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First Name: Violet
Nickname: Vi
Middle Name: Beatrice
Last Name: Shade
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Elf

Personality: Violet is a sweet and daring girl. She might be over sweet and care to much about others well being but she means well. When her daring side kicks in she will do anything. And I mean anything. She is not afraid of anyone or anything.
Likes: Sky diving, cliff jumping, helping others.
Dislikes: Nothing
Weaknesses: She is way to sensitive and way to sweet.
Strengths: She is a good listener.
History: Since she was little Violet helped everything. She cared for everything. She found helping others good because those she needed to help her were not there for her. She was left at age six to fend for herself. Her adoptive family found her and took her in at age 10. She stayed with them since.

Year: 5
Dorm: 161

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Name: Lydia
Nickname: Ly
Middle name: Marie
Last name: Dream
Species: Guardian Angel
Age: Looks 16 but is really 103
Abilities: Can go into peoples minds and see there nightmares, dreams, etc. And can read peoples minds.
Appearance Before:

Appearance now:

Personality: Lydia is a smart girl. She know what others like and how to get into their skin. She can really bug them at times with that. She is also sweet. She can get on even the meanest of people's good side. At times it can really hurt her because people say that it is an evil gift. She is also quite sensitive. One wrong thing could have a dam burst, or cause a tornado.

Strengths: Helping people, and keeping secrets.

Weaknesses: Low self-confidence, sensitivity, and people problems.

Likes: Making people smile, helping others, the color blue, etc

Dislikes: Barely anything.

History: Since she was little Lydia helped everything. She cared for everything. She found helping others good because those she needed to help her were not there for her. She watches everyone and keeps people safe.

Dorm: 162
Year: 7

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Name: Selene rivers
Personality:she is a nice and caring girl but is very sarcastic.She may seem emotionless or detached but is super fun,once you get to know her.She loves to party and has strong affections towards animals.

History:she was a regular girl until she got bitten by a vampire.She had to fake her death and now her family thinks she's dead.She is the next to be leader of her clan.She has helped defeat many enemies.

Abilities:hypnotism,super speed,inhuman beauty,strength.
Likes:animals,parties,nice people.


Weapon:bow and arrow and long sword.

Extra:has an amazing voice.

Dorm: 163
Year: 7

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 52 comments Mod
First Name:Bartholomew
Last Name: Smith
Nickname: Abomination, sometimes called Barty.
Species:Half Demon/ Half Angel
Casual Appearance: about 6ft 5 inches with long silky blonde hair and bright purple eyes. often wears black leather and other black clothes to cover the runes on his back. the runes are in an ancient language, it means "Abomination". he has pale skin and a muscular body.
True Appearance:stands 9ft tall with large demonic horns and a demons long barbed tipped tail. he sports large light grey feathery wings. his skin is as black as night and his hands and feet sport large razor sharp claws. his canines are very long and very sharp. he still has the strange rune on his back and his bright purple eyes and long silky blonde hair.
Personality:nice and compassionate, he often tries to avoid fights but he will fight if he needs to. comes off as angry but he's often brooding or simply thinking.
Likes:reading, pretty girls, relaxing.
Dislikes:monsters that harm others for amusement.
his powers don't always listen to him.
in constant pain.
unable to access certain angelic or demonic abilities.
much harder to stay calm in his true form, emotions are much stronger in that form.
Strengths:has neither angelic or demonic weaknesses.
overall much more powerful than pure blood demon or angel.
History: born to a angel father and a demon mother, he actually lead a very nice childhood. until he turned thirteen that is. the day he turned thirteen angels and demons came to kill him, apparently believing he was a threat to their survival. they were proven right when, after seeing his parents bodies, he transformed and slaughtered them all. he eventually learned to control his powers enough to return to society and now, along with his friend Adrian Magus, brings terror to those that spread it.
Dorm: 164

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Ema (gee-fiera) First Name: Magdalena
Nickname: None
Middle Name: Nicole
Last Name: Reyes
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: Angel
Personality: Magdalena is is bubbly, fun-loving girl. She's a bit of a talker, and is very creative.
Likes: Music, acting, dancing, dresses, pink lip gloss, the color blue.
Dislikes: Sadness, fighting, school.
Weaknesses: Fighting, school, mean people.
Strengths: Making friends, being happy, singing.
History: Magdalena has a surprisingly simple history. She was not killed do become an angel, but was simply created as one. It's a rare thing, but it does happen, and Magdalena was one of the last, hence why she's so young. Truth be told, she's glad she doesn't have a story like that hanging over her. She spent her beginning years learning about the world as a whole, and was sent to this school to learn more about what she can do.
Year: 1
Dorm: 163

