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Most of the time, the two factions can leave each other alone during lunchtime, but the room will instantly go silent should their leaders arrive at the same time.

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Carol, entering the lunchroom, couldn't see that her friends had arrived yet, sat down at the first empty table she saw. Not everyone in his lunch period had arrived yet, either. That was clear to see. Usually it was pretty packed.

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Laurean sighed as she walked into the Cafeteria because she knew that she was going to be the only one of her friends that made it early. She made her way through to get her food and ended up tripping over someone’s bag. Food splattered all over the floor and she looked behind her to see that sitting there minding her own business was Carol.

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Carol looked when she heard commotion. She saw a girl sprawled on the floor, looking back at her. It was none other than Laurean Buhl. Her initial reaction was complete shock, but instinct took over.

"Oh my God, are you OK?" She asked, walking over to Laurean and holding out her hand to help her up.

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Laurean took Carol's hand and got up, "Yeah I'm fine I just didn't see your backpack there and ended up tripping over it. I hope your stuff is okay." She responded looking into Carol's eyes she could definitely see concern in her beautiful green pools. She smiled gently and decided to apologize,"I'm so sorry about that." So embarassing! She thought as her cheeks started to heat up with the dark pink blush that started to appear.

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Carol looked back, confused. "Hope my stuff is OK? I hope you're OK. I should've moved it somewhere else. It's me who needs to be sorry." Carol was surprised she could keep her cool. This was her crush standing before her and it took all of her energy to fight the blush.

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Laurean was surprised that Carol seemed more concerned about her than the backpack when most people would be screaming about the damn bag. This made Laurean smile just knowing that Carol cared seemed to make her feel so much better. “You have really pretty eyes.” She said nervously not sure what to do after all she was standing right in front of her crush. This is your chance why don’t you kiss her. Her thoughts started to give her conflict to where she slowly started to lean in. When she realized what she was doing she quickly backed away.

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Carol stared back with aforementioned green eyes, not replying. She didn't need to. She already knew what to do next. Noticing her lean in, then back out quickly, she grabbed Laurean by the back of the head and pulled her back towards her, straight into a kiss.

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Laurean was taken by surprise when Carol pulled her into a kiss. She could feel her heart racing in her chest. She wasn’t going to leave Carol hanging after she did all she could to get the kiss out of her. She parted her lips a little and started to use her tongue. It felt nice to know that she had felt the same way back.

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Carol kissed back with equal passion, feeling Laurean's tongue enter her mouth. Suddenly, a school staff member shouted at them. "Hey! PDA!" Carol immediately pulled away. When the staff member looked away, she turned back to Laurean, saying, "Hey ... you want to take this somewhere else?"

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Laurean jumped realizing what she was doing and her face flushed red. She turned and glared at the staff member that interrupted the lovely moment she was having. She then looked at Carol when she heard what she said. "I think that would be a great idea seeking to the fact that would mean no interruptions." She whispered in her ear just wanting to be close to Carol.

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Carol smiled sexily. "Exactly," she said, grabbing Laurean by the hand and leading her in the direction of the Cafeteria doors.

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Laurean smiles and follows Carol's lead wondering where they were to head next because they both couldn't be seen together once their leaders were present. This relationship would have to be kept secret. She thought noticing that her fingers interlocked with Carol's.

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Carol opened the lunchroom doors, leading her just outside to talk to her for a moment. "So, we're together now? I'm just making sure," she said. She was absolutely ecstatic for this relationship, never mind the secretive nature that it would have to be kept in.

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Laurean smiled looking at Carol and nodded,"Of course." She pulled her into another kiss this one was short because they would need to find a place to go so they wouldn't have any interruptions.

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((To the library!))

Carol smiled warmly, retaking her hand and leading her towards the library.

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