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message 1: by Dre, The Chilled-Out Wolf (new)

Dre (drewolf) | 52 comments Mod
Hello! Welcome to the group! We are composed of fun, quirky, awesome individuals who love meeting fellow Filipino Bloggers!

So introduce yourself yourself!

Name :
Blog URL :
Twitter :
About you :

Don't be shy! We don't bite! <3

message 2: by Dre, The Chilled-Out Wolf (new)

Dre (drewolf) | 52 comments Mod
Name : Andreana or Dre
Blog URL :
Twitter : @drewolf

I joined Goodreads in 2010, but was more active last year until now. I live in the Philippines. My mom was the one who taught me to read, so thanks to her, I've grown to love books. I always find time to read...while watching TV, while traveling, during work hours...I'm a part of an IT support (Ignify), so I do have lots of down time at work when there are no tickets to answer or e-commerce websites to save!

Besides reading, I love to travel. I've only gone to two other countries, Hong Kong and Singapore, but I've been to a lot of islands within the Philippines (7,107 islands!). And I have 3-year plan to make my dreams come true to fly to Europe and do some backpacking with my friends.

I also love animals. I have 3 dogs, a black male lab named Jasper; a female mixed Japanese Spitz/Retriever named Booboo; and a female mixed Dalmatian/native named Kali.

I love meeting bookish people. I swoon over fictional characters, and I love movies made from books!

Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always (aimeereads) | 23 comments Name : Aimee
Blog URL :
Twitter : @AimeeReads
About you : I love to read, but I never really read for fun until around 2011 or so. I used to think reading was torture before then!

Reviewing is my passion, especially if it's a rant. I'm one of those people who can't keep to themselves and just HAVE to have my thoughts heard. I don't like sugarcoating things, either.

I love to watch anime and read manga, which is why it's my dream to visit Japan! Hopefully next year. Anyway, some of my favorite anime include Fushigi Yuugi, Mirai Nikki and Danganronpa. (It's funny that 2 of those are horror/murder mysteries and I am a huge WUSS.)

I can't stand horror movies. They make me stay awake for hours. Once I had to wait until it was 7 AM and bright out before I actually went to sleep.

Talking. I love to talk.

message 4: by Ella Janine (new)

Ella Janine (ellajingreads) | 23 comments Name : Ella
Blog URL :
Twitter : @thefilipinabn

I am a Filipina bookworm who loves stalking Song Joong Ki and loves watching Asian dramas. Being an only daughter in the family, books has always been my only company while growing up. I did experience playing too, but I'd really rather pick a book than throw a ball.

I love taking notes whenever I read and I like pouring down my feels and rants while reading. This inspired me to start reviewing books. It is tiring to keep thoughts to yourself especially if they are frustrations you don't want other readers to experience. I may be an introvert but I can be talkative at times too.

I love Asian dramas. I don't really care with the number of episodes as long as it makes my heart flutter and my cheek bones raise. Korean, Taiwanese, or Japanese, I don't really have a favorite.

I teach piano to little kids too. Member of a church choir and during holidays I bake too. I like watching movies alone and I despise/hate/despise/abhor frogs.

message 5: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) | 30 comments Name : Beatrice
Blog URL :
Twitter : @beamasalunga
About you :
I love reading books in random genres depending on my mood. As much as possible I want to try it all. Classic is my difficult prose. i am not really a fan of it except Inferno by Dante Alighieri. I am a potterhead and a night reader. I got my reading habit from my dad. He loves reading books too but we have different genre preferences

As of now, I am into contemporary novels and dystopia. I love going on book signing events and meeting other bookworms. I met them because of Goodreads.

