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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Nothing in particular, but I really don't want to do anything paranormal at the moment :/ nearly all of mine are paranormal right now. I was thinking something along the lines of an apocalyptic-type thing?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight YES PLEASE! I don't really care for paranormal anyway and apocalyptic is super fun!

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Sweet!! ^^ So what type of apocalypse do you want to do?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Hmmm.... It doesn't really matter to me, what do you want to do, I'm open to any kind of apocalypse :)

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Let me think...maybe zombies? Or a natural disaster-type thing?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Maybe both :) We could have like an asteroid hit the earth and maybe it like was carrying something on it the started the zombie apocalypse?

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Dude yes!!

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Ok cool so singles or doubles? And what is like the main goal of this all, well except for surviving of course

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments I usually do doubles, unless you want to do singles ^^ I think the goals could be different for each character, like if my character needs to find their family or a certain person or something. Or it could just be getting to a certain sanctuary?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yes I love doubles! And yes, I like the idea of them all having different goals, but maybe they all meet and come together on the way to this sanctuary?

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Sure! How detailed do you normally write up your characters? Just so I know how to write mine, cause I tend to go a little overboard sometimes ^^

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Well give me a template that you think is good and I'll go from there

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Sure

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Name



Background (History)







ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Okay that's fine with me, it just might take a sec :) and are we each one guy and one girl then?

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Yep. It's probably going to take me a while to make mine...I'll probably post them tomorrow

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Okay I'm going to do mine and then probably go to bed, so yeah mine will be up tonight

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Alrighty ^^

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Nevermind I'm too tired I'm doing them tomorrow

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight I'm working on charries! First one is almost done :)

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Name: Clara Skye
Age: 20
Gender: female

Background: At a young age she discovered her talent as a mechanic. She can fix almost anything and has had little training on how to do it. She also taught herself to fly airplanes after she fixed an engine to one. Neither of her parents approved of her doing these things and thought that she should be more ladylike, but she didn't listen to them.

Height: 5"4
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: light brownish hazel
Hair: chestnut brown, slightly wavy, a bit past her shoulders in length

Family: Both of her parents and her older brother went missing at the start of the apocalypse, but she stays hopeful that they are still alive out there somewhere.

Personality: Clara is spunky and optimistic even in bad situations. She is very sweet and cares a lot about others. She had always been a bit of a tomboy and loves getting dirty but she can also be girly and elegant when she wants to be.

Likes: fixing things, sunrises, flying airplanes
Dislikes: guns, pessimists
Strengths: anything with mechanics, comforting others
Weaknesses: she is scared easily, she freezes up when she has to use a gun

Other: Her goal is mainly to stay alive and be free. She doesn't really care about finding her family since they never really cared about her.

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Still working on mine :/ I'll probably have them done by tonight

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Name: Jonah Reese
Age: 18
Gender: male

Background: Jonah came from a family who didn't really care what he did with his life or his free time. They cared about him, but they were always distant, mostly because he knows over a hundred ways to kill people before he even picks up his gun, which he is also very good at using.

Height: 5"9
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: chestnut brown
Hair: dark brown

Family: He is an only child. He watched his father get attacked by zombies and become one, but his mother fled and he has no idea where she is, but just tells himself that she's dead because it hurts to much to hold out hoping.

Personality: Jonah is not a leader and does not like making decisions that affect others. He can be slightly cold at times, but he really is kind. He has a sense of humor that most people do not get or appreciate because he mostly makes jokes to amuse himself.

Likes: relaxing/down time, having close friends
Dislikes: being in charge of people or making decisions
Strengths: following orders, getting along with others
Weaknesses: leadership skills

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments I'm still working on them :( Sorry it's taking me so long--I have the hardest time trying to make everything about them perfect. My girl should be up soon, and then I'll start on the guy

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Okay I don't mean to rush you, it just sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to get started.

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Yah I know :)

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Name
Lyla Rosens



Background (History)
As a child, Lyla was always going to places where she wasn’t supposed to go, touching things that weren’t supposed to be touched, questioning things that normally went unquestioned. She was always smiling, always looking for new things to do, for new ideas to learn, new places to see. Her curiosity was the type that got her into a lot of trouble at home and at school, where the teachers assumed she was rude and disrespectful when instead she was being honest and innocent in her words. She always made friends with the “weird” kids at school, and she loved all of them to death, hardly even registering that they were in any different than any other person. Once she enrolled in high school, all of her friends got in with the bad crowd, doing drugs, going to parties, drinking too much for their own good. Not knowing any better, Lyla went along with them, but then stopped everything when one of her closest friends, Bobby, whom she had loved and whom had loved her back, overdosed on heroine and died right in front of her. After that, she became diagnosed with depression but the smiles continued, although they were no longer genuine. Lyla spent the rest of her high school career, until the apocalypse struck, by herself, with only a few close friends that hadn’t stopped the drugs.

When the apocalypse struck, she was out with them at a party, drinking, and at first she didn’t believe that it was happening. Her friends abandoned her and ran, and everything went to chaos. She was slightly drunk, her phone wasn’t working, she didn't know how to get back home from where she was, she didn’t have a car, the roads were blocked. Lyla tried walking, but didn’t get very far until she encountered her first zombie, running at her with its jaw on the ground. From then on, she was on her own, and she knew it. She’s been looking for her brother ever since, but with no luck.

