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Discussion #4- Predictions

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message 1: by Krista (new)

Krista | 13 comments Mod
No matter where you are in the novel, make a prediction or guess about what might happen next based on the plot so far (3 sentences or more!)

message 2: by Pearl (new)

Pearl | 5 comments I think Joey will start talking about his childhood and the events that stood out to him the most. Maybe he will start talking about other family members like his cousins, aunts, and uncles. Also he probably will start talking about his mom and dad and their relationship and his relationship with them too.

message 3: by Brandon(; (new)

Brandon(; | 5 comments I believe Joey will begin talking about how he felt during his high school year and how he struggled in life at a young age. I predict that his mom will have depression due to being a single mom. Joey might think negatively than positively because he isn't getting enough love from those who surround him.

message 4: by Irmz (new)

Irmz | 4 comments I predict that Tom will end up being killed, because he testifies agains a murdere, who escapes and leaves trial. Leaving the murderer out their in the world would cause him to go look for Tom wanting to kill him. This is what I predict from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

message 5: by Tadea (new)

Tadea | 5 comments I think Clay will find out why he was included in the 13 reasons why Hannah killed herself. He might be relieved when he finds out why he was included in these tapes that Hannah recorded. Also, he will find out why others were included in the tapes that Hannah recorded.

message 6: by Breanett (new)

Breanett | 5 comments I think that the two main characters, David and Primrose will have a fight. This is becuase there has been tension between both characters. Also, after they fight they will probably apologize to each other because they seem like really good friends.

message 7: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 4 comments I hypothesize the boy will not be able to make it to his moms funeral. I also hypothesize that if he does his mother will be alive because he feels that she is alive. As for my last hypothesis I hypothesize that he will die next to his mom.

message 8: by Belen (new)

Belen | 4 comments I think Landon will fall in love with Jamie someone he never thought he would love , and he would do anything for their relationship to work .

message 9: by Diana (new)

Diana | 6 comments I think Cassy will start looking for her brother. She's trying to find a way to get into camp. I think she will succeed because she is very persistent and she made a promise to her brother to come for him.

message 10: by Karina (new)

Karina | 5 comments Krista wrote: "No matter where you are in the novel, make a prediction or guess about what might happen next based on the plot so far (3 sentences or more!)"

I Predict David will move with his father. I also predict the mother will go to jail because how she treats David do bad. I think David's life will be safe and fine after he leaves.

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