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The Juggling Act (Rom-Com on the Edge #4)
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message 1: by Carol (last edited Feb 23, 2016 06:51AM) (new)

Carol Scott (carolmaloneyscottauthor) | 47 comments Hello and thanks for reading!

I am offering review copies of Book 3 in the Rom-Com on the Edge series, The Juggling Act. The book is a standalone novel, and does not require that you have read the first two books.

Please take a look at the blurb below and if interested, please comment and provide your e-mail address. I have mobi and PDF copies available. If you prefer to provide your e-mail privately, please send it to

Please plan on reading and reviewing within 3-4 weeks, and posting your honest review on :)


Now that her dating days are finally behind her, Claire is enjoying a blissful life with her new husband and baby boy. Gone are the drunken nights in impractical shoes, and Internet dates with men who lose their hair…and their pants.

Unfortunately, she’s discovering that life as a married, working mom isn’t turning out to be the perfect happily ever after she dreamed about. She adores her little boy, but her husband’s behavior is about to make him eligible for the Most Disappointing Spouse of the Year Award.

His unwillingness to help around the house and his slacker work ethic are frustrating enough, but the constant parade of beautiful, single women in his life has Claire in a constant state of distress. Didn’t she realize that the cute front man of a popular cover band would attract hot, young women with perfect cellulite-free legs? And whose idea was it to hire the curvy nanny with the sexy accent?

When an unexpected business trip pops up – with a super-hot, much-too-young former love interest, Claire’s own loyalty is put to the test. A publishing conference in Key West may be the ideal escape from her troubles, but will she be tempted by the forbidden in a town full of swingers and breakfast alcohol consumption? And why does everyone they meet think the business colleagues are on their honeymoon?

Scrambling to cover up innocent, but suspicious circumstances, the couple struggles with honesty, loyalty and what to share with each other. As they sink deeper into their marital gloom, will they find their way back to wedded bliss, or finally succumb to the enticement of new…and uncomplicated romance?

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BookSnuggle | 19 comments Sounds good.
Mobi format

message 3: by Janeen (new)

Janeen Garner (booknerdneen) | 28 comments sounds good too. thank you mobi please

message 4: by Carol (new)

Carol Scott (carolmaloneyscottauthor) | 47 comments Janeen wrote: "sounds good too. thank you mobi please"

Just sent it - thanks!

message 5: by Carol (new)

Carol Scott (carolmaloneyscottauthor) | 47 comments BookSnuggle wrote: "Sounds good.
Mobi format"

Just sent it - thanks!

Rebecca | 11 comments Sounds good, mobi please

message 7: by Carol (new)

Carol Scott (carolmaloneyscottauthor) | 47 comments Sending right now - thanks!

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