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message 1: by Sarah, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah (stacksofsarah) | 52 comments Mod
Part two people! This is one of my favourite sections of the book because you get so many great action sequences alongside the character driven moments (plus Finnick and Annie together, yay!) and that ending for chapter twelve still hits me right in the feels.

Q: Do you think Prim and Katniss' relationship has remained much the same, with Katniss protecting Prim, or have their roles reversed?

Prim's certainly not the same little girl who faced the reaping all that time ago, and I certainly think that during this moment she is the one providing the reassurance her sister needs. Katniss will always be older and therefore protective, but I Prim is just as strong in her own way. Hopefully Katniss can see that she no longer needs to burden herself with keeping everything bottled up inside.

Q: Why do you think it was Haymitch that Katniss sought out when she needed to be comforted over Peeta?

Not going to lie, this moment made me tear up a little. Katniss says that Haymitch loves Peeta too and knowing he had a brother just makes my heart ache all the more. I love that once again Haymitch is simply there, as he has been from the start, looking out for her.

Q: What do you think the effect of Finnick's stories would have been on the Capitol's citizens?

I like to think that this moment is a turning point for many of the people living in the Capitol: that after all of those secrets are spilled they are less inclined to blindly follow President Snow or believe everything he tells them. In a way, perhaps this is Finnick's most valuable contribution to the rebellion. Highlighting that with Snow in charge no-one is truly safe.

For those of you watching the films as well, congratulations! You've made it through Mockingjay Part 1!

message 2: by Maddie, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 2 stars

Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
I really liked this section so far too for the same reasons! I seemed to remember Mockingjay being the least action packed of the books when I first read it, but this re-read has made me re-evaluate how good it actually is as a finale to the series. A lot's going on and it's moving at a relatively fast pace too! I feel like I'm definitely appreciating it more the second time around.

It's really interesting to see the sisters' relationship develop. Katniss and Prim have aged through the series, so Prim's probably...13 by Mockingjay? Teenage Prim is so level headed and supportive. I wish she was a little more prominent, seeing as Katniss' love for her was the very reason she volunteered in the first place.

OK, I bloody loved that bit. The idea of Haymitch loving Katniss and Peeta and protecting them like the children he never had warms my heart. What a babe.

Finnick is literally key to bringing people of the Capitol to the side of the rebellion. Well done, buddy.

message 3: by Bee, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 2 stars

Bee (bee-chii) | 35 comments Mod
The scene when Prim's gone to get Buttercup was SO TENSE in the movie, like IS SHE GOING TO MAKE IT? Of course she is! BUT IS SHE THOUGH?! And then in the book it was slightly anticlimactic. So, although I'm always saying that the movie is slow paced and kind of boring, it definitely dramatises things x50% which is pretty darn effective.

Prim and Katniss's relationship has definitely changed, and I think Katniss started to see that properly in Catching Fire when Prim's not batting an eyelid at any of the injuries or medical things she has to assist with. From Prim right now, a life in District 13 looks like it might shape up to be a pretty good future. She's got promise and hope, but she knows that Katniss would never be happy there because she doesn't play by the rules. In some ways Prim is more mature and just gets on with things, but that doesn't mean she would've been strong enough to go into the Games originally. Their relationship is what drives the whole plot, to be honest, and I would love some chapters from Prim's POV, especially when Katniss was in the Games.

When Haymitch said he had 'a girl' I was like WHAT? Um, MORE PLEASE. But knowing what Snow did to his family, definitely means I understand his withdrawal for self-preservation thing better. Who else would Katniss turn to, though? She could have gone to her mother, which would've been a really sweet sense filled with their relationship development, but Haymitch is the only one that really knows Peeta just like Katniss does. They both want to protect that sweet innocent cinnamon roll.

I don't think I understood Finnick's...confession about his body when I first read the series, but now I'm like OH. I agree whole heartedly, Finnick knew the secrets he'd collected would be valuable one day, and I'm glad that he finally got to use them against Snow, who he so obviously despises. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love the whole Snow poison/mouth sores thing. He's ruthless and willing to hurt even himself for what he considers 'the greater good'.

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