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message 1: by Xkander (last edited Feb 23, 2016 04:38AM) (new)

Xkander | 101 comments Please combine these two identical books:

with these data:
259 pages
#1 [ISBN] 88-07-18589-4, ERR --OR--
#2 [ISBN] 88-89145-20-X


There is another identical edition, with same data (e.g. 259 pag.) but without ISBN:

message 2: by Rafael (new)

Rafael da Silva (morfindel) | 1370 comments Someone did it.

message 3: by Xkander (new)

Xkander | 101 comments I think no, the 2 books are still separated and without ISBN!

message 4: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20794 comments Added isbn 888914520X / 9788889145203 to this edition:
Marked the other edition as alternate cover edition:
Amazon has a listing for this isbn:

For the other cover, I can't find any evidence which isbn was used for that edition.

message 5: by Xkander (new)

Xkander | 101 comments I suppose that these "alternate" covers are for the same book: the green one is for the actual book, the second one is for the book container (I don't know the exact word that describes this external case)

The other book is the same edition but without ISBN

The two books share the same details: pages (LVIII+259) and translator (Francesco Guazzelli)

message 6: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20794 comments Added the translator.
Worldcat confirms the page count is 259 for isbn 9788889145203, corrected that. Page count with roman numerals are not included.

Maybe the edition with the slipcase should be merged into the other edition instead of keeping it as an alternate cover edition.

An isbn can only be added to one edition on Goodreads.

message 7: by Xkander (new)

Xkander | 101 comments The edition with slipcase is the one with ISBN, the edition without ISBN is a simple hardcover. So there are only two editions:

book 1: ISBN+slipcase
book 2: hardcover and no ISBN

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