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message 1: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (naommah) I tend to obsess over certain books. Ya know reading them over and over and over. This year I decided to double my reading from last year and not re-read anything til then.

I met a lady a few year back who admitted she HATES watching movies more than once. Blew my mind. I figure that must be a miniorty as most people have favorite movies or kids.

So do you re-read? Anything you re-read regularly or even every few years? Do you do enjoy movies like that too? If you don't re-read or re-watch anything, I'd love to hear from you too.

I re-read Ender's Game and Dune every few years. Last year i did HP 3 times and Hunger games 3 times too. First run through on both was out of order, then backwards, then forwards lol. Also read Iron Druid series 4 times, maybe 5. I already have my mental list of things to re-read as soon as I hit my challenge.

message 2: by Christa (new)

Christa (lessthn3) | 90 comments I'm definitely an advocate for re-reads, I just don't always take the time when I have a huge TBR pile staring me in the face! That said, I did make a concerted effort this month to re-read some books I hadn't read since high school. Some held up and I still loved them, others weren't as good as I remembered.

I also re-read my favorites just about every year. Good Omens especially, plus some of the Discworld books. I re-read Harry Potter last year, but since we're getting a new book in July, I might do it again this year!

As far as movies go, I will re-watch a movie to death. It's very comforting to play an old favorite in the background while I'm doing something else.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I'm definitely an advocate for re-reads, especially as I have a rubbish memory. I get to enjoy books twice or more, haha.

I think my most re-read book is Flowers for Algernon, probably 4 or 5 times. It's definitely one of my favourites. And to say i originally picked it up as it had a picture of a mouse on the front.

Once I get my exam/resits out of the way I'm going to start a re-read of all of the Stephen King books. I adored him when I was younger so wonder if I feel the same now.

message 4: by Fay (new)

Fay Roberts I used to re-read a lot in my childhood and teens but I've found that I seem to do it in cycles now. In hindsight I think it was because it was so comforting to re-enter a world where I knew the rules and despite any highs or lows I knew the outcome so it was "safe". it offered a certain amount of safety and stability. Plus, books were so much harder to come by. You could only take so many out of the library at once and unless you lived in a bigger town used bookstores were few and far between. The whole literary world has changed, there is so much choice now and books are so accessible and affordable ThaksIn always looking at a huge tbr I want to work through. A few times a year I get a hankering to re-read a book from when I was younger (and promptly go about satisfying the craving - I'm currently working my way through a stack of Point Horrors). And every couple of years I re-read a lot for a month or two. I used to read Judy Blume, Paula Danziger, Caroline B Cooney and the Babysitter's Club over and over. Now I tend to re-read Nora Roberts or Robyn Carr - guess my choice of re-reads speaks of the comfort thing again. Good topic Lindsey, it really got me thinking. Interesting to hear other people's choices of re-reads too, I guess from what Christa and Jennifer out what we read in our teen years leaves a big impression on us :-)

message 5: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (naommah) Sorry for the delay in writing back!

Christa - I find that fascinating to see books hold up or not. Sometimes in your life it isn't the right moment to read something in particular, but say 10 years down the line it changes how you relate to it. I have more recently decided most of my dnf books are just books I came across at the wrong time. I say most only because sometimes it is just the topic I can't get around.
Can't wait for the Cursed Child! And before we moved our tv to the basement, yeah it was always playing something. I loved (pre kiddo) watching certain movies over and over for weeks!

Jennifer - You are SOOO right. Goldfish memory here! Hubs is jealous because I can go back to something and have no idea what I am getting into. Of course it isn't that way with everything but it is a lovely treat! I only re-read Flowers for Algernon with in the last year and was surprised since i hadn't known of the different versions(erm short story for like school kids and more adult novel)! I hope you'll still enjoy King when you re-read him =).

Fay - You made a light bulb go off for me. I could understand how it was comforting to watch an old favorite movie again but didn't connect that to the safe reading comforts. Funny thing is that I made like maybe 6 months ago a safe reading list for when I am down or spiraling but this topic helped me learn more about why. And of course that great connection with the other ladies it sounds like those formative years really impact our reading more than I would have guessed. I want to go cuddle some books now and tell them we'll always be friends lol. Yeah I get what you are saying about accessibility too. I am so pleased how things have changed. I admit I thought the whole E-reader thing was totally awful at first, and i still don't really do much reading that way. But downloadable Audiobooks seriously turned my reading around from a 3-4 year slump of not reading much. Without the e-readers, I wouldn't get to have my audiobooks. Well atleast in my opinion I wouldn't because I don't think I would have ever gotten into cd audiobooks.

Thanks you lovely ladies!! Wonderful insight and now I am even more motivated to blaze through my goal to get my re-reads on.

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