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Lisa (lisamparkin) | 39 comments Mod
I'd love to hear what questions and comments you have about our February book! Here are some questions to get us started!

- Was this your first science fiction book? If so, what did you think? If not, what other scifi books have you read and enjoyed?

- What did you think of the character development in the story?

- What book moments stood out the most to you?

- What did you think of Starflight overall?

Amanda (mandaareads_) | 4 comments No, Starflight was not my first Sci-Fi book read. In the past I've read The 5th wave series, The Martain, Iluminae and Ready Player One. Starflight was definitely amazing though!

I loved the character development. I was able to predict that Doran and Solara would fall for each other eventually though, but I didn't mind. Since I knew it would happen I enjoyed seeing the build up of their romance, and all those witty remarks! Those two really had it in for each other at first and I couldn't help but laugh. I also really liked how Solara felt she had a real family at the end of this novel, after feeling alone for so long I bet it was a relief to finally feel like she was a part of something and had people care about her.

If I'm being honest I'd say the entire book stood out to me. There really isn't an exact part I can pin point because I really did enjoy it all. The events went together very well and kept me intrigued. I finished in one sitting because I literally could not put this down!

Overall, I loved this book and I really really really need more! Even though we had closure at the end there are so many possibilities that can happen now so I just need to know where these characters end up. This was an incredibly awesome Uppercase choice! So glad to finally read this book.

Melanie Murray | 1 comments I've read many SciFi books with space travel/aliens. Including The 5th Wave series, The Martian, Ready Player One, and Ender's Game.

This book had great character development. I especially enjoyed Doran's transition from stuck up upper class prick to loyal pirate out for justice even against his own dad.

I think the moments that stood out the most to me were some of the smallest moments in the book. The sugar baby needing his masters tshirt, discovering the princess bracelet, getting pirate tattoos, going to a harvest festival....they all lead up to a rag tag bunch becoming a family...a family they all needed.

Overall, I loved Starflight. It was great YA scifi. I would recommend it to anyone that likes the genre. I really wish there was a sequel or it is made into a trilogy. I want to know what happens to Doran and Solara, Kane and Cassia, do they bring down Doran's father, does Doran forgive his mother. This was my first uppercase box and loved everything in it. The book was a great choice, I put on the nail wraps before I started reading, and the scarf is perfect!

Debi | 1 comments Not my first Sci-fi --- I enjoyed this book a lot. As with any good romance you always want to see more of the "happily ever after" part of the story, but the characters had a great build up for all the relationships.

Kris Mauna (krissssm) | 14 comments Was this your first science fiction book? If so, what did you think? If not, what other scifi books have you read and enjoyed?

- This was not my first sci-fi book, it's actually one of my favorite genres! I read a lot of sci-fi, but my two favorite series would have to be The Lunar Chronicles and The 5th Wave series. Which, if you enjoyed Starflight and haven't read The Lunar Chronicles then I highly recommend checking it out! I saw a lot of similarities between the two and loved it. :)

What did you think of the character development in the story?

- I loved every character in this book even the evil ones because they made the story so interesting! Of course Solara and Doran are my favorite out of the bunch though, and I really enjoyed getting to know them and see them grow as the story progressed. I immediately liked Solara. I didn't like Doran, but I'm happy to say that I loved him just as much as Solara by the end of the book!

What book moments stood out the most to you?

- My favorite part about this book was the fact that friendship was the heart of this story. I'm a sucker for stories like this, where lost souls find themselves surrounded by the right kind of people.. and I enjoyed every minute of reading about this crew of people who come together and build this family.

Oh, and my favorite scene in the book was when Doran had to fight Demarkus! I could not stop laughing at "Daro the Red". It was such a horrible situation (that I did not see coming), but these characters approached everything in such a fun/brave way that it was really enjoyable.

What did you think of Starflight overall?

