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Jodi Bowersox (jodibowersox) | 31 comments Do you wish there were more good, clean romances out there? Well, here's your chance to nominate one on Kindle Scout!
There's just about a week left in the Kindle Scout campaign for my new time-travel romance, JOLT. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's the link:

Here's the synopsis:
When the summit of Pikes Peak is beset with a summer storm, Lalita Torres thinks the embarrassment of trading her shorts and tank top for a touristy union suit to keep warm is the worst that could happen.

She was wrong.

A lightning strike sends her back a hundred and twenty-three years and into the care of Dr. Tate Cavanaugh.

Lalita thinks she's in a reality TV show. Tate thinks she's lost her mind.

And here's an excerpt:
“So I've been noticing that most of the men have these huge mustaches, and you don't have one at all. Why is that?”

Tate had taken her to Cliff House for afternoon tea, and she was drinking in the elegant setting along with her beverage.

Tate set his coffee cup back on the saucer. “They're unhygienic. As a doctor, I simply can't bring myself to grow one.”

She closed one eye and held a crooked finger up in the space between them to see what he might look like with his upper lip---and maybe even his whole mouth---covered in hair. “I think that's probably a good call.” She lowered her hand and reached for her cup of tea, emboldened by the moment they had shared in the photographer's studio. “I like your lips.”

He gave her a lift of his eyebrows, but Lalita could tell he was trying hard not to smile. “And,” she went on, thoroughly enjoying the blush that had come to his face, “a mustache just makes these men look old. It's a whole town of old men. Even the young men.”

Tate finally gave in to the smile. “So now you know why I wear the bowler.” He tilted his head toward the hat setting on the side of the table. “I'm just trying to fit in without growing a mustache.”

She leaned forward, “My dear doctor, why would you want to fit in when the good Lord has given you everything you need to stand out?”

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Peggy Freeman | 11 comments Is it out on audible?

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