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Mariana (mc_rogue) | 28 comments "More than twenty years ago, Claire and Lydia's teenaged sister Julia vanished without a trace. The two women have not spoken since, and now their lives could not be more different. Claire is the glamorous trophy wife of an Atlanta millionaire. Lydia, a single mother, dates an ex-con and struggles to make ends meet. But neither has recovered from the horror and heartbreak of their shared loss—a devastating wound that's cruelly ripped open when Claire's husband is killed.

The disappearance of a teenage girl and the murder of a middle-aged man, almost a quarter-century apart: what could connect them? Forming a wary truce, the surviving sisters look to the past to find the truth, unearthing the secrets that destroyed their family all those years ago . . . and uncovering the possibility of redemption, and revenge, where they least expect it."

Plan: week 3, a book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2015.

ALERT: High sexual content and gruesome descriptions. Not for the faint of heart.

message 2: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 3823 comments Mod
My hold just came through on this so I'm starting tonight. I'm pretty excited because I've been in a bit of a reading slump. Hopefully this can get me out of it :)

message 3: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Feb 27, 2016 02:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 3823 comments Mod
Of course now I see you rated it 2 stars :\

What did you not like about it?

Ashley (bibliophrenia) | 44 comments Hope you like it Laura.

I thought the first half of the book was great. I enjoyed the discoveries made and all the secrets that came to life. The book could have easily ended in the middle and I would have been happy.

The last half of the book is pretty much a horror movie. You have a loose idea of how it will go and work out and, while I admire the author for not holding back on what happens, it is very gruesome.

Overall, I left the book with a thing or two to reflect upon and lots of confusion on how I felt towards what happened. Slaughter manages to bring a family back together just to tear them apart all over again. It's very emotionally draining.

On a random note, did you know that there is a prequel to this book that goes over Julie's life prior to her going missing? I have heard that the prequel gives the family dynamics much more depth than we get reading this book first. I can't confirm that though.

Hope you come back and share your thoughts once you're done :) Good luck fighting against the dreadful reading slump :(

Mariana (mc_rogue) | 28 comments It is not bad!!! It was more the sexual content and how gruesome it was for me. The characters are good and it has a lot of depth and plot twists. It was just that some aspects were too much for me. I found it a very intense psychological triller.

Mariana (mc_rogue) | 28 comments Oh and I was really excited about it too, when I went for it, so don't worry! :)

Mariana (mc_rogue) | 28 comments Xxertz wrote: "Hope you like it Laura.

I thought the first half of the book was great. I enjoyed the discoveries made and all the secrets that came to life. The book could have easily ended in the middle and I w..."

Totally agree with you!!!

message 8: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (last edited Mar 06, 2016 05:44PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura | 3823 comments Mod
Man, that last line...

I knew when I saw that the last chapter was one of the letters that I was in trouble. But overall, I think Slaughter did an amazing job of mixing thriller with heartbreak. Even after many of the revelations there was still a small part of me that hoped that (view spoiler) The story evolved very well and she successfully kept my interest through the entire story, a feat that few books manage to do well for me.

I can't disagree that it's gruesome but I didn't have quite the same strong reaction, likely due to the number of horror movies I watch and the fact that the discussion made me going in expecting it.

Mariana (mc_rogue) | 28 comments Laura, I'm so glad you liked it even though I didn't! That just goes to show how personal taste influences a lot your opinion of a book and how you should never make up your mind just based on reviews/ratings.
I always give a book a chance and I'm glad you did too.

Ashley (bibliophrenia) | 44 comments Happy to hear you loved this Laura :)

Shannon | 97 comments I am reading this for week 49, great opening line..

When you first disappeared, your mother warned me that finding out exactly what had happened to you would be worse than never knowing.

I am half way through and all I can say is Holy Moly. I will be up all night with this read.
I have read all of Karin Slaughter, Pretty Girls is one of her best.

Tracy | 123 comments I am reading this for the 2017 ATY Challenge #43. A book with a chilling atmosphere (scary, unsettling, cold). From the comments on here, it seems to fit the challenge category nicely. So far I have read about 75 pages, and have just been getting some back story and character development on a large number of characters. It's holding my attention and am anxious for more, so I guess so far, so good!

Tracy | 123 comments Finished this one, and although I agree it may not be for the feint of heart, I've definitely read way worse on the gore scale. I did think that the second half of the book was a bit drawn out. Overall though; I do think it was well done.

Marina H | 1315 comments I'm reading this one for this year's psychological thriller prompt.
It's been some years since I last read a book by Karin Slaughter, but I think I used to like her writing and it sounds like it's a well-written book so I'm looking forward to read it this weekend.

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