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Alexander (alexandercornelius) | 122 comments
Welcome to Jay Faulkner High School. First order of business: the campus is massive. The school is private and only the richest people in the surrounding city can afford to pay for their children to attend. Due to this, not a single student has ever been expelled. Not even suspended. Those who were bad were simply forced to take rehabilitation classes every week. One of these bad students was a boy named ... well, we won't name anyone. We will call him Male for his own privacy's sake. Male was terrible at following the rules. He always started fights with kids for whatever reason. But when school staff asked why this happened to his parents, they replied, "It would be much worse." According to his parents, the one thing holding him back from the worst was his girlfriend. A gorgeous and smart teenage girl, called Female for privacy's sake. An unexpected couple, yet, a strong one. Everyone in the school knew that they were the power couple of the entire campus. They said it had started all the way back in Kindergarten. They hadn't broken up once. However, the most iconic event of the entire school that changed it forever was the most unexpected event in all of its history. No one knows quite what happened that night, and the only evidence of the event is a poem left behind by Male.

Now, the entire school has been divided in two. Everybody is either on Female's side or Male's side. The Good and the Bad respectively. Those who do not choose a side are called the Dirty. Despite their differences of choosing sides, every single member of each side and even the Dirty have one question that they strive to unlock the secrets of:

What happened that night?

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