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message 1: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (azriel_d) I'm so glad to find a group that is doing what my goal has been for the last 7 + years

here is my blog


I'm sitting at 172,019 pages

happy readings

message 2: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (azriel_d) here a blog entry with a little explanation


message 3: by Francesca (new)

Francesca Rock | 131 comments Mod
Hey Carlos!

Thanks for this!

Love it!


message 4: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (azriel_d) Thank you, awesome group, I hope to write more often in my blog.

message 6: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (azriel_d) new blog post, the pages keep on coming


message 7: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (azriel_d) two new entries, ever so slowly chasing that precious goal



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