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What if the actual tributes had been Prim and Gale?
Cintia Cintia Feb 22, 2016 08:26AM
Assuming that Katniss never volunteered for her sister, and instead of Peeta, the male tribute from District 12 had been Gale... What would have happened?

Prim gets killed within the first 3 minutes, Gale has a shot at the title. But how does Katniss feel about him, if he lives? That's an interesting question.

Gale would probably give saving her his all for Katniss, and I could see him sacrificing himself for her if he needed too. Prim probably wouldn't win, but Gale could. Would he want to though, knowing he'd failed in saving her?

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hmmm...i suppose Prim would've much chance if Gale manages to protect her. If they end up being in the final 2 I suppose Gale would try to sacrifice himself for Katniss's sake, but c'mon guys you'd have to give the gamemakers more credit for their sadistic creativity. Gale
giving up himself for Prim would've been predictable and the capitol people would not have liked that. No, they'd probably threaten Gale or do something like that jabberjay incident with Katniss and Finnick so he'd think his family would be in danger if he didn't do what they wanted.

Gale sounded a little psycopatich by the end of the trilogy so i think he would do fine on the games, and Prim would learn pretty fast to keep her head cool and would use her skills with plants, and she would probably befriend Ru

I'm pretty sure Gale would have helped Prim with all of his heart. I feel as if Prim would be scared and a lot more vulnerable than Gale. Gale would be confident in him self and ready for the games, but Prim, no. Katniss would obviously feel terrible, her mother would feel the same way. Overall, it would affect many lives in District 12.

Dhfan4life I agree. And just add though that Gale might have ended up dead protecting Prim for so long. Cause for sure when it came down to the last two of them ...more
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I think Gale would've been pretty good at the games would have been as smart as Katniss and he would easily be able to survive the games and he would also take care of Prim and would not let her die.

I agree that Gale would have done everything he could to protect Prim and probably have succeeded in doing so for long, but I doubt Prim would have surived. At some point, Gale would have failed to save her, and she would have been helpless on her own. After that, yeah, I think Gale could win, but never really forgiving himself for letting Prim die.

I think Gale totally would have saved Prim. I think he would protect Prim with all he had, til the end. It probably would have ended up just the two of them at the end, but then Gale would have sacrificed himself for Katniss. No matter how bad it sounds, I think he would have seen that Katniss could go on without him, but not Prim.

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