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Alexander (alexandercornelius) | 16 comments Mod
"Boom, get wrecked." - Terrence Walter

| First Name |

| Nickname |

| Middle Name |

| Last Name |

| Age |

| Gender |

| Species |

| Appearance |

| Personality |
Terrence is always the first one to make a joke. He loves making people laugh and just goofing off. He has said on several occasions that he refuses to be serious. However, if one pushes him far enough, he will get extremely angry and it is not a pretty sight.

| Likes |
People, humor, ice cream

| Dislikes |
Party poopers, being serious, yardwork, schoolwork

| Weaknesses |
Being serious, physical work, fighting

| Strengths |
Being funny, diffusing tough situations, schoolwork

| History |
Terrence grew up around the darkest things. A dad who drank himself to death, a mother who shot herself shortly after, a best friend who hung himself, and an uncle who tried to kill Terrence. Terrence, despite his goofy behavior has a darker past than one might imagine. Enough so that his distraction of humor is the only thing keeping him alive. Should he recede into another state of depression (extremely rare), he will most likely try and kill himself.

| Year |

| Dorm |

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Alexander wrote: ""Boom, get wrecked." - Terrence Walter

| First Name |

| Nickname |

| Middle Name |

| Last Name |

| Age |

| Gender |

| Species |

| Appearance |
| P..."


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First Name: Yukiko
Nickname: Yu, Yuko, Yukki, Kiki, Koko
Middle Name: None
Last Name: Mitsee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost

Scars- She has scars all over her neck, back, and legs.

- Emotionally dead, has very little feeling towards people but has a very strong attachment to animals.
- Is very hard to get to know, but once you do she is very friendly
- Manipulative
- Very flirty, with little self respect
- Food
- Animals
- Strawberry lollipops
- People
- Ignoring what people say unless it is meant to hurt
- Under her tough exterior she is sensitive and full of hurt

History: Yukiko had a hard childhood. Her mom died when she was two, and her dad committed suicide when she was 7. She then was taken in with her uncle. He hated Yukiko. He told her that too. He would cut her up and she would scream for help but no one would come. She learned to deal with it though. She would lock herself in her room. One day she came home and her uncle was furious. He walked up to her and threw her against the wall. He continued to do it. She then hit the wall and broke her neck. She was then reborn as a ghost. She lived in the house until her uncle committed suicide out of pure idiocy.

Dorm: 163
Year: 6

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Trevor | 53 comments First Name: Jacob
Last Name: Reese
Age: 17
Species: WereTiger
Appearance: Mountain View

Personality: Free Spirited hates taking orders loves to fight
Likes: Fighting, Cats, Coffee
Dislikes: Idiots who like to start something but not finish it
Weaknesses: impulsive when he wants something he goes right for it
Strengths: shift quickly back and for between whitetiger and man
History: He was let out into the world by 7 which is a good number for tigers but not humans so he spent a few years as a tiger he has almost lost all his social skills and is trying to regain it
Dorm: (IDK YET)

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Trevor wrote: "First Name: Jacob
Last Name: Reese
Age: 17
Species: WereTiger

Personality: Free Spirited hates taking orders loves to fight
Likes: Fighting, Cats, Coffee
Dislikes: Idiots w..."


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Trevor | 53 comments cool

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Madison's Charrie

First Name:Gemstone
Nickname: has none
Middle Name: none
Last Name: none
Gender: female
Species: Robot Rainbow Dragon
Appearance: (You can describe or just put a pic)

Personality: She is funny, likes to help others and is really excited to learn how to fly. Also she wants to learn magic.
Likes: Making new friends
Dislikes: When other students pick on her because she is a robot.
Weaknesses: Bullies
Strengths: Helping others
History: No one likes her because she is a robot. Was abandoned as a hatchling.
Year: 4
Dorm: 162

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 52 comments Mod
First Name: Adrian
Middle Name: Fredric
Last Name: Magus
Nickname:Wacky Wizard, CRAZY IDIOT!(mostly from anyone who doesn't know him), moron (from everyone that does know him)
Appearance:younger version of image with spiky black hair and bright wild green eyes.

