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What is your deciding factor on buying a book?

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Mindy Lou's Book Review | 181 comments I buy books based off two reasons: Recommendations and very high reviews on Amazon. I just read way too much that I want to make sure I buy books that I know I will like. I'm discovering that I am missing out on some really good books. I recently started reviewing books on NetGalley and have found some really good books that I would never have looked twice at. What is your method to picking out books? And list a book you were surprised by.

My surprise book is Yummy Addictions by Belle Davis. This is a three book series and I had to immediatly buy book 2 and 3 after receiving the ARC of book 1. She has so very little amount of reviews I would have never bought this book. I think people on here would like the Alpha in this series.

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Will2pear95 | 6 comments Mindy, thanks for the recommendations. The books look good. I'm not a fan of cliffys but the books look good and their all out and no waiting.

I feed my book buying obsession using recommendations by readers and authors, author recognition (if I liked a book by an author I'm more likely to buy another book by that author), and book descriptions and previews. I'm kind of weird when it comes to books that have too many 5 or 4 star reviews when they first come out. the first 2 days and 100 5 star reviews smack of family and friend reviews in my book. I tend to look at the 3 star reviews more and 1 & 2 star reviews make me laugh most times. I never give validation or credence to reviews stating that someone didn't like a book solely because of grammar, bad language or sexual content.

Mindy Lou's Book Review | 181 comments Will2pear95 wrote: "Mindy, thanks for the recommendations. The books look good. "

If you decide to read it, please let me know what you think!

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Grace Risata | 19 comments I usually buy books based on Amazon recommendations of what I bought previously. I click on the book and read the blurb first. If that passes inspection, then I take a "look inside" the book and make sure it sounds good.
I have a question for everyone: how important is the book cover? I mean would a boring cover make you not take a second glance at the book? Does a romance novel require a hot half naked guy on the cover to really get your attention? I just started my second book and I need to know how much the cover really matters. Thanks!

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Varied Books (variedbooks) | 20 comments A favorite book I bought has a really boring cover. I would of never bought the book if it wasn't on sale. The regular price is $7.99. I bought the other books in the series which also had boring covers.

Many readers want the sexy male on front but some want a cool cover but no male. Me personally want a sexy cover. The cover of Big rock was a turn off. For me it was more sleazy than sexy but I'm in the minority. But I bought anyway b/c it had high reviews. It was a good book.

If I see a lot of low stars by reviewers who've never read the book sometimes causes me to buy the book. It depends on the actual reason for the low stars.

Mindy Lou's Book Review | 181 comments I agree with Varied Books, I actually don't want naked men or women on the cover...it does cheapen it for me. It hasn't stopped me from buying those books though and some covers with a couple can actually be tasteful. Hype over a book will trump the cover for me. However, I still want a cool cover. I know this isn't great reasoning but if a book cover is boring, I think the book is probably boring. I just think if I were writing books, I would want the cover to grab your attention to get you to read the blurb.

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Varied Books (variedbooks) | 20 comments It's not fair but at times I will not buy a book if there are low star reviews that have comments by fans defending the author. Or a comment by the author attacking the review.

Negative comments by posters that call themselves "true" or "real" fans affect my desire to read the book. These "fans" almost put the author on a pedestal.

ETC fan name

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Will2pear95 | 6 comments Varied Books wrote: "It's not fair but at times I will not buy a book if there are low star reviews that have comments by fans defending the author. Or a comment by the author attacking the review.

Negative comments b..."

I 100% agree with you on that. Years ago I left my honest negative review on a book and "fans" of the writer vilified me. It's one of the main reasons I very rarely will write a review. When I see "super fans" or "street teams" or the author attacking people who don't like the writer's book or books it turns me off big time.

French Press Bookworm Blog (sweet_tree) | 46 comments If the book has goodish reviews. Haha I'll give it a try but even some with great reviews I didn't like( this man series) also I'm not a fan of cliff hangers so if it has one I'll most likely pass.

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Pamela  (poollover) | 32 comments I actually read the "free sample" before deciding to purchase or not. That being said, there have been times when this has not worked in my favour. The longer the "free sample" the better.

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A Klue (fromthesouth) | 75 comments Must be a romantic read! lol

#1 Price! ... and yes, I look at page length to factor that in.
#2 Genre... Has to be one of my favs.
#3 Author...Usually someone I've read before. Otherwise, I'll try to get from the library. I will take a chance on a new author if it is an inexpensive book and has great reviews.
#4 Reviews! Goes without saying I want a no cheating/exclusive MC relationship...Have a very specific code of conduct for my book characters. I check reviews closely to see if they apply.

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Grace Risata | 19 comments I agree that reviews can give you some good information about the content of the book that's not in the description. If anyone comments about a rape scene or anyone forcing themselves on someone, I will not buy the book.
It's sad that someone would attack a reviewer just for giving a bad review. If the review just says, "this book stinks" then that's not fair. But if the honest review lists some valid criticism, then absolutely nothing is wrong with that at all.

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McGee Magoo Covers used to impact my purchases back when I had to stroll into my local store and look someone in the eye while I bought it. But now, since I do mostly e-books, covers don't much matter to me--at least not in the embarrassment factor. Obviously certain subgenres of romance have types of covers and it steers me when buying.

