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SmilingDork | 2519 comments Mod
Just essays I like that I have written and thought I did well on. Feel free to comment

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SmilingDork | 2519 comments Mod
Human beauty has always been a changing thing. The epitome of beauty in one generation will not be the same in the next.Everyone is trying to find that one true beauty, but not everyone thinks the same. Beauty is as ever changing as the ocean.

People are constantly trying to change to the most popular form of beauty. Dr. Terry Dubrow had a good point of how beauty is fixed to class. Rarely is it seen for an average looking person wanting to look like an even more average person they see on the street. Celebrities are our "dictates of beauty" who we try to look like. Celebrities are famous for mostly there beauty but for some there beauty is fake. Beauty has become to where we have "elevated artifice above humanity and the look of the false over the natural contours of the authentic". conforming one's self to the ways of beauty becomes a game of extremes. This game is often played with teenage girls and young women. Dr. Dubrow stated that "the younger girls think that beauty is raised cheeks, a higher brow, bigger breast, and fuller lips."

Only back in ancient times, women went through more extremes than now on beauty. The European women of the eighteenth century would eat Arsenic Complexion Wafers to get their skin whiter and paler. Their rogues were also poisoning because they often contained dangerous metals, like lead and mercury, that would be absorbed into the blood. In other countries, the babies would have boards nailed around their heads to create the sugar loaf head that was the preferred head shape. Not all women went through such extremes for perfect beauty, but the height of beauty was still bizarre. The perfect Chinese belle was fat with small eyes, a short nose, high cheeks, and feet no larger than a man's finger. Then there were the beauty beliefs that are just bizarre, such as in the Labrador Islands, a women was not considered beautiful if she didn't have black teeth and white hair.

All throughout time and history the image of beauty has changed. Each generation has their own image of beauty and everyone rushes to fulfill the image, regardless that that image will change in ten years or so. Beauty is a disease as incurable as cancer.

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SmilingDork | 2519 comments Mod
It was stoned essay so not terribly long and a few grammar flaws.

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SmilingDork | 2519 comments Mod
timed not stoned.

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) | 2989 comments Mod
I think it is REALLY good, Kit-Kat! And it is SO true. I was seriously just talking with my sister about all the ways different cultures define beauty and how it's changed over the years. Great work!

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Thxs! I just hope I get a good grade on it.

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