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Angie (angiegiammarino) Welcome to the ninth part of our re-read of The Witch's Daughter! On this thread, you can discuss the book up to October 14 -- Dark of the Moon. Please be considerate and don't jump ahead -- we don't want to spoil anything for the first-time readers among us!

To kick off the discussion, here are five questions for you to answer in the comments section below.

Discussion Questions:
1. How did you feel when Archie accepted Bess for what she was?
2. What did you think of what Bess asked Archie to do for her, to stay with her? Do you think Archie made the right choice?
3. Were you surprised by Gideon continuing to hound Bess?
4. How did you feel about what happened to Archie? How do you feel about the life that Bess has lead?
5. What were you thinking when Tegan finally saw the true Ian?

Magiccats I am a bit behind. My cat has been sick, but I'm starting up again.

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Poor kitty! Hope s/he's better.

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Magiccats Thank you. She's 18 and a half years old and has never been sick a day in her life until just now. the vet is doing some blood tests and we should get the results tomorrow.

Magiccats 1. I really liked Archie. His background of course made it easier for him to accept Bess as a witch.
2. Bess loved Archie and wanted to spend her existence with him at her side, however Archie knew he had no special talents and was willing just to stay for as long as they had together.
3. No, I figured Gideon would be back. He is really focused on having Bess for himself.
4. I was very sad when Archie died, heroic though it was.
5. I was thinking "about time" when Tegan finally saw Ian as Gideon and realized the demon he really was.

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