For instance, I try to stay away from chick-lit and YA/NA whenever possible. I don't like the heroes to be secondary characters (as is often the case with Chick lit) and I'm too old to be interested in the woes and romances of teenagers.

Having said that, there are two books that screamed Chick Lit and had covers that would normally steer me away: Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City, #1) by Penny Reid & Eternally North (Eternally North, #1) by Tillie Cole . But I was pleasantly surprised and found gems. Penny Reid has since become my most favorite author of all time and I'm glad I went for it.

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McGee Magoo But normally my factors are:
A) Price. I don't pay over $6 for an ebook ever. And price/page count ratio. I refuse to buy a less-than 100-pg book for $2.99. $1.99 is even a no-go it unless it's an auto-buy author.

B) Cliffhanger. I've read 'em, I'll read more, but as a rule, I try not to get sucked in to any trilogies unless all installments are out and affordable. I just can't do with the suspense of waiting.

C) If I'm on the fence I might read the 2 star reviews (The 1-stars are usually trolls) on Amazon to see if their complaints are something I can't deal with. Cheating, triangles, too-young mc's,

Mindy Lou's Book Review | 181 comments Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City, #1) by Penny Reid . I'm glad to hear this book is good. I bought it but haven't read yet.

I actually love series because if I fall in love with the characters then I want to read them for as long as I can. I really love spinoffs too. I think it's because I get so invested in the characters.

If I know the author and they start a new series, then I do usually buy the books as they get published but don't start reading until it's finished. For example First Touch by Lauren Paige. I bought that immediately but no way am I touching it until the second book comes out. My friend went ahead and read it and it's driving her crazy that she has to wait. Lol

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Varied Books (variedbooks) | 20 comments I also love series. Some of my favorite books are about the same MC. I'll read the books even if the series isn't over. I do appreciate that there is no lingering angst between the H/h at the end of the book.

I do worry the author will mess up my love for the H/h. I don't like cheating; H or h ending up w/ someone else; H or h dies. I usually will stop reading an author if the these events happen b/c I can't trust her or him to do it again.

I usually look at 3 star reviews first then move on to higher reviews first. I will read all 1-5 star reviews. I ignore reviews that only have

"the best book ever" or "worst book ever"

"I never review but I had to b/c this book is fantastic" -" I never review but had to because this book is horrible"

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Indy | 61 comments I'll throw in my two cents about deciding factors (not in any particular order):

- Reviews (to an extent - if something only has a 3 star rating and has 20+ reviews, going to cause me to hesitate.) Also if there are mentions of lots of editing issues (very annoying) or annoying heroines (please don't whine too much) that can also turn me off. And important to note when I talk about reviews I mean Goodreads, I'm skeptical about Amazon reviews as I have seen many grossly over-rated on there

- Price - anything above $3.99 causes me to pause. There are plenty of good books out there at that price or less, and knowing how quickly I read through them (48 hours generally), that can add up quickly at higher price points. Exceptions are for notable authors and only after I see positive review warranting purchasing more expensive books. I hardly ever pre-order at high prices (ex. Sylvia Day latest coming out in April - going to wait on reviews first)

- Book blurb: I have my own preferences towards alpha males, funny/sassy/independent heroines, good character chemistry, businessmen or bad boys, and do like when there are some duets or trilogies so I can really get deep into a storyline. But - I rarely will get lost in a series prior to all installments being released. Having to wait 6+ mos for each new development drives me bonkers. *Important to note - easily annoyed by authors who prolong book series unnecessarily - if you make it beyond one book, have a strong enough plot line to warrant it. Debating about continuing one series cause I feel like all the loose ends have already been tied up. Have me craving more!

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Alex (alexe11) | 1 comments I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for a sexy cover, having said that I don't buy because of the covers they are just an added bonus. When deciding on a book I stick to the following criteria: -

1. I will not pay more than a penny a page - there are only 2 authors that I have considered breaking that rule for!
2. Must have a HEA.
3. No cliffhangers - I hate when authors do this and then string the reader along for months before the next instalment comes out. A book should have a beginning, middle and end. If the story is good one I don't care how long it is!
4. No cheating - once the H and h are together I don't want to see them with other people.
5. Reviews - I always read a cross section of reviews. I tend to ignore the 5* reviews that just say how fantastic a book is without anything to back it up and I also ignore the 1* reviews that only say how awful it is without back up and/or slag off the author.
6. If a book is free and it grabs my interest I will always give it a go.
7. I love a series as long as each book is a standalone.
8. I steer clear of NA because to be honest at 18/21 you can't possibly know what love is and I always feel at that age you haven't lived or gained life experience (I know HEAs at that age do happen but at my age I tend to be a bit sceptical!) I much prefer my MCs to be a bit older and more experienced.

I read because I love to fuel my imagination and escape from the reality of everyday life - not that my life is bad or that I have anything to escape from I just love to daydream!

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Pamela  (poollover) | 32 comments I so totally agree with you on No. 8. It's absolutely unfathomable to believe that they've accomplished so much in such little time. Don't crucify me, but seriously, 18/24 don't know what love is because they're always in love with one person or another, or they think this is the one when they haven't even ventured out into the world.

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