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1763: A Boy (Frontier Trilogy)
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2016 Archives > Danger, Adventure, Romance, Action, War... Can love not only survive, but thrive in the frontier through the French/Indian War?

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Gene Jordan (paauthorgene) | 2 comments ****Warning contains violence and sexual content that may not be suitable to young readers. Parental Discretion is Advised. Not Recommended for readers under age 13.****

Received 5 star reviews on Amazon.

A 14 year old boy, Jonathan Mercer, rides express between the forts up and down the frontier along the Allegheny River when he gets careless and is captured by the Lenni Lenape tribe. Jonathan thinks his life is over as his worst fears are now reality, but this could not be further from the truth for this is when he becomes a man. His parents, having received word of his capture, fear the worst and wonder if their son is alive or dead.

The boy, badly beaten and bloody, is forced to walk towards uncertainty and maybe even death. Upon his arrival, he hears a kind voice and sees a young friendly face offering help despite the consequences that catches both his attention and affection.

Can the boy escape? What about his new found love? What will happen to her if he leaves? Can he survive this hostile land on his own?

My goal of this book is to show the hardships, prejudices, and the brutality that existed at the time. I did my research to tell a good fiction story filled with historical events like the Battle of Bushy Run while giving depth to the fictional and nonfictional characters through their backgrounds and interactions with one another. To bring in familiar names like Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, and more.

Map Tags: #Historical, #Romance, #Suspense, #Fantasy

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