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Rp here with approved characters only

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber walked in, in her usual black outfit. She had so much on her mind, this was her usual place to get her mind of things. She started doing some basketball drills and lost herself.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette walked in, her heels clicking on the floor. She looked like one of those popular, girly girls, but she was more of the one girl who people didn't like. She sure had the popular attitude though. "You play basket ball? How nice." She said with a bored voice. "I couldn't ever dream of doing such a thing." With a small smirk, she twirls her hair around her finger.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber turned around to see a girl in heels twirling her hair around her finger. She bit her lip, a snobby 16 year old is not what she needs right now. "Can I help you?" She asks, frustrated.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette smiles, "Nope. I really don't think anyone can." She laughs, and leans against the wall. "Who are you?"

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "Amber Allen, Dauntless." She says to the girl. She's wearing black and white clothes so she's most likely from Candor. Even thought Dauntless and Candor get along, Amber never really liked them. "Who are you?"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) "Nicholette. Candor. " She nodded to the ball, "You like to play?"

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "Sometimes, I just need to get my mind of things." She staed simply. Thinking back to what she had said it had surprised her. Maybe there was a little Candor in her after all.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette smiles, "You're Dauntless aren't you? Why wouldn't you just jump over bridges or something more dangerous. That would seem more Dauntless." She shrugs, "Just my opinion."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber sighed. Another teen that stereo types people by faction. Great. Since she was in the company of a Candor, she decided to speak her mind. "Okay, not all Dauntless are like that you know! Not all Amity are weak, and not all Erudite are snobby!"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) (Sorry! Didn't see it!)
"Really?" Nicholette asked surprised. "My family, and their friends always say how the Erudite are rude and snobby, Dauntless think the rue the world, and are crazy. Amity are said to be weak, and hypocrites, and Abnegation are liars, and try to do good, but are just lying to themselves." She looks at Amber, "I've never learned any different."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "Well then, you must not get out much. I'm sick of people stereo typing others because of faction! Not Erudite are rude, not all Dauntless believe they're superior, not all Amity are weak, and not all Abnegation are liars," She usually wouldn't have said this, but this girl rubbed her the wrong way. "What would you say if I told you I know a Dauntless who was friends with an Amity?"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) "I'd say I didn't believe you and that you were a big liar!" Nicholette frowned, "Candor have to tell the truth, so I assume they're telling the truth! Amity and Dauntless hate each other, it's ridiculous that you even suggest they could be friends! Why are you yelling at me?" She tapped her heels on the floor, "Stop freaking out!"

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber sighed. She realized she probably should stop yelling, so she took a deep breath. "Well, since you're Candor you should be able to tell if I'm lying, and I do know a Dauntless who's friends with an Amity. So, am I lying?" She asks. She does know a Dauntless who's friends with an Amity. And her name is Amber.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette laughed nervously and twirled her hair around her fingers, "Well... you see... I'm not the best lie detector. Never was good at it. I really can't tell if you're lying." She looked down, "You might be lying."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber smiled slightly, this girl had practically just proved her point. "Well, ya know that people say that all Candor can detect lies..." She let the sentence hang. "And I'm not lying."

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette frowns, "Well I can detect lies. Just... not well. And thanks. Just don't tell anyone I'm struggling with detecting lies. My parents will kill me."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber nodded. "Don't worry I won't. Believe me, I know what its like to keep something like that from your parents..." She thought of Daniel. He was a childhood friend, but his parents had kinda forbid her from seeing him again. "And I do know a Dauntless who is friends with an Amity. Her name is Amber."

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette smiled, "Is the Dauntless or Amity named Amber? I'm transferring out of Candor. Are you transferring?" She looked the girl up and down, silently judging her.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "The Dauntless. And I don't plan on transferring." She replied. She noticed this girl has multiple personalities. A minute ago she was yelling that she was a liar and that it was ridiculous to think a Fauntless and an Amity were friends.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) "So you have an Amity friend. Huh, I would have never guessed. I'm thinking of transferring to Amity. " She paused, clicking her heels on the floor. "I'd like to meet this friend of yours."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((Sure! Nicolette, Amber, Seth?))

"Well, most people wouldn't. You might already have. His name is Daniel." She replied, drawing a blank on Daniels last name.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) "Never heard of him. I've always wanted to know what Amity life it like though. I don't know if I'd fit in..." She walks over, "But yeah, I'd like to meet Daniel."

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((I'm coming in now))
Seth walks into the gym expecting to relieve stress by working out. Instead he sees amber and that snotty girl talking. "Yo amber." He shouts to her.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((That's good!))

Amber turns to see Seth at the other end of the gym. Great, she thought, I really hope this doesn't get ugly. "Hey!"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette tapped her heels, and turned around. She grimaced, "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be somewhere fighting with someone else about truth and lies?" She twirled her hair around her finger, "That's where I figure you'd be."