Lyla has white blonde bleached hair that’s been dyed too many times for it’s own good. Although it’s grown back some into its natural color, a dirty blonde, the ends remain all different colors—blues, reds, yellows, greens. Her hair falls to the bottom of her jaw, and she’s gotten into the habit of tucking it behind her ears when she’s nervous. Lyla is a fairly small, petite girl, but she doesn’t let her height or her size mean anything to her—to her eyes, everybody is level to her own height, and she won’t let anybody tell her something different.

Height: 4’11
Weight: 115
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Multiple colors: the back is mostly blue and green, and the front is fiery red and yellow.

Mother, Father, Brother. Her parents didn’t really care about her as much as they should have, and basically they left her alone to do what she wanted for most of her life. Excluding her brother, Isaac, they’re both focused more on their work and themselves than their own children, and that showed when they abandoned her brother for themselves in the middle of the night, leaving him, at 19, to fend for himself.

Lyla's brother is the only family that she truly loves, seeing as he was the only one who treated her right, and she adores him. Isaac is successful in nearly everything that he does, and would protect his sister until his death.

Lyla can only be described as a free spirit. Curiosity sparks her every move, and a smile is almost always on her face. She can find light and good in any situation or person, although when it comes to herself, she’s more harsh, and rarely ever thinks bitterly of anyone but herself if she can help it. She’s unafraid of almost anything, and there are only a few things that will make her back down or give up on something. Lyla trusts easily, and though that’s gotten her into a few bad situations before, most of the time it comes to her advantage.

Chocolate Ice Cream
Hair Die
Nail Polish
Piano Music

Vanilla Ice Cream
People who take advantage of her
Rude people

Her strong sense of curiosity
Her courage
Her fearlessness
Throwing knives

Her strong sense of curiosity
Her courage
Her fearlessness
Her height and size

Allergic to peaches

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments I'll post my guy tomorrow. Again, sorry it's taking me so long

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments I could probably get him done within the next twenty minutes, but he'd be way less detailed than Lyla. I'll try and do that, and I'll just add on to him later

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Name
William (Will) Oscars



Background (History)
As a child, Will was always going off by himself to do things, not relying on anybody else for help on anything that didn’t absolutely require help. At the playground, usually he would be sitting by himself in the gravel, picking up rocks and stones and throwing them together to see which one would break first. Then, a girl with bright red hair and a sprinkle of freckles across her nose whose name was Raven started sitting with him, picking up rocks as well and testing to see which would break first. The two became friends and remained so throughout elementary school, until in 7th grade she went to the doctor because of a lump in her throat and discovered that she had skin cancer, a type so severe that there was a 0% survival rate. Will, feeling helpless, did everything he could to help her, although he was still young, and when she eventually passed in the summer before 8th grade he pulled back into his shell, and from then on he wouldn’t let anyone else get hurt under his watch—he didn’t want to see anyone hurt again.

When the apocalypse struck, he was walking home from his work, a waiter at a shitty pizza place, and immediately tried to run home to his family only to discover that they were sitting dead on his living room floor, bullets stuck in their bodies from government shotguns—they had been killed. He fled in an unstable state of mind, not knowing where he was going and just trying to survive.

With shaggy black hair that frames his face and light green eyes that normally people don’t notice because of his height and because they’re hard to see unless in the right light, many people say that he’s slightly unapproachable and distant when people try to speak to him, but mostly they just don’t trust him.

Before the apocalypse, Will was not extremely muscular, but nor was he skinny. Since, he’s grown into his clothes and exercises regularly, making sure that he’s in the right shape in case the moment ever calls for it.

Height: 6’3 (~it runs in the family~)
Weight: 185
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

There’s an indescribable feeling that always claws at Will’s gut whenever he’s around another person whom he actually happens to like in any situation, and he can’t ever seem to coin just why he feels that way: Will has the inexplicable desire to protect. He’s always felt that way, ever since he was a little kid—for some reason, he feels that whenever another person is around him, no matter their gender, size, personality, it’s his responsibility to take care of them and make sure that they don’t get hurt or damaged in any way. Otherwise, all he does is blame himself. In that respect, Will is a leader, and he finds his way into the position easily, although he never likes to make sacrifices.

The warmth of fire
The feeling of hair

The smell of oranges
Peanut Butter

His loyalty
His bravery
Gun aim

His insistence on saving everyone
His left leg—he walks with a limp
He’ll get attached to people easily

Mother, father, younger sister. All deceased. Will loved his younger sister with all his heart, and idolized his father from an early age until middle school, when Raven died and he stopped caring about everything. He had a pretty decent childhood and his parents raised him well, but he always could be a bit unstable at times.


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Lia Winchester | 463 comments There!! finally

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight YAY!!!! I didn't realize that you made yours so detailed and I can add more to mine if you want, but if now you can start :) I write much more detailed than I do charries because I like to find out things about them along the way.