Aside from reading, I love listening to old songs, playing badminton and watching movies. I hate Da Vinci Code. I just couldn't stand it. ALSO, The Boy Who sneaks in My Bedroom Window, uggh,

message 6: by Faye, la Patata, The Rage-y Updater (new)

Faye, la Patata (fayemat) | 11 comments Mod
Name : Faye
Blog URL :
Twitter : @kawaiileena
About you :

Hello, guys! You probably know me as that resident Filipino ranter with walls of texts of rage-y updates, but I swear I am nice in real life! :D I only started reading seriously and viciously in 2012. Before that, I only read one or two books a year (not counting those for school, of course). I initially started book blogging because people like Wendy Darling inspired me, and I really wanted to become a part of this fricking awesome community.

I'm into all sorts of genres - fantasy and dystopia my favorites, with contemporary at the bottom. But I'll consume anything as long as it's good!

I really recommend the following titles:

1.) Blood Song by Anthony Ryan
2.) Written in Red by Anne Bishop
3.) The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
4.) Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

Have fun reading ~~

message 7: by Francine Soleil (last edited May 02, 2014 03:21AM) (new)

Francine Soleil (francinesoleil) | 4 comments Name : Francine
Blog URL :
Twitter : @fslovesbooks

I've been reading ever since I was little, but I started reading more way back in 2009 when I entered a university and had more freedom to go to bookstores. I have a book shopping addiction that I have to hide from my family. XD

I absolutely adore contemporary books because it feels like living in places I dream of going to, but most likely will never see. I scare really easily so I usually stay away from horror/thrillers/etc. Occasionally, I read other genres - fantasy, scifi, dystopian, paranormal, etc. But I have never understood how a human could love a blood-sucker (vampire), a dog (werewolf), or a rotting dead person (zombie).

Chick lit books are my guilty pleasure, but only if they make me laugh and swoon. I don't like too much drama or hate. Characters who hate others for no good reason annoy me to no end. A lot of chick lit books are cliche, but I love them. I co-blog at Fluffy Reads.

Oh, and I love food and music. Also, I'm awkward and introverted most of the time, but it doesn't mean I don't like people or talking. And I'm a newbie in the book blogging community.

message 8: by Jules (new)

Jules  (julesthereader) | 10 comments Name : Jules
Blog URL :
Twitter : @otaku_bookworm

About you :

I am socially awkward when we get the time to meet face to face. But actually, I am just weird and hyper all the time. I love swooning over a lot of guys in books, movies, tv series and korean drama... and Anime and Manga :D And I love to draw. haha :D

My husband is Ian Somerhalder, and my boyfriend is Daemon Black :P (Sorry not sorry hahaha :D)

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Name : Biena
Blog URL :
Twitter : @bienamichelle
About you :

I'm Biena and I'm very new to book blogging but I've been a bookworm all my life. I used to devour Chick Lit books but Philippine Lit is my one true love. I work as a journalist at a TV Station and I seldom moderate book discussions for Philippine publications.

Hello guysss! :D

message 10: by Faye, la Patata, The Rage-y Updater (new)

Faye, la Patata (fayemat) | 11 comments Mod
Hi, Biena! If you have any questions about book blogging, let us know! We'll help you!

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Thank you, Faye! I appreciate it. :D

message 12: by Dre, The Chilled-Out Wolf (new)

Dre (drewolf) | 52 comments Mod
I am seeing new people! Hi Biena!

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited May 02, 2014 11:54PM) (new)


I'm Mai, I'm still debating whether I should start a book blog. I'm in med school, so when classes start in June, I'm afraid I can't update as regular blogger. It's 50-50 for me. I like historical fiction and gothic but I hope I'm still welcomed here even if I'm not a fan of YA. Ummm, yeah hi again!

message 14: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariathebooknerd) | 10 comments Mod
Name: Irish
Blog URL:
Twitter: @InHerBlog

I work in IT industry 8-10 hours a day and a book geek the rest of the time. After all these years, I am still on the hunt for a job that will pay me to read all the books I want. Clearly, still no luck.

I started reading when I was 7, my Dad used to buy me those cute Ladybird books. In the middle grade, I started reading Sweet Valley Kids/Twins, Baby Sitter Little Sister and Nancy Drew Notebooks. That started my wonderful love affair with books.

