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Anyone out there watching the Hulu Series?
Dena Starostovic Dena Feb 22, 2016 11:42AM
Just wondering what everyone is thinking about the series. I couldn't wait for it once it was announced last year. Then heard it was going to be on Hulu and was quite disappointed. But, as the fan I am of what I consider to be one of his all-time best written stories, I wanted to see this series. So yes - I have only watched episode 1 so far. To me - I am really enjoying it. Cannot wait to see how it all plays out. What does everyone else thing?

Me. So far so good! Loved the book so much!

I don't understand why they have changed every single scene from the entire book, but I am enjoying it. I feel like they watered and dumbed it down for the TV watchers which while initially infuriating I have just looked past it. I wish for once these TV and movie adaptations would follow the beautiful story a book has laid out instead of stealing an authors idea and "making it their own" aka dumbing it down and making a worse story (in most cases).

11/2/63 was my fav book i read last year so was stoked it got made in to a mini series, liking it so far. I dont get the above comment about changing every single scene from the book. Book to tv/movie adaptations are never exactly the same. they covered so much plotlines in the first ep sadie/gamblers/oswald etc cant wait for ep3

What I'm missing so far that I loved about the book is the restart factor. I think we're half way through the Hulu series and Jake hasn't gone back to (2016) and realized what happened due to his actions in 1960. That was one of the most interesting things in the book. Not sure it's going to even happen in the mini series.

Marc Childs I would be surprised if that happened before the finale as it didn't happen until 750 pages into an 800 page book pretty much ...more
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Dena Starostovic For me - the kid helping him - this is playing a big part in the series and he didn't have him in the book if I recall - unless I just forgot all abou ...more
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Yeah my g/f fell in love with Sadie in the show so read the book.

Just watched the whole series on Blu Ray; they made some changes from the book, but I thought they actually improved the series. Best of a all, they kept the love story between Jake and Sadie intact-it was one of the best things King ever wrote and the mini-series did right by it.

I love it thank god James Franko is in it.

I love the book and loved the show. I have never seen James Franco play such a serious role and he was outstanding in this show. I made a promise to myself that I would watch this show without comparing it to the book and that is exactly what I did. I am sure, actually I know, that there were significant differences but I chose to ignore this and enjoy the show. I LOVED it!!!

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