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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (mancala) | 2 comments Think it is YA fantasy. Read it in the last 10 years. Think it is a whole series.
I only remember non important stuff - so bear with me please.

About an orphan girl that has learned to be a healer to be excepted into the city she live in. She then is followed around by a bird (I want to say osprey). She is suppose to bond with this bird (I don't remember even why). She finally does bond but there is problems because she did not bond right way. She has to bond with this bird to get back into the city because a disease outbreak(?) has the city under quarantine.
She does something that make the city mad at her and she becomes an outcast. She send her bird away and lives in a lighthouse all alone.
I remember very clearly a section that she is outside the city walls with the poor and displaced people. Not a place she should be in. She starts healing them. One of the first people she heals then starts to take care of her and makes sure she eats and tell her when she has to quite for the day. The healing goes on for days.
There is so much more that I don't remember.
I think in this book series that something happens to her face and the scare turns into an ivy pattern - but I an not sure that it is even from the same book.

Please help!

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5052 comments Maybe, The Light of the Oracle The Light of the Oracle (Healer and Seer, #3) by Victoria Hanley from the "Healer and Seer" series.


It doesn't fully fit, but there is mention of being "chosen" by a bird.
Do you remember anything about the cover(s)?

message 3: by Sandra (last edited Feb 23, 2016 09:07AM) (new)

Sandra (mancala) | 2 comments That is not it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Not know what the book is has started bugging so bad that I dreamed about it last night and remembered some more stuff. I did the daunting task of looking through all of my books again. And with the new stuff i remembered, I found it!!!!

Path of Fate Path of Fate (Path, #1) by Diana Pharaoh Francis and Path of Honor Path of Honor (Path, #2) by Diana Pharaoh Francis by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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