running away to the circus.
A stunning piece of work...'

'The mark of a good children's book is when it seldom reminds you that it is one. Glass Dreams soothes you into it with uncomplicated but familiar characters, a traditional but suspenseful plot and the fun of an author who obviously enjoys the story she's telling. It's contagious.'

'Engaging, brisk pace and plenty to keep the reader interested.'

`an exciting twist'

`You write extremely well'

`You manage to mix the sadness and the intrigue of its contents very well.'

'Glass Dreams has everything'

'There is a definite lump in my throat. Your magnificent story telling brought Jake into my heart right away. His honest, authentic, innocent perspective is perfectly done, even down the tone of his voice...'

'I always say that good story telling is when you can relate to a character who is nothing like you- a young lad called Jake is hardly someone I'd say I'd relate to normally as a 40+ yr old woman, but I found myself drawn into Jake's heart and mind and losing myself in his demise!'

`You have the written the voice of this sweet little boy absolutely perfectly'

'wonderful characters'

'Helen Laycock has what all good authors have - the ability to create an extremely interesting world in which to place her characters'

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Helen Laycock (helenlaycock) | 35 comments April 20th – 24th

Martha and Mitch

FREE quirky children’s mystery with a dash of Roald Dahl and a sprinkling of Lemony Snicket
for readers of 8 – 12

#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Children's eBooks > Growing Up & Facts of Life > Family Life > Stepfamilies

Martha and Mitch by Helen Laycock


Martha is humble and unspoilt, despite living a life of utter luxury at Lottery Lodge with her (mostly absent) father and stepmother, Penelope.
Mitch lives at the boys’ orphanage, a dilapidated mansion run by Ariadne Scattypants.

Neither child has any idea about the life the other is leading.

Between Lottery Lodge and the orphanage is a dense wood and it is here that a band of wild boys live. Mitch finds himself at their mercy, but somehow manages to scrabble his way out of the woods, emerging at Martha’s wonderful home.

However, here, too, things are taking a sinister turn.

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