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message 1: by Scorpio-of-Autumn (last edited Feb 23, 2016 09:33PM) (new)

Scorpio-of-Autumn | 35 comments Hey, all! I was just sitting here at my laptop, getting ready to continue working on my WIP. A funny little thought-worm has been eating the inside of my ear for a while now whenever I go to write. So, I figured writing down the questions it's been asking me here might shut it up. XP Here it goes:

Basically, I'm currently writing a story that I plan to split right down the middle and publish as a duology. The story covers the span of forty years in the MC's life, so I'll dedicate twenty years to each book.

However, every series in the publishing world today (I want to be traditionally published) is a trilogy. There honestly isn't enough substance in the story (with the several time skips) to constitute three books (unless I were to write an unnecessary sequel or midquel).

So my question is this: How often are duology series published in today's age?

message 3: by Safa (new)

Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 13 comments I had the same question. I just finished with the first book and I intend to write the second (last) book in the series.

Scorpio-of-Autumn | 35 comments Annette wrote: "I saw this."

Thanks! That helped tons! ^_^ I have hope now.

Haha, only watch. Soon people will get tired of duologies and stand-alones will become popular, and then it'll be trilogies when that gets tired. The cycle never ends! D:

message 5: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) | 140 comments I don't think it matters as long as the first book catches the interest of the reader.

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin Rinehart There's a good list of trilogies here:

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