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David Little | 2 comments Midge You Were Here

I am currently working on a series of short stories set in a fictional Scottish town.Due to a quirk of fate in the 1400s, the town was briefly elevated to the capital city and then declared an independent principality. Since then, people from all walks of life, and bizarre creatures have made the town their home.

The only thing standing between a host of occultists, aliens, insect/human hybrids, costumed vigilantes and all manner of weird phenomena are a small and terribly overworked police force.

The series is titled "Tales from Hope Town" and currently 4.5 have been published.

The 0.5, an introduction to some of the main characters, is available for free for as long as humanly possible here:

and possibly ibooks, B&N and other places

I would love some people/things to review my story. It shouldn't take long; you may even finish it before the kettle has boiled.

Thanks in advance.

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David Little | 2 comments Dennis wrote: "Readersfavorite will review your book for free. I reviewed books for them at one time but due to my editing schedule I had to curtail that. But since I know of them and their reputation, I know I w..."

Thanks for that Dennis

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