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∟"(ripping of paper indicates helplessness anyway)"

i. mental status: stress
ii. productivity is a state of mind
iii. music is not the cure for everything

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this journal is a place for me to collectively keep thoughts, lists, and interests in one place.

(organization isn't my strong suit)

losing my religion - r.e.m.
dissolve - absofacto
pepsi / coke suicide - elvis depressedly
tumblr -
ocd, the dude, and me - lauren roedy vaughn
anything written by lauren myracle
song - allen ginsberg
blues for sister sally - lenore kandel

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i. sometimes i can't find enough energy to communicate with other people
ii. learning to love tea was a pivotal point in my existence
iii. emotions are valid no matter how long things seem a certain way
iv. the airport might eat you alive

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