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((Okay, so the thing is I am doing this on an IPhone so I can't copy and paste comments! :( Can someone do it?))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Quest: Find Cerberus who is causing havoc in Dallas, TX.
Events:Run in with harpies, and/or Komodia.

A runaway creature
Is what you shall find
And other hardships
Will mess with the mind

Do not be fooled
By the darkness that seems light
And never go down
Without a hard fight

The creature you'll be searching for
Is a fiercely dangerous one
The god who owns this creature will harm
The daughter, daughter, and son

Continue towards your quest
If you believe you'll come back
But beware the jaws of fury
From gods and others, who's powers don't lack.

Quest Members

Camper 1
Name: Syvina
Age: 11
Weapon: Twin daggers
Parent: Komodia
Gender: Female

Camper 2
Name: Alexandria
Age: 19
Weapon: Frosted shield
Parent: Aquilon
Gender: Female

Camper 3
Name: Augustus
Age: 17
Weapon: Short sword
Parent: Tyche
Gender: Male

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((Yeah those! Sorry, stupid Goodreads App!))

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((Are we doing this?))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Yeah, sorry!))

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((We can start without lonely and say he was running late packing.))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Okay.))

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Syvina skipped around the edge of camp excitedly. She had a quest! Her bright yellow back pack was slung over her shoulder. I contained, duct tape, granola bars, her knives, ambrosia, nectar, a notepad and pencil, and a unicorn pillow pet.

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria trekked up the hill toward the pine slowly. She tried to calm herself. This was her second quest, the first being the one with her sister. She would not allow anyone to be left behind on this one, she promised herself. With a sharp intake of breath she spotted an eleven year old girl. Memories of her her her now dead sister Isadora flashed before her.

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Syvina ran up to Alexandria hugging her tightly. Syvina looked up at her and grinned, "Are you excited for the quest?!" She asked.((Quick question who is the leader of the quest?))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Uh, I'm not sure...We should ask Lonely when they're on))

Alexandria gasped in surprise, tensing up. "Somewhat. What's your name?" She asked quietly.

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Syvina giggled, "Syvina! Are you excited? I know I am "

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria gave a smile, melting for the giggling girl. "Well, now, I suppose," she replied. "My name's Alexandria."

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Syvina looked up at the girl in utter seriousness, "Have you been questing before? I think I recognize you..."

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria raised an eyebrow. "Once...About four years ago." Not about, Alexandria thought. Exactly two weeks from now is the anniversary of her sister's death.

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Syvina smiled, "Coolios! Glad to have someone with experience! Who knows what we might come across? Like Bigfoot! Or the Loch Ness Monster! Or worst of all Slender-man!

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria eyes widened. "Not the Slender-man!" She exclaimed. "Are we prepared?"

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((Sorry had to take a shower!)) she opened her pack, "Yes we are! What do you have?"

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((It's fine! I had to eat earlier :P))

"Clothes, water, a couple of snacks...," She searched her own pack. "Ambrosia, and some bandages. You?"

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"Duct tape, nectar, knives, and a pillow pet!" Syvina smiled her pillow pet was awesome.

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments "Nice." Alexandria closed up her bag. "Who are we waiting for?" She asked, looking around.

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"A boy named Augustus," she said, "Do you have any special powers and such?"

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria nodded. "Ah. Yeah, snow and frost and such." She adjusted her bag on her shoulder. "What about you, Syvina?"

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"I can effect people's moods and if I'm really upset I can effect their decisions. Nothing else, but your powers seem awesome! Can you show me?" Syvina was always jealous her freinds had a lot of power all she could do was make people angry.

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((Either of y'all on?))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria's eyes widened. "Yours sound powerful," She said, looking down at her hands. "Just a little bit, okay?" Alexandria lifted her hand, making a circular motion. Snow began to fall over Syvina's head in gently flakes.

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Syvina stuck her tongue put and let the flakes on it. "Cool!" , she said "Why would you think my powers are cool? They suck! Sorta." Syvina liked her powers, but they were nothing compared to her freinds!

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria gave a small smile, replying, "They don't sorta suck. They're useful. Especially on quests." Alexandria enjoyed this girl's company. She hoped the third member would be as friendly as Syvina.

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Syvina thought for a minute, "Yeah it would be useful. It's weird though sorta like charmspeak but with emotions."

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments "Yeah....I've never heard of that." The snow ceased. "You're unique." Alexandria glanced around. "When do you think our absent member will come?" She wondered aloud.

((I have to go. Could you maybe message LonelyCasualty about this? Just letting them know we have a thread.))

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((Okay!)) Syvina looked around, "I don't know."

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((Lonely won't respond at all!))

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((Either of y'all on?))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Here!))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Alexandria frowned. "Well....Aren't we kinda in a time crunch?"

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Syvina pouted, "Sorta. If Cerberus causes more damage were screwed."

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments Letting out a breath, Alexandria began to pace. "Come on, come on," She grumbled to herself.

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Syvina frowned, "Id he doesn't come what do we do?!"

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments She rubbed a hand across her eyes. "I have no idea....Where's Chiron?"

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Syvina cocked her head, @That sucks, and no idea."

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments "Perfect." Alexandria said dryly. "Should we go look for Chiron of Augustus?"

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Syvina pondered over it, "Chiron probably he knows where everyone is!"

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments "Yeah." Alexandria waved her to follow. "Let's go."

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((So what are we going to do? Find Chiron and then what? Lonely isn't on, and hasn't been on for eighteen days.))

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"Yeah!" Syvina added as she skipped down the hill.

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Uh...Can we replace or something? If Lonely isn't on, it'll slow down the whole quest. :/))

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((Yeah, let's ask the mods.))

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sel (lvagirl) | 1405 comments ((Okey.))

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((On?)) Syvina trudged up the hill, "I wanna go have an adventure!"

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((Are you on?))

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