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Jenna | 90 comments (don't post here unless we have okayd it.)

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Jenna | 90 comments Kids taking the test are seated all around the arena, most looking nervous. Since the other headmasters all are already at the magisterium its only me to do the testing...
((put your character fidgeting or smt so I know whos in this rp for right now.))

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Leana looked around the test arena. It was huge and like her there were a hundreds of people sitting in their allocated seats. Leana was both feeling excited and nervous (but mostly excited) about the test. Her Uncle had told her one thing: 'Whatever happens is for the best. Just always be happy.' That wasnt too hard for her she thought, and with a little sigh she waited for the test to begin, repeating her Uncles words in her head.

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Tessa's knee kept bouncing up and down. She smoothed a clammy hand over it, but found it hard to do so, as her hand was shaking. Taking deep breaths, she tried to stop the trembling, but little white sparks had already started coming out of her fingertips.

"Well, crap." She muttered as her whole hand lit up on fire. No one noticed though, because almost all the students were having little "technical difficulties" with their magic due to all the panic and stress in the environment. Tessa finally managed to extinguish the flames on her hand, and sat back down in her tight seat.

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Terra Lim | 17 comments Lizzie was drumming.

She was almost always drumming on something - desks, walls, the breakable parts of unfortunate electronic devices - for now, it was her own drumpet, which was not preferable to her actual chinese war drum, but her grandmother insisted that she leave it at home, for some reason. Little puffs of air rose and swirled as the drumsticks made their stroke, which kept getting tramped down by Lizzie's grandma, who was trying frantically not to get her newspapers blown away.

The repetitive rhythm was the only thing keeping her in one spot. Her eyes kept darting around the hangar eagerly to see other students igniting fires and causing small tremors.

'A war drum would've helped to calm everyone down,' she thought, 'A nice, big, noisy war drum to take everyone's mind off of magic.'

An accented beat sent a gust of air whirling up, blowing up another student's hair and initiating another burst of fire. The student turned to stare.

'Ah, maybe not,' thought Lizzie.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary ((the only woman headmaster)) raises her arms as she looks around the arena,
"Everyone, please." She says using air magic to project her voice, once everyone had gotten everything under control she continued, "Today we will be seeing which of you are able, or have the potential to control your powers. The students I call will be taken with me, the rest of you, will either be tested later, or if we know for a fact you don't have magic, we will disable your memory of this incident."

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Jenna | 90 comments She looks down at a paper in her hand, "... Leana........Tessa......and Lizzie, please step down with your bags that you have brought, just in case you do pass these tests." She beckoned them into one of the rooms, "here we will be testing your air magic abilities. If you have trouble, focus, and no cheating. Take a seat"

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((question: I thought everyone had one ability. If Tessa's only magic is fire, how is she supposed to do air magic?))

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Jenna | 90 comments (( no they have a magic that comes easily to them/ they like doing a lot, but they actually have to work for some different magic

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((Oh ok thanks for explaining! You may continue... :) ))

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Jenna | 90 comments She waits for them to sit down, when no one does she clears her throat * ahem * "Take a seat." She says sternly.

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Tessa scurries to a chair and quickly takes a seat, slightly intimidated by this woman. She can feel herself trembling.

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Terra Lim | 17 comments Lizzie knocks jerself out of her daze and takes a seat.
'Stupid, stupid, stupid' she thinks.

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Jenna | 90 comments She gazes at them then turns away, using air magic to smoothly glide serveral pieces of paper over to them, "your first test, use air magic to lift the piece of paper off the desk." She says.

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Leana's heart starts beating fast from the the headmasters sudden demand and she walks at a slow pace to her seat and sits down nervously. After she looks around the room, she tries to calm herself down and smiles at the other people in the room. She opens her mouth to introduce herself and start chatting to them but stops herself when the headmaster begins to speak.

Air magic? She thinks.

I'm not really good at this but I'll try my best.

Leana looks down at her desk and hovers her hand over the piece of paper. She thinks of what her Uncle had taught her. 'Think air' So she does. She thinks of air and freedom and everything related to air and the half of the paper slowly starts to rise, however it doesn't go too far before falling back down again.

She tries again. Scrunching her fist up this time. She needs to do this. She doesn't want to fail.

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Tessa gazes at the piece of paper like it's the last thing she'll ever do.

Fly, fly, fly, come on! She thinks glaring at the piece of paper. Air magic had never come very easily to her.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary raises her eyebrow at them, she shakes her head a little...there must be a good air sorceress in here?

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((Hey Jenna! Could you approve my character, Rose? Thank you :) ))

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Terra Lim | 17 comments Lizzie pictures a conductor's baton. One quick, firm movement, she tells herself.


The paper rises quickly and steadily into the air, where it remains for a few moments - just the few moments before she allows the mental sound of notes to dissipate.

Lizzie smiles. "Done," she thinks, and rises to hand in the paper.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary smiles, she takes the paper," thank you miss Lizzie." She watches the other students absent mindedly telling the girl, "Just stand up here until they are finished." She gives them a few more minutes

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((Jenna do we have to succeed at this or fail - cause my powers water??))

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Tessa glared at the paper. Then, she remembered what her parents told her. She closed her eyes, and picture a bird flying free into the clear blue, sky. She could feel the paper shift around. She imagined the bird soaring up, it's feathery wings not moving, as it glides with the wind. She opened her eyes, and saw the paper suspended in air. She smiled gladly, happy that she wasn't the last one to accomplish it.

