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Name: Zarah Wolf
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Faction: dauntless

Appearance: (embed an image) https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Written description: (fill in everything below)
Hair color: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: White
Height: 5:1
Weight: 112
Distinguishable marking: (no one under 13 allowed to have a tattoo)
Hand scar from A knife fight
(Atleast 4 sentences, preferably more for older children)
Both her parents were born into dauntless, and her brothers Miles chose to stay when he turned 16. Zarah doesn't like killing and hurting people, but she doesn't want to be the odd one in the family not in dauntless.
(Atleast 4 sentences, preferably more for older children)
- KInd
- Shy
- Bit of a short temper
- Very street smart
- Selfless
(Post a name, age, relation, and faction for each)
(Must have one living parent)
- Axel Wolf, Father, Passed away in battle, Dauntless
- Quinn Wolf, 50 years old, Mother, Dauntless
- Miles Wolf, 18 years old, Brother, Dauntless
(Quinn has one sister living in Amity, but she doesn't talk about her because she's not a dauntless)
- Bees
- Dyeing in battle
- Public speking
- Failure
- Change
- Being forgotten by family

- Running
- Drawing
- Growing flowers
- Working out

- Fighting (She's still good at it though)
- Math
- Cooking

- Math/spellling
- remember thing, like when to meet someone
- Speaking in front of lots of people

Other: (anything else you find important. Do not leave blank)
Zarah wants to move to Amity and be with the aunt no one talks about, but she's scared her family will disowned her like thing disowned the aunt
Weapon of choice:
(If they are above age 12)
- Hands on combat

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The image isn't working, so fix that

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Tris {I am selfish, I am brave} Eaton wrote: "The image isn't working, so fix that"

Hope that fixed it :0

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