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post all of your SPOILER-FILLED thoughts about passenger, the january '16 book club read, here.

continue reading at your own risk. *police sirens*

Adele that ending though...? like, i need the next book to start with Etta's point of view!!!

Tena (booktober) | 3 comments YES AGREED!!

Tamara (tamarasan) | 6 comments Oh gosh. The ending took me by surprise! Mostly cause when she "disappeared" there were so many pages left! I didn't know there was going to be another book at the time.

Jesi (jesireads) | 19 comments I personally think it will be stronger if Etta isn't the first pov.

Tena (booktober) | 3 comments I'm really interested to know what time period Etta ends up in, and if she knows what happened or if she's completely confused. And will she remember everything? I assume so but what if she doesn't??

Meaghan At some point, her mom knew what was going on. I mean, you can't tell her about the past and know that she's going to listen. I'm glad that the memories and the paintings where reminders that she knew the story and had to look for it.

I'm glad that we still have another book to read because I'm quite excited to find out what happens.

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