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[ ] Olivia Jana Reid | | played by Rea
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She’s witty, and sarcastic, but once you know her, well, she IS witty and sarcastic.
She narrates a lot inside her head, cynical sassy narratives. Compulsive, addictive personality, possible adrenaline junkie, and has a very volatile personality behind that emotionless expression she puts almost all the time. She’s not going to conform to your socially acceptable behavior. She will cut you in some way if you pissed her off. She’s an observer, and always curious about lot of things. She’s somehow shallow, stubborn, and always up to dangerous risky challenge.
Liv hates people in general, but even if it’s hard, once she trusts someone, she can be quite nice too. She’s a kind of person you don’t want to be enemy with, but very valuable as a friend.

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Liv opened the door of her room and on her second steps, she already removed her shoes. She pulled her blonde hair and let it fell to her shoulder. On her way to her bed, she unpatiently took off her dress and when nothing attached to he body but a short black pant and white loose corset,she threw herself to the bed and sighed in relief. Finally, I can breath. she thought. Liv looked up at the ceiling and just realized how nice her room was. This room itself was so much better than any other thing she ever seen back home when she was Seven. Well, maybe it wasn't that bad. She might enjoy a little pleasure like this.

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Lily remained at the door to the bathroom, knowing she hadn't been noticed yet. She probably should have helped her get undressed... She was already doing terribly at this... She'd probably be fired soon. She tapped her foot nervously and timidly stepped into the room. "Um, hello Miss Reid..."

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Liv blinked several times. Did someone just called her... Miss? And more importantly, someone was already in this room? Wait, what if she barged into the wrong room? Great, it couldn't get more awkward, she thought.
Liv rolled to her left side and got up, leg crossed on the bed. "Ah... Hello?" she frowned. "Can I help you there?"

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"Um, I think I'm supposed to help you, Miss..." She laughed nervously. "I'm your maid."

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"Ah." she muttered. "Okay. Um... Wow, I never had a maid before or someone equally helpful as that." she crooked a smile at her. Liv jumped from her bed and walked toward her new maid. "I'm Olivia. But, I guess you know it already. What's your name?" she asked. Liv extended her hand for a handshake.

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She smiled back a little nervously. "I'm Lily-Lilliana Henderson." She curtsied quickly, remembering she was supposed to do that, and then shook her hand.

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Liv frowned when Lily curtsied. Right, that was a kind of bowing women do around this place. "Okay, I think I supposed to do that too, but I'm not wearing dress anymore, so..." her words trailed off. "Well, nevermind." she waved her hands in the air carelessly. "Okay, so what's next?" she asked. Honestly, she had no idea what to do or to expect from The Selections without anyone telling her the cue.

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"Well, it depends on what you'd like to do, next... I could show you your gowns, we could talk... Or you could sleep, I suppose."

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Liv's eyes widened in shock. "Hold on, there's more like that?" she pointed at the gown she wore earlier. "Something equally deadly as that?"

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"Well, yes. I've made a few different ones for you..." She felt her heart sink slightly that she hadn't liked the dress. She'd worked so hard on that one... "Would you prefer something simple?"

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"I prefer naked." she said bluntly. Then she started to absorbed the whole situation. This girl, this very girl who stood in front of her, was working her butt off to make dresses for her. She mind-punched herself. "Sorry, that was uncool. I mean, that is genuinely pretty, and those fabrics are probably sell better than if I ripped off my skin." she said quickly. "I just not used to wear something so heavy it pulled itself down and threatened to show my boobs accidentally everytime I move a muscle like that--you know what, you can make any dress you want for me, I will not complaining." she took a deep breath and smiled briefly at her maid. "Thank you for the dress, sorry that I'm such a ungrateful wreck, I guess I am just not used to the whole thing yet."

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"I-alright..." She looked at the ground. "Would you like to see your dresses? You could try a few on and tell me if there are any you like..."

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After I just slipped away from one? Maybe not now, she thought. Liv reached for Lily's hand and pulled her to the nearest chair. Liv told her to take a seat while she sat across the table, facing her. "We have plenty of time to do that later. Why don't you tell me about yourself?" she asked.

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She let herself be pulled, and sat down awkwardly. "About myself?"

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"Yeah." she nodded. "Your hobby, where you came from, anything." Liv crooked a smile, crossing her arms as she leaned back to her chair. "I don't expect you to actually tell me everything. I just need to trust that you will."