Personality:silly and wacky in spades, he rarely takes anything seriously. even when faced with life or death situations he often makes jokes, often times really bad ones. despite appearances he is very clever, although he'd rather no one knew about it. he is very loyal to those he cares about, often putting his own life on the line in order to protect them. although hard to anger, once he gets there he becomes a force of nature and won't stop until he eliminates whatever drove him into such a rage. a quirk of his personality is that he won't hit girls, but he will destroy an enemy and enemies have no gender in his mind (a odd but useful distinction).
Likes:reading, eating, sleeping, killing nasty sleeping monsters with a book while eating (he is very good at multitasking).
Dislikes:party-poopers, stick in the muds, etc.
Weaknesses:still human, despite the magic, and gets normal human problems.
also, do to how much magic he as, he is like a trouble magnet. anything and everything can/will/and does happen around him.
Strengths: has a huge amount of magical strength.
History:very wacky to say the least. when he was a child he defeated a demon lord by turning it into a duckling, when he was a bit older he defeated a archangel by turning him into a frying pan (made such good food with that frying pan for several years before the spell went out) made many friends and more enemies along the way. he has had a lot of stuff happen to him since getting here, the most wacky, funny, and horrifying being when he was turned temporarily into a hot girl (caused many people to have to go to therapy because of that accident).
Dorm: 164

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Demon Dragon wrote: "First Name: Adrian
Middle Name: Fredric
Last Name: Magus
Nickname:Wacky Wizard, CRAZY IDIOT!(mostly from anyone who doesn't know him), moron (from everyone that does know him)


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You can request to rp in the request to rp thread. Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Angelic Angel

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{First Name} Marice
{Nickname(s)} Big ears(from jerks) Mar, and Mouse
{Middle Name} Marie Hunter Frix
{Last Name} Drizz
{Age} 14
{Gender} Female

{Personality} Marice is a sweet and caring girl. She can be a little shy around people though.
{Likes} Being with friends, learning, and adventure.
{Dislikes} Dull moments, jerks, and cheese.
{History} Marice was always haunted by her past. She hated it. When she was very young her parents thought it fun to run around and scavenge for cheese. They were in there mouse form one day and they seen the biggest block. They were excited. The climbed up with little Marice on their back. The started to nibble on it. After a while of eating they heard noises. The owner was coming back! They hid Marice in a sack and they tried to hide behind the cheese. The owner of the cheese picked it up and found Marice's parents. They were then baked into a mouse pie.

{Year} 4

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i am dennis

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First Name: Dennis
Nickname: Duke
Middle Name: Christain
Last Name: Cohick
Age: 13
Gender: male

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Okay. That's a good start. All's you need is Species and appearance. And if you need to think a bit for history you can add that the more you RP. And your dorm and year for classes.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments First Name: Claire
Nickname: Claire Bear, Clay
Middle Name: Hunter
Last Name: Fredrickson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Neko
Appearance: (You can describe or just put a pic)
Personality: Sweet, stubborn, caring
Likes: Candy, having fun, naps
Dislikes: Loud noises
Weaknesses: Can get distracted easily
Strengths: Really agile
History: (Working on it as I rp)
Year: 2
Dorm: 161

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments First Name: Gina
Nickname: Gine, A, G-Dog
Middle Name: Yuya
Last Name: Hunter
Age: 144 looks 14
Gender: Female
Species: Fallen Angel

Personality: Troublemaker, hard worker, rebel
Likes: Having fun, dogs, anything dirty
Dislikes: Cleanliness, cats
Weaknesses: Too troublesome
Strengths: Stubborn
History: Gina was born an angel. She was a bit different though. Instead of being sweet and innocent she was troublesome. She was soon kicked down to Earth making her a helper of karma. Whe someone does something nice for someone else she creates something nice for them. When someone is mean to someone else she takes her time and makes them suffer.
Year: 5
Dorm: 162

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments

Name: Flora D. Myers
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Appearance: Flora has short red hair that staops just at her shoulder. Her face is scattered with freckles that make her self conscious about her appearance. She has vibrant green eyes and a small nose. She stands about 4'5" with pale skin.

Personality: Flora is a troublesome girl. She often sneaks out of the house to get a taste of the real world since she is homeschooled. She has a sweet streak when she wants it to show. She normally hates to show any pity, sweetness, or any part of her that is fragile.
Likes: Strawberries, candy, having fun
Dislikes: School bullies, people, being called weak
Strengths: Can hide emotions with ease
Weaknesses: Is really sensitive
History: Flora was born into a small family. She lived with her mom and dad. At the age of 6 her mom left her and her dad to fend for themselves. While having to deal with a missing mom Flora also had to deal with school bullies. People often called her soft, sweet, and shy. Getting tired of being called weak and all she shut her sweet part out and let her tough side show.

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