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AnonymousBookConsumer | 2 comments I read the book probably more than 6 years ago. Not 100% sure on the time-frame. But it definitely did not come out recently. I don't know if it was part of a series or not.

It had a Werewolf male(protagonist) in a city, he might have been some sort of detective(maybe, this is fuzzy). It is an adult book. He gets frisky with a Vampire female...

I forget many of the details so that is about all i can give. I do remember the guy kicking some butt during the book and the girl loving his blood. Trust me, i wish i could give you something more original sounding too, but that is about all i can remember. Any books you can think of that fit this description just let me know and ill check to see if it is the one.

Yea, i know all you guys really have to go off of is a super vague "Werewolf guy that may or may not be a detective that gets with a vampire chick in a city"... But how many of these can there be? I looked for a while and haven't found it yet.

Thank you in advance!

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Juels | 2427 comments Primal Needs (Primes #7) by Susan Sizemore?

AnonymousBookConsumer | 2 comments Juels wrote: "Primal Needs (Primes #7) by Susan Sizemore?"

Wow, that was surprisingly fast with so little information. This is it.

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