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Grim | 349 comments Alright, want to explain more about your RP or do you want to build on it?

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Grim | 349 comments I like it.
Maybe they could have different life forms too?
Like mutants or weird creatures.
Maybe clans of warriors.
Either way we need to see what kind of characters we're going to make. Tell me your idea for yours and then I'll tell mine.
After that we can build on the detail of this world more.

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Grim | 349 comments What kind of character do you want to play as?
Then I tell you mine.
We then make the world

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Grim | 349 comments Strong willed person.
Hmm, I think of a wandering man who rights the wrong in the ruins of a forsaken world.

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Grim | 349 comments Yes, so your character can be cold and have a will to live. Not caring for the world around her/him. Mine will be the one that hoes around making sure those who can't survive on their own, get help. Then moves on to the next area. Of course he would help stop anyone who tries to abuse their power and do as they please to those who can't protect themselves.
As for in this world, what tech has survived, who is lived through the crisis, what now roams the world, and what are the genders of our characters?

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Grim | 349 comments Okay, so should mine be a girl or guy?
Did any weapons survive?

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Grim | 349 comments Sweet, oh and is the climate really cold like a tundra or is it like a desert?

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Grim | 349 comments Okay, I think I'll make a female former assassin. Maybe she could be like a sniper/ninja.
Either way, I'm going to make my character now.

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Grim | 349 comments Name: Molly Belmont
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese/Russian
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 125lbs
Body type: Slim, toned, agile, fast, and great reflexes
Hair: Long black hair with a braid starting from the top of the neck
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Head gear: Goggles to block out sandstorms.
Neck: Black collar with a ruby in the center
Suit: Black leather one piece that has a zipper down the middle. Also had a series of brown leather holsters that holds her weapons. Plus has brown leather satchels for ammo and other gear attached to her legs. Three satchels on each leg.
Under suit
Torso: White T-shirt
Lower body: Black silk leggings
Socks: White knee socks.
Boots: Black combat boots that go on the outside of the suit. Has hidden sheaths for knives
Weapons: One sniper rifle on her back. Two pistols either side of her hip and a katana on her lower back.
Personality: Lost, calm, guiding, and kind.
History: Worked for any organization who paid for her skills. Now she tries to repent for her sins by helping the innocent survive the forsaken world they live in.

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Grim | 349 comments Hopefully you can make it still :(
Sorry I went full RP creating mode

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Grim | 349 comments Thank you, do you want to start or shall I?

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Grim | 349 comments Ello?

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Grim | 349 comments Molly was at a near by bandit camp, apparently they have been raiding anyone who was in route for the safe community. There were thirty all together and half of them had guns, the rest had blades. Their boss was a huge muscle bound giant of a man. He had a huge club with shards of metal lodged in it. They were located in an old mall, it had room for shelter and supplies. They were spread out through the mall and Molly was on the roof looking at them from the broken windows at the top. She took out her sniper which has a silencer and took out the secluded members. She got ten down, all had guns. Now she had to take out the sentries with guns on the upper floors. She tied a rope to a near by stone pillar and then wrapped it around her waist. She jumped through the window and swung to a near by floor. When she landed she tied the rope to another pillar and then snuck around the top floor. She took out the remaining five that had guns and then headed back to the rope. She untied it and retied it to herself. She dove to the ground floor and stopped a foot away from the ground. The remaining fifteen men saw her and their boss commanded that they kill her. Molly smiled and took out both her pistols. She began shooting all the men who charged at her in the head and used the momentum from each shot to spin around. When all of the underlings were finished, Molly put away her pistols and used the momentum of her spinning to align her body upwards. She cut the rope at her waist with her katana and then spun down towards the earth landing on her feet. She then stood up straight as the bandit charged at her with his enormous club. She dodged his attacks and sliced him bit by bit, until the giant couldn't deal with the blood loss. He fell and molly took out a grenade. She walked over to the fallen man and shoved the grenade into his mouth. "Sweet dreams." She said as she pulled the pin. She walked away and as she did an explosion happened behind her. She searched around and found a few supplies and was happy to find that they even had a few vehicles stashed away. She saw a customized hummer that looked like a tank built for stealth. It was a military vehicle from the past age and she took advantage of the supplies and her new found transportation.
(it's fine, people get busy :3)

