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message 1: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Thomson | 14 comments I am a Scottish/Australian writer.

The book is historical fiction set in the years 1950-1989. My editor said it is a gritty and exciting book.
The characters are strongly drawn and I have used dialects [Australian and Scottish and others.]

The book grew out of a four year study of the collapse of the CIA Nugan Hand Bank in Australia and the involvement of the shadow CIA in drug trafficking in South-East Asia.

It uses a naïve narrator to tell the story of an Australian soldier caught up in a SOG Unit (Special Observation Group; AKA The Phoenix Program) and his enmeshment in the drug trade. It is not a book about the CIA, rather it is a study of an individual's attempt to extract himself from a situation he comes to detest.

If you agree I can ask my publisher to send you a review copy of the book.

(Unfortunately, due to high postal charges, my publisher will only send digital copies outside of Australia.)

Thank you for your consideration.
regards Hugh Thomson

message 2: by Janeen (new)

Janeen Garner (booknerdneen) | 28 comments please send me a copy in mobi! I would love to read it!

message 3: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Thomson | 14 comments Janeen wrote: "please send me a copy in mobi! I would love to read it!"

I have asked my publisher to send you the file. You should get it soon, if not let me know and Thank you for your time and effort.
regards Hugh Thomson.

message 4: by My16gbLife (new)

My16gbLife | 3 comments Sounds great! I'd love a copy!

message 5: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Thomson | 14 comments Pollywolly101 wrote: "Sounds great! I'd love a copy!"

Thanks Polly,
My publisher will send you the file.
Regards Hugh Thomson

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