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Yukiko walked quietly into class. She took a seat and pulled out her supplies. She then looked forward. She just wanted to get this class and all her other classes over with.

Lydia walked happily into class. She found a seat at the front and sat down. She then took her bag off her shoulder and pulled out some pens and paper. After that she looked around the room kindly.

Violet bounced excitedly into class. She took a seat and pulled out her pens and paper. She sat them neatly on her desk. Afterwards she looked around the room with a wide smile. She was super excited.

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((this class is now open for this week. If you need more time just let me know.))

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Michelle Gray walked slowly into class. She looked at the class and smiled sweetly. "Hello everyone. I will be substituting for the moment." she said as she walked up to the board. "My name is Ms. Gray." she said as she wrote it on the board. "Now why don't we introduce ourselves. We can start with you." she said pointing to Yukiko. "And go from there. Okay?"

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Yukiko stared at the teacher. I mean who does she think she is calling on her first. "I'm Yukiko. I'm a ghost and that is all about me I want you people to know." she said feeling good about herself.

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Yukiko looked at the girl utterly shocked. Without knowing what to do she put a smile on her face and waved. ((Not normal smile but a weird and I'm not used to this smile))

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"It is very nice to meet you Yuikiko." Michelle said smiling. "Now how about, hmmm you." she said pointing to Gemstone. "What's your name?" she asked as she sat down on top of her desk.

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"Well it is very nice to meet you! And you are quite interesting. In history when you have that you can learn more about your species. There was someone just like you who saved all of us. His name was Albert Simon. He was picked on for being what he was but he helped those who picked on him. He actually was the founder of this school." Michelle said beaming. "Now how about you? What's your name?" she said pointing to Violet.

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Violet grinned. "I learned all about him! He is so interesting! I was just telling Gemstone she would love it here and she would fit right in!" she said smiling and waving at Gemstone. "Oh, and my name is Violet! I'm elf from the Intrigous forest." she said beaming.

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"Yes it is quite interesting. And it is nice to meet you Violet." she said beaming. "Last but not least you." she said pointing to Lydia. "What's your name?" she asked.

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Lydia looked at the teacher. "My name is Lydia." she said blankly. She then smiled weirdly and looked down at her books.

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Michelle smiled. "Welcome to class everyone! Now let's get to learning. Open your books to page 13 and start writing down random spells." she said smiling happily.

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Lydia opened her book and wrote random spells in her notebook.

Yukiko looked at the book and then at her notebook. She was nervous. What if she wrote down the wrong spell?

Violet happily started to write down random spells.

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"Now when you have about 3+ spells stand up and jump around the classroom. If you don't continue to write. And Kiko sweetheart is there a problem?" Michelle asked concerned.

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Lydia smiled awkwardly and started to do tiny jumps around the class.

Yukiko glared at the teacher. "No nothing is wrong." she said as she wrote down spells. Writing over three she started to float around the room.

Violet got out of her seat and bounced around smiling. "Best...Teacher.....Ever......" she said in between breaths.

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With that Michelle stood up and smiled. "Why don't we go to the garden to do this activity. This room is a bit stuffy." she said leading the jumpy class out the door.

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((Sorry my substitute took them to the garden so your gonna have to go there our I can bring the students back. Your call))

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((New school day))

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Lydia walked into class. She looked around the room for a sign of any other students. She then quickly took her seat and pulled out her supplies.

Violet walked slowly into class. Her head kind of hurt from the tonic she drank the other day but she was ready for today. She took a seat and pulled out her school supplies for class.

Yukiko floated into class. She took a seat in the very back and rested her head on her arms.

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"You okay?" Violet asked looking at Gemstone concerned.

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"Good!" Violet said happily. She then looked at the time. "Teacher's not here yet. Nor the substitute. Weird." she said slightly confused.

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Kayla stormed into the room. "Hello class. I am Mrs. Hunter. I am your principal and your substitute today. Open your books to page 15 and read to page 30. When you are done shut your book and write a two page essay front and back." she said sitting down and starting to type on her computer.

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Yukiko pulled out her book and opened it. She didn't care for the teachers being so strict and making them do all these hard things. She frowned a little as she opened her book to page 15.

Violet sat still. Since all the years she has been here she never had to do things to this extent.