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Grim | 349 comments When Molly drove back into Chicago, she drove to the man leading the community. He was selling a motorcycle apparently and she talked to him and gave him the huge club that the giant once wielded. The leader smiled and gave her some supplies as payment. She then loaded her supplies on her hummer and sat on top of it to watch the auction. She loved seeing what people would pay for to have vehicles.
(Thank you, thank you. *takes a bow*)

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Grim | 349 comments Molly saw Murphy and smiled. She then walked up and placed several weapons on the table that she got from the bandit hide out. The crowd just growled at her and she gave them her death glare. Coming from an assassin that is something you don't want. They backed off and the leader gave her the keys. She took them and walked back to her hummer. She then said, "Anybody got some peaches can have the bike."

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Grim | 349 comments She laughed and said, "What, I don't need the bike or the weapons. Why not trade it for something I want. I want peaches, is that so bad?" She sat on the hood of the hummer twirling the keys around her finger. She had a devils smile on her face, but the way she looked made it seem like she was a fallen angel. She then looked at Murphy and said with a wink, "You wouldn't happen to have any kind sir?"
(Sorry I got to get some sleep. I'll pick up again tomorrow. Night)

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Grim | 349 comments She rolled over on the hood until she was looking at him upside down. "Well, for one. The way you reacted to my proposal means you do. Plus, the fact is I was guessing someone would have something similar to it. I was just tired of watching the pitiful auction. Nobody had enough for it, at least for his price. What do you think of mine?" She said smiling as she still twirling the keys on her finger.

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Grim | 349 comments She laughed and said, "Well aren't you a smart boy? I need someone who will follow me and help me on a few errands. If you think about crossing me, know that I'm not afraid to kill you. Even in a community. These people wouldn't last very long if I wanted them dead, but you have a fire in you. You are a survivor."

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Grim | 349 comments "That's fine, you do this job for me and this bike is all yours." She said as she hopped down and tossed the keys to him. She took the peaches from the hood and got into her hummer. She tossed the can in the back with other food and whatnot.

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Grim | 349 comments She rolled down the window and gave a thumbs up. She rolled the window back up and started her car. She then hit the gas and started to drive at a moderate speed through the desert. She inserted a cd from the mall and listened to music as they traveled through the day. She then pulled over when she came across an oasis. She hopped out and looked around. "Might be a good spot to set up camp." She said reaching into her car.

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Grim | 349 comments Molly took out two radios and handed one to Murphy. "We're heading to Deadman's harbor. I heard those who were responsible of the nuclear blast are hiding there. Even if they're not I can still get info there. I'm trying to make this world normal again... So I'm removing any corrupted idiot in my path." She said as she sat on the hood of her hummer. She opened the can of peaches and slurped some into her mouth. "These are pretty sweet." She said after a few peaches.

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Grim | 349 comments "I know what I'm trying to do is stupid. I'm just tired of the lawlessness of this world. I want to bring order. Though I suppose once the big bad wolves of this land is gone people won't be afraid to make bigger communities. Then rebuild the civilization we once had. We need to make sure we don't kill off our own species. That's why I'm taken out those who will have no place in it.... By the way, those peaches were just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, um... I just realized we never introduced ourselves. I'm Molly and you?" She said as she finished off her peaches.

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Grim | 349 comments She looked at him and said, "I know that there isn't much at the moment, but given time. We could replant forests, build homes, and live together. We need people who are pure in their intentions to lead this world towards that path. As for those people who seek to take advantage of everyone else and be corrupt. They need to be removed. The best way to do so is with a bullet. I don't see just a few select people, I see thousands upon thousands who need to die. I'll remove them all and then help start this world on a path of healing. You're here to help me take out those who pollute it with their evil. At least just some big ones."

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