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Alexandre A. Loch | 2 comments How would it be to live in a city where no one was allowed to use his imagination freely?

Laplatia's giveaway has just started! Enter a chance to win 5 paperback units of the book.

"Loch's narrative is alive. You can see the characters, you can feel them. It's at the same time, poetic and chilling."


Laplatia by Alexandre A. Loch

Alexandre A. Loch | 2 comments New Giveaway listed!

An extraordinary dystopia by Alexandre A. Loch.

"Fascinating, Imaginative, Realistic & Stimulating! A Creative Read! I Loved It!"

"Wow. I want to read this book again! Yes, that was my feeling when I completed this book."

"In Laplatia the author introduces us to a very original concept: a city where imagination is used as fuel and citizens are therefore not allowed to imagine freely. Written in a way that may remind you of classic dytopian novels such as "1984", Alexandre A. Loch gives the reader food for thought ."


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