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"There's not much to tell... I was born here. Lived here all my life..."

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"Really? Have you ever leave the palace?" she asked.

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She shook her head. "No. I haven't."

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So she lives here all the time serving the royals and never leave the palace? Not sure if it's sad or actually a good thing, she thought. Liv smiled dryly, "Good for you." she said quitely. "There's nothing to see out there, thou." her mind wandered, thinking about home.

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"Nothing?" She asked, disappointed. "I'd heard if giant cities, ten times the size of the palace..."

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Liv bursted a small laughter. "Probably." she nodded. "Haven't seen it myself, really. I just judging from what saw before this Selection thing." Liv rolled her eyes. "Honestly, this is also the first time I ever visit another place other than my hometown."

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"What was your hometown like?" She asked.

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"Well…" she mumbled. "I'd say… Slum?" she shrugged casually. "Obviously a horrid place to live. Filled with people who is consumed by their misery, lack of self confidence, and lost faith." she explained in careless tone, like it was a normal thing to talk about.

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Her face seemed to fall. "Is that... Really what it's like, out there?"

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"The other girls seem okay, so I guess it's just the unfortunate of my caste or whatever." she shrugged.

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"What caste were you?" She asked softly.

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"Seven." she replied. "The sad, filthy Seven." she chuckled sardonically.

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"Oh..." So she was a Caste lower than her. "Well, now you're a three... Maybe even a one."

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"Yeah, I don't really feel like a Three and I don't think I will ever be a One." she smirked. "Honestly, I don't even know how can I be here at the first place."

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"Well... I suppose because you applied."

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"It wasn't even my idea to applied" she moaned. "But let's face it, the only reason I am here just to fill a spot, to give people an impression that anyone can win The Selection."

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"It wasn't your idea?" she asked, biting her lip. "You didn't want to?" She decided to ignore the last part, for the moment.

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"No, it wasn't." she shook her head. "The people I lived with, kinda wanted me to ditch that place, you know, have a so-called better life in higher caste." she sighed as she rolled her eyes irritatedly. "I thought about it. And forget about my life during and after The Selection; what about them, yeah? I need the money, for them." she explained. "And I… Didn't say that I hate it here, I just don't want to be swallowed and lost my ground, you know. I don't know how to cope if I'm not myself anynore."

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"Oh..." She decided to try not to be resentful that this girl of a lower caste who wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to be here had made it, and she hadn't. She nodded. 'I think I understand. You want to be yourself."

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"Exactly," she snapped her fingers. "Which is also a suicidal trait, since I'll probably get kicked out firsy because I am being me." she raised her eyebrows. Liv stared at Lily for awhile, she wasn't well educated or anything, but she's not a fool. Something's bothering her maid. "Lily, do you find it weird that you have to serve a girl from lower caste than you?" she asked.

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She nodded. "I'm sure you'll do fine... As long as you remain within boundaries. It'll help you to stand out, at least..." She paused at Liv's comment. "No, miss." She said finally. "Not at all."

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"You really sure about it? No hard feeling or anything?" she asked again. "I won't be mad if you feel thay way about me, I am quite aware of where I came from."she said with a bried smile.

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She shook her head, her eyes carefully on the ground. "No, miss."

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"Come on, look at me when you talk." she chuckled. "There's no penny down there, you know." Liv told her.

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Her eyes slowly moved up, but she still didn't quite meet her eyes.

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"I won't bite good people, don't be shy." she said softly. "Now, where are these dresses you want me to see?"

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"In the closet, miss. " She stood up. "I'll go a get a few for you."

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"Okay, let's see what you have for me." Liv said as she followed Lily to the closet.

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"What kind of thing did you want, miss?" She asked, as she searched through the closet. "A ball gown, or more of a mermaid? A-line, maybe? Would you like sleeves?"

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"Something with light fabrics, if it's possible." Liv said. God, I sound like an actual Lady, she thought. "I don't mind anything as long as it covers my back." Liv said with a weak smile.

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"In colour, or in weight?" She asked, as she dug through the dresses.

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"Really, I'm not a fashion expert. You choose, what do you think looks best for me?" she crooked a smile.

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She nodded, looking through the rows. Suddenly she brightened. "What about this?" She asked, holding out a dress.

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Liv stared at the gown. It was wonderfully made. The green colour was so soft; simple but it holds its own beauty. "This is amazing." she said to Lily as she examined the fabric of its skirt. "You really know how to make a brilliant gown."

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