Other than reading books, you might find me watching Anime and Korean/Japanese series or blogging or actively chatting in social media sites. I'm a very shy person but if we're talking about books or anime, I'm a different person.

message 15: by Paula M (last edited Jul 23, 2014 10:48PM) (new)

Paula M (thepaperreels) | 3 comments Name : Paula Micahella or Paula or Pau or Ella (whatever works for you)
Blog URL :
Twitter : @herbookthoughts
About you : Hi!! Hey guys! It's Paula from Her Book
Thoughts! of TUMBLR I just moved! :) I'm 18. A proud Filipina! Reading and book blogging makes me happy. I’m a love/movie/music/people enthusiast! I love bookstores, coffee shops and libraries. Make me a mixtape and we’ll be friends forever! ♥ I also co-blog
a!t Cristina's Book Reviews :) I've been blogging on Tumblr since 2010. But I keep deleting my account because I'm weird like that. But the review blog that I have right now was just established this Jan 1 2014. (I spent new years eve alone, you guys it was really sad) Anyway, I'm kind of new to this blogging/reviewing thing. But I've always been inlove with words.. with books. The first novel I've read is The Chamber by John Grisham. Then TFIOS by John Green (w/c I think now is overly overrated) and that's how I became an addict.. in books. :P

My hatred for PBB is really scaring me. Also I don't watch any Filipino primetime shows, we all know what's gonna happen anyway. I'm into music. but i don't sing!

Okay. That's it. I love to talk by the way. Like, all the time. Sometimes, even in appropriate situations. And I'm awkward. So.. yeah. Okay, sorry :P

message 16: by Miguel (new)

Miguel (thequirkyreader) Name: Miguel Galang
Blog URL:
Twitter: @thequirkyreader

I started reading ever since I was born (true story). My mother always tells me she "forced" me to read during my early years. I have my whole life to thank her for that haha.

I started blogging last year but immediately stopped because I was pretty preoccupied with school work. I got back to blogging only last January of this year.

Other than reading, I'm absolutely passionate about music. I love discovering alternative/indie bands. I also really love playing the piano <3

message 17: by Faye, la Patata, The Rage-y Updater (new)

Faye, la Patata (fayemat) | 11 comments Mod
Hello guys!! I'm following all of you on Twitter already. If you have questions regarding anything (even life!!), don't hesitate to ask!!:)

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Dre wrote: "I am seeing new people! Hi Biena!"

Hello! Nice to be here! :D

Aria ・❥・Midnight Perusing ˚ · . (midnightperusing) hello everyone! :)
thanks Faye for inviting me.
I've been off the blogging world for a while but here I am again. ^_^
Looking forward to checking your blogs.

message 20: by Joy (new)

Joy Sallegue (cjsallegue) | 24 comments Name : Joy
Blog URL :
Twitter : @akoposijoy
About you :

Hi, everyone! I'm not really a new blogger, I've had few attempts here and there. But this year, I decided to focus on blogging about the one thing that I really, really love: books.

I don't have a favorite genre, but I've been reading a lot of YA novels lately.

And oh, I'm also a Social Media Manager for several brands here in PH.

So there... I hope we can be friends and please check out my site. :)

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Amir: I currently am a Producer working for ABS! nice meeting someone from the same line of work. I also used to be a master editor for shows and some indie stuff!

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Amir: Familiar names, but I don't know them since I work for the News team

message 23: by Dre, The Chilled-Out Wolf (new)

Dre (drewolf) | 52 comments Mod
Amir, Biena : Small world!

