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Should we produce an audio book for One Green Bottle?
Aaron Meizius Aaron Feb 22, 2016 10:34AM
As a publisher, I have worked with some phenomenal authors, and Curtis Bausse is certainly one of them. His debut novel, One Green Bottle, was published by Meizius Publishing on September 10th, 2015 (Sept. 15th in paperback). A synopsis of the book is below.

Mr. Bausse operates a blog (, among many other projects, and recently posted a FREE audio book preview of the prologue and first three chapters.

HERE'S MY QUESTION: (You should listen to the audio previews before you answer)
Should Meizius Publishing produce a complete audio book version of One Green Bottle? Would you purchase the audio book? Why or why not?

SYNOPSIS: When Magali Rousseau sets out as a private detective, she expects to take pictures of dodgy salesmen and adulterers. Wrong. Her very first case, and it’s murder. Then comes another. And another. Until she finds herself trapped with a killer whose only aim is to make her his tenth – and final – victim.

Set in Provence, One Green Bottle is not just about Magali’s hunt for a serial killer. It’s also the story of a woman recently divorced, in search of a new life. But in a man’s world, she can only succeed by defeating her own doubts.

Thanks for that question, Aaron - it's a good one! My audio preview was done with an Edirol recorder and my own voice, so it's far from professional. But it's a useful way of providing a preview without people having to read on screen. I do think a complete audio book is a good idea, but I've only listened to a couple myself. Does anyone have opinions on the question? They'd be highly welcome in helping us reach a decision!

Aaron Meizius I agree...We definitely need some 3rd party thoughts. Another avenue I want to explore is using a woman to narrate the book (since the main character ...more
Feb 26, 2016 12:10PM

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