Lydia stared at the teacher briefly. They were here to learn and yet they hadn't done anything like that since classes started.

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Violet looked over at Gemstone. "What's up with her?" she asked frustrated. She had a lot to do already and now she had to write a two page essay front and back.

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Violet looked down and continued reading. She felt so foolish. She finished reading and began her essay.

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Kayla stood up. "Pencils and pens down. Turn in your essay on the desk. Those who did not finish will finish it in detention. Now everyone you all should have read the passage so let me see what you can do. I have a mythological beast here. You all will have to try to use the charm you learned. For those who did not finish the passage it was the Frugose charm. It is a fire charm basically. Form a line going from Yukiko, Bartholomew, Selene, Gemstone, Jacob, Lydia, Adrian, and then Violet." Kayla said wearily.

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Yukiko walked up to the front of the line she was shaking. Her normal Magic Defence teacher taught them about this so it had to be creepy. She held her finger forward and pulled at her inner magic. She exhaled. She was ready. She nodded at Ms. Hunter and she quickly opened the door. The creature came out and growled at Yukiko. Yukiko looked at it and smiled sadly. "Frugose!" she said with her utmost confidence. The creature burned into ash. Yukiko walked back to her seat. She smiled wildly. She finally did it. Maybe Mr. H wasn't so bad after all.

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Kayla looked around the room. "Bartholomew you here?" Not seeing the student she marked hime late. "Selene, are you here?" she asked upset. Without seeing the other student she marked her absent. "Gemstone. It is your turn." she said looking at the student. "Remember do not be frightened." she said looking at the girl.

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((Your character has to do what Yukiko did. You can read my post up above and that's what in all your supposed to do.))

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((This is the spell they learned- Frugose so if you could use it that would be helpful. You have to put it into consideration she is going against a Lycan. What their normal Magic Defense teacher talked to them about so she would burn it.))

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The lycan burst into flames and turned to a pile of ash on the classroom floor. Yukiko looked at Gemstone and smiled awkwardly. She was happy but didn't want to show it.

Violet jumped up and down "Yay! Good job Gemstone!" she said happily.

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((Line Note: Yukiko, Bartholomew, Selene, Gemstone, Jacob, Lydia, Adrian, and then Violet))

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Kayla looked at Gemstone impressed. "Very good Gemstone!" she said clapping lightly. "Now next up is Jacob." she said looking at the students in the line. Without seeing him in the line she skipped to Lydia. "Your up Lydia." she said.

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Lydia walked nervously to the front. She gulped. She was so scared she would fail. She took a long beath and looked at the teacher and nodded a bit. Ms. Hunterlet the Lycan out of the closet and it charged at Lydia. Lydia froze. "Uhhhhh," she said searching for the spell. "Jutiso!" she said with utmost force. The Lycan froze for a second and then blew up. Lydia screamed as she went flying into a desk.

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Kayla looked at Lydia with concern. "Okay great job students. Next we have Adrian which I do not see." she said sighing. "Violet your up." she said bored.

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Violet skipped to the front and smiled. She was ready. She nodded to the teacher and she opened the closet door. Violet looked at the Lycan sadly. "Sorry." she whispered to it. "Frugose!" she said sadly as it burst into flames. She walked up to the pile of ash and skooped it up. She put it into a jar and put it on a shelf so it could be cared for. She then walked to her seat and smiled at Gemstone.

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Kayla applauded slightly. "Good. Now those who did not finish their essay come get a detention slip." she said puling them out from a draw on the desk.

((Hi Dennis))

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Violet walked up to the teacher and smiled sadly. "Well we have detention together." she said sadly. She then looked down sickened about her slip.

Lydia walked up to the teacher and grabbed a slip sadly. She then quickly sat in her seat and looked down disapointed.

Yukiko smiled as she watched the others grabbing slips. She did not need one and she was proud of that.

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Kayla smiled at the students. "Okay those who do not have detention may go." she said as Yukiko got up and left. "Now you three. Finish your essay's and meet me in my office tomorrow morning." she said.

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Violet grabbed her essay and went to her seat. She looked through her book and continued to write.

Lydia grabbed her essay and went to her seat. She quickly finished it and ran to the teacher and handed it to her.

Ms. Hunter smiled at Lydia. "You may go." she said to Lydia. As Lydia turned and ran out.

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