Hello new people! Please feel free to go around the group!

message 24: by Roseby (last edited Jul 23, 2014 07:30PM) (new)

Roseby Valencia (ima_vee) | 16 comments Hi.. just signed up.
Name: Vee
Blog URL:
Twitter: @ima_vee
About Me:
I'm a sales coordinator offline but an aspiring writer and a trying hard blogger online. I've been blogging since 2010 but I became on hiatus when I started to work after graduation.
Anyway, I look forward to meeting new friends here. Please do check out my blog. :)

message 25: by Dre, The Chilled-Out Wolf (new)

Dre (drewolf) | 52 comments Mod
Hi Vee! Welcome to the group. I hope you enjoy posting and interacting with fellow ph book bloggers and readers ;0

message 26: by Roseby (new)

Roseby Valencia (ima_vee) | 16 comments Dre wrote: "Hi Vee! Welcome to the group. I hope you enjoy posting and interacting with fellow ph book bloggers and readers ;0"

Hi Dre.. thanks for the warm welcome. :)

The Bookwhore Diaries (thebookwhorediaries) | 7 comments Name : Aneca (The Daydreamer Reader)
Blog URL :
Twitter :
About you :

Hi everyone! I am one of the contributors to our blog, Aneca! I love love love reading heart-wrenching books that would make me flood my pillow and I also like thrillers. I love all types of movies but the genre I like the most is horror.

If you want to learn about the latest books, join giveaways as well as learn about books, go check out our blog! We kind of offer them all ;)

We also host giveaways but rarely since we are a bunch of freshly employed and a college student peeps.

Nice to meet y'all! :D

message 28: by Roseby (new)

Roseby Valencia (ima_vee) | 16 comments Hi Aneca... I love the blog name. hehe. I visited your blog. nice setup. :) followed you there.

message 29: by The Bookwhore Diaries (last edited Jul 23, 2014 08:37PM) (new)

The Bookwhore Diaries (thebookwhorediaries) | 7 comments Ima wrote: "Hi Aneca... I love the blog name. hehe. I visited your blog. nice setup. :) followed you there."

Thanks so much Ima!Followed you too via GFC :)

message 30: by Arjaye (last edited Jul 23, 2014 10:19PM) (new)

Arjaye Nitro | 2 comments Name: Arjaye
Blog (URL):
Twitter: @arjaye_nitro
About me:

--- oh, i love to read. coffee. beach. summer. tv series. roadtrips. travels. bonds with family and few good friends. eat-out. drive around. blog. internet vouchers. adventures. happy hours (literally!). :)

--- i want exploring new worlds. shopping. meeting different kinds of people.

--- im scared of being bored, hence, the pile-up of to-be-reads. shows to watch. places to go to.

--- ive been to a lot of places, in-and-out of the country. europe. states. middle east. far east. BUT NOTHING BEATS HOME. 3 stars and a sun. LUZVIMIN.

--- i cannot really classify myself if im intro or extrovert. i love to party all night through but a good book, coffee and a bed can be a pretty good deal, too. Hangovers, just the same!

---im your skygoddess but parttime dreamer, book-junkie, and a lover of all things and living.


message 31: by Paula M (new)

Paula M (thepaperreels) | 3 comments Hello to Vee! Amd Aneca and Arjaye!!! Get in touch, bookworms! :)

message 32: by sharmaine (new)

sharmaine | 1 comments Name : Sharmaine
Blog URL :
Twitter : @likesharmaine
About you :

I am sharmaine, or you can call me, sha, shar or maine. :) I am a nurse. I really love reading books, A day without reading is a big no no.. for me. I'll panic of course, i don't know why, but I can't pass a day without reading a book. Reading is like an addiction to me. I don't do book reviews, but whenever i finish a book, i just write my thoughts about it. I want to interact and be friends with some of the Filipino book blogger, also talk to them about books. I hope I'll find a lot of friends here. :) you can check out my blog. Here

message 33: by Aigel (new)

Aigel Serrano (aaagelserrano) | 2 comments Name : Aigel Serrano
Blog URL :
Twitter : @aaagelserrano
About you :

Aigel Serrano, 22y/o and proud bibliophile. Ha-ha. Reading a book mostly consume my everyday life.. Whenever I go, I always make sure I'm reading something. Happy to ramble everything about books and I'm so glad to have found this group in good reads solely for Filipino book readers. Let's all enjoy reading books. :)

message 34: by Tin (new)

Tin (lovesavestheworld) | 1 comments Hi, all! Just discovered this group!