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"I'm here to see my bestfriend. Really I thought you were smarter than that." Seth walks up to amber and puts his arm around her shoulder. "Is she being an ass to you?" He asks amber.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber bites her lip to keep her from blushing. Seth, she yelled in her mind, you are not making this easier! She turns to Seth and glares at him. "I'll take it you already know each other?"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette also glares at him, "Don't insult me. It's sad enough you can't give up the fact that I'm more Candor then you. Amber, I've met him for sure. He's a jerk, and personally, I like you but I can't stand to be around him." She shakes her head, thinking about walking out.

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"Thanks for sharing." Seth says. "And did I hear Daniela's name when I came in? Because I hope he's not coming. I think he'd like to keep his face intact."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Ambets sighs. This was going great. She thought about how to respond to Seths comment without making this worst. She considered lyong, but being around to people who are Candor at heart, it didn't seem like a good idea. "Yes, you did and he's not coming. And Nicolette, you don't have to go, I'm sure Seth can be more mature, right Seth?"

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nichole snicked, "He can be mature? I would have never guessed." She nodded, with a slight smirk on her face, "He sure wasn't when he was saying he knew more about Candor then I did."

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Seth dates at amber. "Was that a serious request? Because this girl." He gestures to nichollette. "Is a self righteous ass. I'm surprised I haven't punched her yet." He then to turns to nichollette. "I don't think. I know. Ask amber. She's known me my entire life. I've never lied."

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((Lol not dates, stares. Stupid auto correct))

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) ((XD I figured it was something like that. I thought it was gapes. LOL))

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber bit her lip again. Why did Seth have to bring her into this!?! "Okay, stop, just stop!" She said. Suddenly she remembers the argument with Seth and Daniel.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nichole frowns, "It's not about lying! Candor is not just about if you've lied or not! it's about justice, fairness, and truth. You have to care about the law, justice!" She says quickly, "All you seem to be saying is that you know more about Candor because you've never told a lie!" She tapped her heel angrily, "I'm not a self righteous ass, and you wouldn't punch me. You will not ever hurt me! You'd pay if you did."

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Seth clenches his fist. His arm tightens around amber. "I did not say I knew more about candor. You're changing my words. And so help me god I would most definitely punch you in the jaw." Seth turns to amber. He gives her the look. The one that says 'get me something to crush or punch so I don't attack a person.'

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber put the last few comments from them in the back of her mind untill she had Seth calm. She scanned the gym for anything to help. There was a soda can lying next to the trash can, and they were in a gym full of things to hit. She snatched the soda can and nodded her head toward the punching bags.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette looked at Amber, "If we're done here, I'm going to leave." She didn't want to stick around anymore. She didn't need to be anymore insulted. "It was nice meeting you Amber, and I'd like to meet Daniel, if you'd be so kind as to introduce me one day."

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Seth turns to her. "Don't leave cuz of me. Just stop trying to prove a point and I won't get mad." He says. He takes te can from amber and crushes it in his fist and then chucks it at the wall. He then goes up to a hanging punching bag and starts punching it until the metal chain holding it suspended snaps and the bag flies backward from the force of the hit.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber flinched slightly. Seth can be a bit of a show off sometimes. "Nicholette, you can leave if you want to. And I enjoyed meeting you too." She told her with a smile.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Nicholette nods, "I am leaving because of you. Good bye Amber it was a pleasure, and goodbye Seth." She flipped her hair over her shoulder, and stalked out the door. Nichole was done with Seth, and she hoped to not see him again.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments ((We can coninue, right Ally?))

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((For sure))

Seth resists the urge to football tackler the girl. The only e reason he does so is because of amber. He's put her through enough lately. "Sorry about that amber. I met that girl earlier and she couldn't fathom that a dauntless like me has never lied. And well it got on my nerves."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "I know, I know." She replied. Now that she thought about it most other friends she's had have annoyed him. Huh. She thought about saying something, but decided against it. Then she realized she was showing her thought process on her face. Oops.

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Seth sees the look on ambers face. She's just now realizing how he doesn't do well with most of her friends. "I know I'm an aweful best friend for fighting with them. I can't help it. They make me so pissed. And when I'm pissed I break stuff. I'm actually surprise that I haven't punched them yet."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments Amber can't help but laugh. "Yeah, me too..." She teased. Even if she couldn't have her friends around him, she still never wanted to give him up, no matter how annoying he could be.

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Seth looks at amber as she laughs. "So you aren't mad at me. Oh and if anyone asks, it wasn't me who broke that." Seth gestures to the punching bag. "Although they'll probably figure it out. I didn't mean to hit it so hard."

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Ginny  Weasley  | 2633 comments "No, I'm not mad. And you may as well have 'GUILTY' written on your forehead." She joked. Seriously, this was no where near the first thing he had broke at the school.

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