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So I've finally decided to read Harry Potter...

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Kelsey Simms ...I know, I know, I'm so on the bleeding edge. I'm probably the last person on Earth that hasn't read these books, but as a Millennial I feel like it's a right of passage to read the series, and I will be shunned away at later stages in my life with a lot of "You've never read them?!" gasps of exclamations.

Should I not get my hopes up? I know that they were made specifically for children, but I feel that's only the first two or three books before Rowling had her "holy hell, I can make a lot of money off of this" revelation.

Chris I'm currently on the 5th book. My girlfriend is a HUGE HP fan so she talked me into reading them purely for conversation. I'm not a fictional or fantasy kind of guy and at times they can be a bit slow, but overall they're actually really good.

Femke I read all the HP books just a year and a half ago and absolutely loved it. But still, it's better to not have high hopes and be surprised then the other way around :)

Rowling meant for the books to grow with the readers (or rather the other way around), which is why the first books would be more children-genre and the last ones more young adult.

Aida you're the first person i've seen in this site that hasn't read the books!!! and i'm rally glad cause i haven't either!!! =)
I've read the first one and i'm half way through the second one (since 5-6 months ago) it's slow...very slow but i think after book 3-4 it will get better so i'm doing my best to survive them (it's hard...to slooow)
I really think they will get better though...=)))

Ruby Despite being made for kids, they're really more young adult. They're not dumbed down or simplistic- in fact, there's a lot of interweaving and interesting dynamics that happen between the characters. And you get to see all of the characters grow over time.

The only flaw is just the lack of character depth. But hey! Look at all of Rick Riordan's books and see how well they're doing!

Some books and movies just have something about them that's appealing to more people than usual. Harry Potter I believe is one of them. Just an overall goodness in story and worldbuilding and concept.

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Marley I made it to the second book, reading it in norwegian, before I gave up. The translations for things didn't make sense and confused me, plus I have ADD and at that time I didn't take any medication for it so I the sizes scared me.

I'm determined to get all of the books in English hardcover and read them one day, when I have read all the unread books I already own...

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Shravs K You should read them. Only the first two books seem childish but as the series goes, the plot becomes more complicated and by the time you reach the seventh book, you will be amazed as to how Rowling brings all the pieces together at the end.

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Keri The first time I read them was in 2007 shortly before the last book came out. I was 34 at the time and that was my exact reason for not reading them (though I liked the movies), "they are children's books". A family member finally convinced me to give them a try and I am so glad I did, as I have read through the series about once a year since then. Yes, the first couple are a bit more obvious that they were intended for children but not young, young children...more like preteen. But that doesn't make them in anyway unreadable or drudgery for adults as the story is quite good. And the writing improves, the story becomes more involved and the characters develop greatly as it goes on to the end.

Brianna Holland Harry potter is my favorite series.

Sophie Aida wrote: "you're the first person i've seen in this site that hasn't read the books!!! and i'm rally glad cause i haven't either!!! =)
I've read the first one and i'm half way through the second one (since ..."

imo the books don't really pick up until about halfway through The Chamber of Secrets. honestly if there hadn't been so much hype about them i probably wouldn't have even read past the first book, but it really is worth it.

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Gigi I only read the Harry Potter series as an adult. Probably about 3-4 years ago. Now I reread them every year. Such amazing writing and the world is completely immersive.

I'm pretty jealous you're reading them for the first time! I just want to stand over your shoulder and watch.

Sorry...that got really creepy really fast...

Kayley Chalmers I actually just finished the whole series two days ago. I couldn't believe it was over when I put it down. I'm 20 years old & I think I appreciate it more now than I would have in my early teens. A lot of people also think if you've seen the movies that it's not worth reading the books but those people are SERIOUSLY missing out! I love the movies & I can honestly say that the books are 100x better than the movies. There's so much detail they left out of the movies that a lot of what happens in the books will feel brand new. You will love it. It's a story that sticks with you for the rest of your life.

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Anna Welcome to the family, we have moving pictures and exploding chess pieces. (and evil, slimy, no-nosed, snake guys.)

Rebecca I read these books as soon as they were published. In 1997 when the Philosopher's Stone was released, I was 6!! Loved them from the start. I've recently booked a holiday to Florida, and I would like to try and read them all again before I go - as a trip to the Wizarding World of HP will be at the top of my agenda!!

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Hec Hernandez I'm a first time reader. I just started like a month or two ago and I'm on the 5th book. I love it I just cant believe I haven't read them before. But I'm glad I'm reading them now.

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Pam First time reader here too. Read the first three to my six year old and i feel i need to wait a wee bit before starting book four.

I actually feel I missed out on something amazing by not reading them at the time they were released and the excitment waiting for the books.

Chelsey Ortega I'm a typical potterhead. Read the first when I was 9, stood in line at midnight for all of them. I was 16 when the last book came out, 21 when the last movie came out. I've grown with the series. As an adult, even though I know the story like the back of my own hand, reading the first two is actually kind of slow and boring (I really don't want to use that word because I love the story as a whole, but if the first two books weren't attached to the rest they really would be terrible for adults). The third one, though, really dives you into the more mature themes. The third one and the fifth are my favorite of the books. And you see that with the movies as well, they get darker starting with the 3rd one. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do. :)

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Tracie Kelsey wrote: "...I know, I know, I'm so on the bleeding edge. I'm probably the last person on Earth that hasn't read these books, but as a Millennial I feel like it's a right of passage to read the series, and I..."
I've read all of them three times. I was almost thirty years old before they came out! They are excellent pieces of literature for any age.
But what I want to say is that I don't think Rowling was driven mainly by dollar signs. The way I understand it, if I'm not misinformed, she had the idea for the whole arc of the story long before any were printed. Also she has given away more money through philanthropy than you would guess. So read, read, read away, guilt free and in joy!

Elizabeth I'm 21 and just reading them too, on book 7 now

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