Name : Tin
Blog URL :
Twitter : @lovesaves_tin

About you :
I'm Tin, a SAHM to 2 kids. I read and review historical romance novels at my blog, Love Saves the World, which is turning 3 this September. Other than reading, I also love board games (current favourite is 7 Wonders), movies (current favourite is Guardians of the Galaxy) and cooking shows on TV (Ina Garten and Nigella Lawson!).

message 35: by Roseby (new)

Roseby Valencia (ima_vee) | 16 comments Tin wrote: "Hi, all! Just discovered this group!

Name : Tin
Blog URL :
Twitter : @lovesaves_tin

About you :
I'm Tin, a SAHM to 2 kids. I read and review historical romance..."

Hi Tin, nice to meet you.

Biena (The Library Mistress) | 18 comments Hello everyone! Welcome welcome :))

@Marie Margarette: Aside from I like your name. I singled you out cos hey, WU-P! I grew up in Cabanatuan!

message 37: by Ana (new)

Ana (anabalite) Name: Ana
Blog URL:
Twitter: taraletsbehappy
About you: I'm 25. I work as a moderator at an online marketing forum. I'm a mom to a 3-year old girl.

It was my mom who influenced me in loving books. I used to fall asleep with her still reading. I learned to sleep with the lights on because of that :)

I started a blog because I wanted to share my passion for reading and talking about it. I can't wait to exchange comments with all of you. Glad to be here.

message 38: by Roseby (new)

Roseby Valencia (ima_vee) | 16 comments Hi Ana.. nice to meet you. Nice blog. :)

message 39: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence  Gleason (wordbeeps) | 1 comments About me: I'm Lawrence Gleason, co-writer of Yolanda: Super Storm Haiyan now sold as an ebook on Kobo, Barnes and Noble (where there is a 20-page free sample) and Amazon.
I have a number of blogs but the Yolanda site is at on Facebook
Twitter: @wordbeeps
I'm presently working on another book about the Philippines. Thanks. Salamat.

Blessie (Mischievous Reads) (mischievousreads) | 1 comments Hi! I've been in this group for a couple of weeks already and I just found the time to post an introduction about myself.

I'm Blessie, a total romance junkie. I read and review romance, contemporary, new adult and young adult novels on my blog, Mischievous Reads. It's fairly new and I would gladly appreciate it if you could check it out. Aside from being a reader, I'm also an aspiring writer and artist.

Oh! Follow me on twitter too: @iblessthee13th.

Thank you guys!

message 41: by Clarisse (new)

Clarisse (clarissereads) | 1 comments Name : Clarisse
Blog URL :

Hi! I'm Clarisse, and I'm a computer science major. Though free time for me is pretty rare, I still spend most of it reading. I'm relatively new to book blogging, so I would love to get more involved in the book blogging community! :)

message 42: by Yani (new)

Yani (yaniskyes) | 12 comments Name: Yani
Blog URL:
Twitter: @paperboulevardX
About you: Hi guys. I just joined the group. I'm so glad I could visit new Pinoy book bloggers blog with this group. Whoever put this up, thank you very much. It's so helpful to engage with the other Pinoy book bloggers. <3 Anyway, I'm a book blogger from Cagayan de Oro. Way too far for book signings. *Sobs.* I am a Chemistry student. And for being a college student, my free time are just for reading so updating my blog with reviews are so rare especially on school days. And also for being a student, I cannot buy every books that I want. 333 Nice knowing you all!

message 43: by Yani (new)

Yani (yaniskyes) | 12 comments Clarisse wrote: "Name : Clarisse
Blog URL :

Hi! I'm Clarisse, and I'm a computer science major. Though free time for me is pretty rare, I still spend most of it reading. I'm relatively new to ..."

