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Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
Well, we all wanted Peeta to come back, but certainly not like this. I mean, it's terrible, yes, but I do think it's almost a good thing because it's opened Katniss' eyes to how much she loves Peeta and feels she can't live without him. I was waiting for this revelation since book one!

Q: Do you feel satisfied by Katniss and Peeta's relationship?

I feel like I need a small novella about their lives post-games, so I can rest assured they have a chance of being happy and safe.

Also, GALE. Never have I met a more annoying male lead. First he's jealous of Peeta, and for a second there he questioned Finnick?? He'd definitely be the kind of guy that wouldn't let Katniss have male friends. He needs to stop being so jealous and weirdly possessive of Katniss. I swear, when Haymitch hugs her, Gale's over in the corner giving him the stink eye. You can just be friends with boys, Gale. Seriously.

Q: Which District do you want to see more of?

I like that we're in district two. It seems like a fascinating district if it makes the Peacekeepers and it's where the cute little brutes Cato and Clove were from. (RIP, babies.)
But, again, Gale. He's being a poop, showing that he only cares for his people and his interests, rather than anyone else. I like that Katniss calls him out on the violence towards the Capitol. She's definitely showing all the traits of a good leader.

Q: Where the heck is President Coin?

She's had about two mentions in the whole thing, and I was expecting her to be waaaaay more prominent than she is. Still, we've got more Haymitch instead, and that's always a good thing.

Lea (drumsofautumn) (drumsofautumn) | 30 comments Maddie (Heart Full Of Books) wrote: "I swear, when Haymitch hugs her, Gale's over in the corner giving him the stink eye."

I FORGOT TO SAY IT and I know it's been almost a week but this sentence MADE MY DAY. HILARIOUS! It's the sentence I will forever use now to describe Gale.

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