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Jenna | 90 comments (( if you have magic at all you will succeed, some hardly, and others with flying colors. I will act as if some extras are in here that don't have magic))

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary smiled again at the other child that lifted one, she could read her, she wasn't an air sorceress that she could tell, but she had potential, as the other girl had.

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Jenna | 90 comments .

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((Is Rose in the test now?))

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Jenna | 90 comments ((Yes... Just act as if she's been there all along))

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Rose took a deep breath, and lowered her eyes onto the paper. She let out a small puff of air, and imagined that air lifting up the paper and making it flutter in the air. It lifted slightly, and then settled back onto the table. She tried it again, a little more concentrated, and it gently flew up into the air, where it rested lazily for a few seconds before flying onto the desk of the test administrator. Rose exhaled. She had practiced many days for this, and was quite confident in herself. She was one of the people who had completed the air test with ease, and it wasn't even her main power. Even though she wasn't usually very competitive, Rose smiled smugly to herself, glad she was doing well so far.

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((Are the tests the same for every year?))

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary immediately flicked her eyebrows up, she raises the paper without concentration at all, and zooms it across the room to the child's desk, "very good, now please," she gently settled it on her desk by one of her hands, "walk your paper up here, and lay it in the stack. Then get in line."

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Jenna | 90 comments ((Yes, if she has siblings she might know this test but the others usually don't get spoke about.))

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Rose's cheeks blushed. Had she seemed arrogant when she had flew the paper over to the administrator's desk? She told herself to calm down and grabbed the paper from her desk. She walked over calmly to put her paper in the pile, slightly crinkled where she had held it. Then, she got into the line, all the while observing the other students.

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((She does))

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Jenna | 90 comments She nods toward her, "thank you ms. Rose." She looks at the other students, " I have noted your concentration, effort, and when any papers fluttered even a bit. I will consider this when I choose, now for the next test." She says lightly, "come, follow me. Quickly."

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Aurora sat at the table, doing small air tricks. She knew that she would pass this test. Her sister had told her how easy it was. One exercise for air, one for fire, one for water and one for earth. When she received her paper she lifted it with ease. She counted while she did it. She had taken 3 seconds. Aurora smugly grinned. This was going to be very easy.

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Jenna | 90 comments She walks a ways down one hall twisting to the left, then the right. She made one more left through the long twisting hallway, every so often looking behind her for the children, although she had already sensed they were there. She leads them to a small gymnasium, "some of you may know about this test," she starts, as she leads them through the doors, "this is just to test your physical abilities. Just for the life some of you will lead after the tests." She gestures to the rope hung on the ceiling and beside the top she makes a big rubber ball hover in mid air, "you will climb this rope and hit the ball as you get up there. Most of you will not make it which doesn't matter in the slightest. This is just for the headmasters knowledge." She lets the children figure out who can go first, (( it is a very hard test. The rope will start growing every time you climb, you must climb fast to finish, only four will make it))

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Jenna | 90 comments ((Two will make it))

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Aurora started climbing. After a few minutes she had gotten no closer to the top. She figured that this was some kind of magic. She jumped down, landing softly.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary nods at the child, she scribbles something on her pad, then murmurs a "Thank you."

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Aurora rolled her eyes. She wasn't very strong in physical stuff.

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Jenna | 90 comments Mary looks up for the next person catching the girls eye roll, "enough of that, the physical does not matter." She says

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Rose sighed as she tilted her head up. She never knew there was going to be a physical abilities test, but she was still going to try. She placed her hands on the rope and started tugging herself upwards. After 30 seconds passed, and Rose was panting. She looked up to see that the top was just as far as it was. She clung tightly to the rope and closed her eyes, trying to calm down her beating heart.

Tessa grinned. She had always been athletic, and even thought she knew there was going to be some kind of trick, she was confident that she could pass it. She start climbing up the rope, first pulling up her arms, then pulling up her feet. After a few minutes, she was sure she was at least halfway. However, when she looked up, she realised she had not even advanced one bit. This shocked her, and she lost her footing, falling all the way back down.

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Jenna | 90 comments (( lol two people have to test make rose miraculously pass it :D I will explain why she has later ))

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((oh ok))

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Rose clung on and took in a deep, calming breath. Muttering calming thoughts to herself in a soothing tone, she started to climb, taking break every few minutes or so. She would not give up. She was hazily aware of everything happening around her, but her head was spinning and little black spots dancing in her vision. She was barely moving her hands anymore. She grasped the rope but... there was no rope. Rose opened her eyes. Could it be real? She blinked and yes, it was! She was finally at the top. She saw a black ball attached to the ceiling, and with a trembling hand, she laid her fingers upon it. A tingling sounds resonated through the room. Rose slid back down the rope, her hands were burning from the friction but she didn't care, she couldn't believe she was the first one to complete this test.

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Jenna | 90 comments ((Lol make her touch the ball then ride down the rope to the bottom))

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Jenna wrote: "((Lol make her touch the ball then ride down the rope to the bottom))"

((Yep! I did...))

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The Feline Felon (bookfeline) (( May I join))

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Aurora glanced at the girl who had passed.

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