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Jenna | 90 comments "This is an underground cavern, the school." It's almost like a castle, with crystals. Except its underground. "You won't be able to go out to train at all until spring. You will be here 4 years until you get your gold bands." The headmaster says. "Each of you take a wristband with the copper band on it." She tells them, "then I'll lead you to your rooms." She waits as they grab their wristbands.

((Do not rp here until you have past the test. Do not rp on the test until I msg you that a group is about to take it.))

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Jenna | 90 comments ((First group))

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Rose walked in, her mouth gaping at the breath-taking crystals.

"Wow." She whispered. She went over to get a band. Then, the woman's words registered in her mind. Four years?!

"Excuse me?" She asked, "But when will we be able to contact our families?" She heard a few agreeing murmurs from behind her, and realised that the other girls too were wondering whether they would get to talk to their families.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary sucks her teeth, "I am not the highest authority here, and I know some of you were accustomed to your siblings coming home every summer, but a few things are...different for your class." She sighs, "there will be means of communications, but I am not authoritized to tell you this information." She says as if reciting a speech.

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Tessa pursed her lips. She couldn't believe the words but there was nothing she could do. She would just have to accept it.

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Jenna | 90 comments "I know this must come as a shock to you all, but on the good side of things, you will mostly have free time in the summers." Mary stammers trying to comfort the children, then gets ahold of herself takes a deep breath, stands up straight and says " You may wonder and talk to your peers for a moment while I get something ready." She says.

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Terra Lim | 17 comments "Sounds like it's something the magisterium is embarrassed or worried about," murmured Lizzie. "They'd tell us if it were something trivial... Maybe it's more about keeping us in than the world out? Is this a reprise of their flooding-tornado-fire-quake worries? Or is there something out there particularly preying on new mages that the magisterium are worried might interfere with communications? What if they know air Magic? What if there's something out there that wants invade our dreams and read our thoughts?"

Whoever or whatever the 'highest authority' was, they'd better spit out SOME answers before she got so wound-up that she starts wanting to skin herself a new war drum... For stress-relieving purposes, of course.

She sighed. She'd promised in her second-to last conversation with her grandma that she'd at least enjoy one night at the magisterium before getting any fun ideas.

Okay. She would try to can it on the theories and socialize. She turned to a younger-looking student, she guessed about eleven?

"Hello, I'm Lizzie. Are you from a magical family? Have they told you anything about monsters outsi - I mean... The motives of - I mean, life! Life at the school!"

Boy, this was gonna be hard.

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Rose stood her ground, not moving, but the world around her seemed to be spinning. She was slowly becoming engulfed in the crowd and the chatters. She gulped. She closed her eyes.
1. She counted.
She looked around, opening her eyes. Everything seemed to be back to normal, although there was still much more noise than Rose would have fancied. She sighed. It was going to be a long year.

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Jenna | 90 comments The headmaster Mary flipped a switch then dialed in a code on a pad of the wall then said teacherly for all students to hear, "Everyone move out of the way of the wall." As the wall started shuddering and jerking and rumbling. " We close the wall for you safety. Especially this class." The last part slipped out of her lips and she quietly cursed herself for it so the children wouldn't hear. She was only two years into her headmastering, for her it could be headmistress, but she preferred to be equal to the men. She was actually only 19 a few years out of The Golden Stage of her training. When the wall closed and she snapped back to reality she called, "This way, girls. We are going to your rooms. When we get there hold up your bracelets to the wall and it will open to your common rooms which will lead to your bedrooms." She smiled. "We don't believe in simple living here, so get used to walls instead of doors. Another thing that helps protect all of us."

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Terra Lim | 17 comments Lizzie smiled at the metal on her wrist. Passageways that you'd never know existed if it weren't for your place here! There might literally be ears behind the walls listening in on them right now! They might literally be the ones with their ears against the wall in the future! Bit creepy, sure, but most things are if you overthink enough. This was exciting. This was like sharing an inside joke of the mages.
Lizzie raised her hands like the over-excited teenage girl she was. Walls made of stone also (hopefully) block out fires caused by any wayward experiments. At least the whole magisterium wouldn't get burnt down by Hellfire. Theoretically.

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Tessa walked down the narrow hallway with the rest of the girls. Well, not so much walked as shoved by a hoard of girls. She slowed down her footsteps so she would stay a bit behind from the group, it would help her get some solitude. A few seconds later, she was walking at least three meters behind the group. She lit up a piece of fire in her hand and balled it up. She started to bounce it between her hands like a ball.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary sensed the magic in use automatically, " No magic outside of training until you finish your first year." She chided. She glanced at the wall in front of her and allowed the children to open it themselves, hers couldn't open dorms that weren't hers yet, you had to be a 10 year practiced master for that, meaning she had to have ten years of experience in being a master at the magisterium. " Only you and my authorities have bracelets that can open this... wall." One of the girls held their bracelet up and it was sensed by the walls magic, it opened. She saw a student with her hand up. " Yes, child?" She asks.

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Tessa rolled her eyes at the woman's shrill warning. She listened half heartedly to her instructions. She really felt very tired. She couldn't wait to get inside and collapse onto her bed. She heard some shuffling in front of her and saw an excited looking girl raise her hand. She rolled her eyes at that too. Why did she even have to ask a question?

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Terra Lim | 17 comments "What the heck do you mean, 'no magic outside of training'? Aren't we supposed to practice by ourselves? Please tell me we aren't gonna be supervised through all of it."

Lizzie probably should've kept the agitation out of her voice, but not being able to practice freely was a bit over the edge for her. And unless the Masters were gonna run them to the ground, she doubted any of them would really get the hang of using magic completely. No, she's seen the way the authorities handle questions. Their attention span seemed even shorter than hers. There was no way they'd supervise them long enough for them to learn.

There was also the small question of her little projects. At this rate, she was gonna get real bored, real fast.

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Tessa nodded intently at this question, intrigued by the answer. How were they supposed to practice anything learned in class? She loved using her magic and was fascinated by those of others. And what was she supposed to do now, at the Magisterium? Read? She scoffed at the idea. If they weren't allowed magic, this place was starting become much, much lower than what her expectations had been. But then again, her expectation of this place had been rather...unreasonable.

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