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message 1: by Derek (new)

Derek (derek_broughton) | 59 comments I still have my 1st & 3rd edition books. Haven't played in decades.

message 2: by Navigator (last edited Feb 27, 2016 01:34AM) (new)

Navigator | 7 comments I was quite partial to the Fiend Folio. I believe Arioch was included in this supplement. Perhaps he is also in Deities and Demigods. It has been awhile. I still pull out my 2nd Edition stuff from time to time and lead my 14 year old son on the occasional adventure.

message 3: by Lemec (new)

Lemec | 251 comments Mod
Thanks, Jack Of Shadows! What a fantastic website and D&D information source!

message 4: by Lemec (new)

Lemec | 251 comments Mod
Jack Of Shadows wrote: "You're welcome Lemec! I was looking for a pdf of "When A Star Falls" and happened to stumble across the site, it's one of the best websites I've seen for 1st and 2nd edition resources."

Super-cool. At the moment I'm really getting a kick out of reading the old modules! There is a bonus to computers to be able to see this stuff straight ahead and completely flat, adjusted for comfort and always properly lit! And a laptop makes a wonderful Dungeon Master's Screen!

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I used to play Gurps and AD&D when I was in college back in 93 and 94. Really miss playing it. Sometime ago I run a game with my sons but I used Dungeoneer because I have never had any rules or D&D books.

message 6: by Heresiologist (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
Jonesing for RPG content that Santa failed to deliver, I failed my Save against Frivolous Expenditure roll and got myself Goodman Games' re-issue and (5th Edition) reworking of X:1 The Isle of Dread.

message 7: by Heresiologist (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
Jack Of Shadows wrote: "I usually always fail that roll when it comes to buying books..."

Well then, since we were yakking elsewhere about your preference for Fighting Fantasy over Endless Quest books, maybe it's safe to mention the Endless Quest books are back.

I got Big Trouble: An Endless Quest Book" for my daughter for x-mas.

message 8: by Heresiologist (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
It's been a while since MM's been mentioned anywhere in the group threads. So here's something recent that does: The True Story of the Cthulhu and Elric Sections Removed from Deities & Demigods

message 9: by Heresiologist (last edited Jan 14, 2019 05:37PM) (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
How about some relatively new Moorcock inspired D&D product?

What Ho, Frog Demons is billed as "112 pages of pure Slavic/Vancian/Moorcockian acid fantasy."

Except that they are lawful evil types, the villains in the related product Misty Isles of the Eld are rather Eldren/Melnibonean-ish.

And if that hasn't whet your appetite, how about the author describing the Misty Isles baddies as: "bulb-headed Melniboneans in Geiger-like stormtrooper armor plus Bowie in his cocaine-fascist Thin White Duke/Man Who Fell to Earth period..."?

message 10: by Heresiologist (new)

Heresiologist | 192 comments Mod
Jack Of Shadows wrote: "What Ho, H that game looks amazing! :-) I've never seen anything like it and I am very tempted to buy it to check it out."

I don't have that one, but do have "Misty Isles of the Eld" which is pretty high quality, product wise. It's sort of smallish though, being a bit larger than the so called little brown books.

Unfortunately, I haven't played it so can't speak to how well it works at the table. It read well and I don't recall it having any elements that I thought wouldn't work.

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