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments You don't have to add anything ^^ I used to do it less detailed, but then I did a roleplay with someone who did it really detailed like that and I realized that it was a ton easier just because you don't have to guess or ask them anything about their character and if you need to know anything you can just look it up in their charrie sheet ^^ Where should we start it?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Well, they don't know each other do they yet? Maybe it could start with like a zombie attack and they could sort of get thrown together?

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Sure. You want me to start?

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments ((Yep ^^ Just give me a min))

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments The cold metal of the gun pressed into her fingers as Lyla crouched behind the wall, the backs of her knees aching from being in the same position for so long. She leaned forward and peered at the horde of zombies that were crowded around a car, moaning and growling at each other. They were all trying to get inside the car to the body of a dead cat that was curled into a ball in the driver’s seat, and they were doing a stupid job of it. The door was unlocked, for christ’s sake. Lyla made no noise but exhaled, leaning back into the wall. All she wanted was that car, and she didn’t even know if it had gas in it. It was a long shot, but she had waited longer for less, although sitting on her butt for three hours for a car seemed like it was pushing it. She knew that they couldn’t see her crouching in the alleyway because of the lighting, and fortunately the rank stench of year-old garbage wafted through the place, covering up her living scent. Lyla pressed the back of her head up against the wall, swallowing and turning the gun in her hands. It would be easier to just shoot them all. But she didn’t want to waste the bullets.

The sky was the color of cat vomit, Will noted. He pushed his fingers through his hair, pulling the lengthy strands away from his face as he tightened his fingers on the wheel of the car. The car’s smooth hum was relaxing in his ears, the familiar buzz of the engine putting his mind at ease. He wasn’t sure how long he had been driving, and only the ugly color of the sunset told him remotely what time it was. His left foot bounced up and down on the floorboard, the nervous movement accurate for the moment, seeing as this was the time of day when most of the zombies became active and more, ironically, alive. He watched the scenery of his location as he drove by: an abandoned neighborhood with a lifeless atmosphere and a metallic smell. There was a stray one, mulling around in someone’s yard with a triangular college banner hanging droopily from a pole, and Will followed its movements with his eyes as he pulled past it. He was almost tempted to put it down, just because it seemed to disrupt the almost peaceful aura that lingered around the place with its jerky movements and dead eyes, but instead kept driving and pressed his foot further down on the gas pedal. It wasn’t worth the effort.

((fyi, your's don't have to be this long if you don't want to write that much ^^ My first ones are always long))

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Clara was hiding up in a tree and had been there for several hours watching the girl wait for the zombies to leave the car alone. Over time she'd learned that zombies were crappy climbers and even if they could climb they wouldn't be able to see we since she had concealed herself so well in the dying leaves. She knew that together she and the girl below her could take out all of the zombies easily, but there was one problem, Clara couldn't shoot. She had a gun, knew how to use it and always carried it with her, but she could never make herself actually shoot it because she always froze up whenever she tried. This was why she stayed up it trees or spent her time hiding someplace because she couldn't defend herself. Because of this she was starved and was becoming skinny to an unhealthy level. She knew that she needed food soon, but for right now she stayed where she was and clung to the trunk of the tree watching her surroundings.

Jonah was upstairs in one of the abandoned houses that he know called his own. It was sort of his home base because he didn't like to travel around much. He had all of his food and supplies here locked up in a large closet so that no one would steal it when he was out looking for more. It wasn't much, and he hasn't seen an actual person in weeks, but he liked to just be safe. He was in the process of loading his favorite gun (he had many) when he heard the zombies outside still trying to get into that stupid car. Rolling his eyes he wondered if he should just shoot them now from the upstairs window like a sniper, but then decided against it. He didn't want anyone living or dead to know of his presence.

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments ((Waiting until I can get off mobile sorry))

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Lia Winchester | 463 comments Lyla sighed once again and leaned her head up against the wall. The number of zombies that were surrounding the car was just getting bigger and bigger as time passed, and she wondered if she should just go in there and stick them all with the small dagger that she kept in her boot for emergencies. It didn’t seem like a bad idea—there could be other humans out there that only wanted to binge off of what she managed once she did get it, and she would finally release herself from the cramps in her knees and feet, but she, of course, didn’t really desire to be eaten alive and then reanimate like a walking piece of chicken. Closing her eyes and shaking her head, Lyla finally made a decision and then stood slowly, wincing when a few loud pops sounded from her ankles and hips. She pulled her leg up and drew the dagger from the boot, wiping the blade across the fabric of her shirt before she peered slowly around the wall to get a better angle at her enemies.

As Will drove on, he became used to the hum and buzz of the engine, leaning his head up against the back of his seat and swallowing thickly. He turned his head slightly to look at the seat next to him, blinking slowly at the empty space. I don’t think I’ve talked to another living human being in six months he thought to himself, reaching up with two fingers to pinch the space between his eyes. Will longed to speak to someone, anything, that would give a response back, and he had been for quite some time. Once he found a dying boy on the side of the road, gasping for breath with a horde of zombies on his tale. Will had tried to help him, but the zombies got there first. A movement caught Will’s eye, coming from the corner of an alleyway up ahead. It was probably just another feeding, though.

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