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Week 3

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Claire P | 16 comments Mod
How are you doing with week 3's reading? Week 2 was a slow one for discussion, but maybe we can round off this short read-along with a larger discussion!

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Claire P | 16 comments Mod
I just finished the book... And despite knowing what happens, I still had to cry. But it wasn't Túrin's doom or Nienor's death that made me cry, it was the reunion of Morwen and Húrin. Because it is such a bittersweet ending, and the grief of parents is so poignant. Especially when you consider that Húrin had to watch his son and daughter fall. And that in some small way, his life and all that he did to oppose Morgoth was the "cause" of doom to be laid on his kin.
My other thoughts while reading:
Túrin truly never learns from his mistakes. He brings death with him, no matter his intentions. I couldn't believe the selfishness that caused him to bring ruin to the house of Aerin. A woman who managed to do good despite all the pain she was going through, despite a horrible husband, is brought down by Túrin carelessness, his wrath brings pain to all. And then, adding insult to injury, he dares call her heart faint! This woman, who never once ran from the horrors of her life, called a coward by Túrin, such a boy despite all the trials of his life. I think this is why I can't quite feel for Túrin- his doom is painful to me because it involves so many others and causes everyone pain.
I think Turambar is an interesting choice in name, especially as it is translated in two different ways: once as "Master of Doom" and once as "Master of the Dark Shadow". It seems like a true attempt to change his own fate, to signal that he has moved past his darkness. But it is also proud and vain, as is a lot that Túrin does. He has had so many names, he must know that the name cannot truly change him. And that good intentions are not enough to escape fate (especially if a Valar has decided to place their own personal curse on you).
And poor Mablung, so entwined in the fate of Húrin's children. And so perceptive:: "Truly, it is by lack of counsel not of courage that Húrin's kin bring woes to others!"
I feel sorry for any leader who had to deal with Túrin ever. I mean, he consistently usurps people's power (though he doesn't "try" to), insults the leaders who loved and trusted him and then leads their people to doom. Despite his own history he doesn't manage to stay alone, to avoid bringing people into a fray they have little chance of surviving.
I also thought it was interesting that Níniel's pregnancy makes her pale and wan, instead of glowing- the curse already rests on the child in her (it has to almost be a happy fate for that child not to be born, can you imagine what kind of life it would have led with that kind of family history?). I personally have to admit that I like the way Níniel and Turambar help each other through their darknesses; she captures it best with "O twice beloved". Yes, they were siblings, but really, can we truly begrudge them the short time of happiness they experienced?

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Erin (eiremauve) | 3 comments Finished the book! Can't help but think of how avoidable it all was.

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Claire P | 16 comments Mod
Jude wrote: "I finished the book yesterday! and my oh my, what a trainwreck, it just kept getting darker and darker :O But if I learned one thing reading this book, it's not to mess with morgoth!"

Yeah, cause he will ruin your life, your children's lives and everyone remotely linked to them AND make you watch!

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Claire P | 16 comments Mod
Erin wrote: "Finished the book! Can't help but think of how avoidable it all was."
I think that is what makes it so incredibly tragic- the senseless loss, the unnecessary pain and suffering. Most events, especially those concerning Túrin, could have been avoided, but I guess that is the brilliant efficiency of Morgoth's curse- it doesn't take a whole lot of change to turn harmless situations deadly. Add to that Túrin's hot temper and youth and it is a recipe for disaster.

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