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message 1: by tired (new)

Abby slapped Raven in season two.

message 2: by tired (new)

Do you mean that by, you don't remember that, or you don't get my point.

message 3: by tired (new)

You shouldn't ship two people when one person has slapped the other.

message 4: by tired (new)

If it was a man who had slapped a young barely out of her teenage years girl, would it have been okay?

Abby is a grown ass woman who slapped a girl who's nineteen, nineteen, for no reason. Okay, let's ignore the fact that Abby is twice Raven's for a moment. Raven was going through shit. She watched her boyfriend, her only form of moral support, her only family, the person who was basically the only one who cared for her when she was being abused by her mother, die. She was shot and is now handicapped for life. And Abby fucking slapped her for no reason.

message 5: by tired (new)

Just stating facts :)

message 6: by tired (new)

Miller and Monty, Murphy and Emori.

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