Hi Clarisse!
I love your blog so much. It has a rare domain and blog design! <3

message 44: by Yani (new)

Yani (yaniskyes) | 12 comments Blessie (Mischievous Reads) wrote: "Hi! I've been in this group for a couple of weeks already and I just found the time to post an introduction about myself.

I'm Blessie, a total romance junkie. I read and review romance, contempor..."

Hi Blessie! <3
You have a very very cute blog. :)

message 45: by Adrian (last edited Apr 15, 2015 12:27PM) (new)

Adrian Mendoza Hello all,
My name: Adrian
Twitter: @adrianmendoza77
About: married, soc sci major w/teaching credential finishing a MAE (masters in ed.), authored a dream turned novel called, The Kaleidoscope: The Gift of Madness, working on a few short stories, book 2 of the series, a possible anthology, and revisions while attempting to market the first novel.
I love reading, traveling, and spending time with family. Originally from San Diego, currently in San Jose.

message 46: by Donna (new)

Donna (slothscribe) | 1 comments Hi, everyone!

Name : Donna / slothscribe
Blog URL :
Twitter and IG: @slothscribe
About you : I'm a senior creative writing student from the Philippines. I dabble in all kinds of writing, some of which you can see on my website/portfolio. I'm currently expanding my writing range and I'd love to meet other writers and readers from the Philippines.
I'm also the moderator for the Filipino Booktubers group here on Goodreads so drop by sometime.

message 47: by Angel (new)

Angel | 3 comments Hi I'm AC. I'm a graphic designer and the only thing that makes me keep my sanity is reading. I just started my book blog so I can deal with stress and not throw things on the wall.

I usually read books not intended for kids :P


message 48: by Arch (last edited Jun 17, 2015 11:42PM) (new)

Arch Bala (paddylast) | 3 comments Hiya peeps!
Name : Arch Bala
Blog URL :
Twitter : @paddylastinc
About you : I'm obviously new here *grin* My blog's mostly focused on the MM genre atm any books I could read, I devoured and post the review on my blog. Although the blog includes misc stuff and all but mostly book reviews now.

Cheers everyone!

message 49: by Angel (new)

Angel | 3 comments Arch wrote: "Hiya peeps!
Name : Arch Bala
Blog URL :
Twitter : @paddylastinc
About you : I'm obviously new here *grin* My blog's mostly focused on the MM genre atm but I'm any books I co..."

Hey Arch! I'm trying to read my first MM book, can you recommend your fave? Don't worry! I will not get shocked since I've read some MFM books. :)

message 50: by Arch (last edited Jun 17, 2015 11:09PM) (new)

Arch Bala (paddylast) | 3 comments aeyc wrote: "Arch wrote: "Hiya peeps!
Name : Arch Bala
Blog URL :
Twitter : @paddylastinc
About you : I'm obviously new here *grin* My blog's mostly focused on the MM genre atm but I'm a..."

Hi aeyc! hahaha ^_^
Most definitely. I'd probably recommend Sixty Five Hours by N.R. Walker - she's a solid author of MM Romance and I totally loved her style. Plus this one is a free read so if you don't like it, at least you didn't pay for it. LOL. Seriously though, it's a wonderful read.

I'd also recommend An Intrepid Trip to Love by Charlie Cochet. Again, a free read but a fantastic one at that. From here, you'd get a feel how Charlie write her stories and maybe you'd enjoy her THIRDS series then. Dex will definitely steal your heart!

Or if you like YA - I'd say go read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - it's not much of an MM book but the MCs are two guys who love each other ^^ This got an amazing response from both MM/MF book readers. The author's a wonderful writer.

But then, my all time favorite series would be Cut & Run by
Abigail Roux with Madeleine Urban. Hands down - Ty and Zane are the "numero uno" couple in the genre. :)

Geez, I could go on forever with this lol but for now, those are the title I'd recommend for your first foray into the genre.

Enjoy dear!

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