- This book was really entertaining and I enjoyed every minute of it! It was fast paced with great twists and turns that kept you wanting to figure out how everything would end. There was just the right amount of romance, which I loved Solara and Doran's relationship. I can't get enough of those witty conversations they shared. The world was fun with every great character, too!

I can't wait to see what will happen in Starfall! I hope that I enjoy Kane and Cassia's POVs as much as I enjoyed Solara and Doran's POVs though.. I'm excited to learn more about this war and see what will happen to them. I also hope we get more information about what will happen with Doran's family even if they will just be supporting characters.

Virginia Osborne (oz_in_the_library) this was my first uppercase box and I picked the book up almost immediately to read, which is surprising, because I've always got more books on my tbr pile than I can ever get to. this one seemed promising though. and it didn't disappoint. the characters were well done and overall the entire crew reminded me a bit of firefly. I suppose it's that space opera sort of feel it has going for it coupled with surviving on their wits in the depths of space.

I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forwards to the next selection!

Paula | 6 comments This wasn't my first scifi book. I have read The 5th Wave books, Illuminae, Under the Never Sky, and Cinder. As far as scifi books go, I absolutely loved this one. It is my favorite out of those I have read and listed.
I love the enemies to lovers storyline. The side characters were great. Most of all, I loved the action. I couldn't put this book down once I started it.
Thanks for the great box!

Jessica Was this your first science fiction book? If so, what did you think? If not, what other scifi books have you read and enjoyed?

This was not my first sci-fi book, but I most certainly enjoyed it! I've read the Lunar Chronicles, the 5th Wave, and Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead. I really liked that there were space pirates! So cool.

What did you think of the character development in the story?

I really liked the character development. It was believable, if not predictable but I really enjoyed it. The fact that Solara and Doran both had their vulnerabilities but could accept each other and become friends was really great. I also loved how Solara grew to think of the crew as family by the end of the novel and it just made my heart smile.

What book moments stood out the most to you?

The fight with Demarkus was epic, also the little moments like Acorn needing the captain's shirt to feel comfortable, going to the harvest festival, getting the pirate tattoos. AND Gage! holy moly, that was a great reveal.

What did you think of Starflight overall?

I really enjoyed Starflight overall, but I really was hoping we would get to see more of Doran's family and the outcome of that situation. Hopefully in Starfall we get to see this, even though it is from Kane and Cassia's POV.

I loved the space pirates, the slow romance, and the focus on family and friends. It was a great adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed :D Great choice Uppercase! Yet again, another stellar read.

Jeniece Goellner - Was this your first science fiction book? If so, what did you think? If not, what other scifi books have you read and enjoyed?

Not my first science fiction book. I enjoy the science fiction genre with The Martian, Ready Player One, The Red Rising Trilogy being some of my favorites.

- What did you think of the character development in the story?

The character development for our 2 main characters Doran and Solara was great. You could really see how they grew into themselves and away from the limitations they use to place on each other as well as themselves. I could have used a little more on some of our secondary characters, and that's something I hope to get in Starfall since it's from different POV.

- What book moments stood out the most to you?

Space Pirates. I'm a sucker for anything spacey. Space Pirates, Space Bounty Hunters, Space Cowboys. It's why Firefly was a favorite show of mine and this book had many elements of that rag-tag group that helped draw me in.

- What did you think of Starflight overall?

I enjoyed it. It had some fun characters, great friendships, lots of adventure, a pretty great twist, and a lovely ending. Can't wait to see it from a whole new perspective in the next book.

Brandi | 13 comments So I'm really behind on my Uppercase book picks due to school requirements, but now that summer has arrived I am bingeing on books.

Starflight is not my first science fiction book, though it is not one of my go to genres. Another recent sci-fi read I really enjoyed is Illuminae. So. Good.

I think Landers did an excellent job with character development in Starflight. Doran, for one, is almost completely unrecognizable from the character we first met by the end of the novel. However, his character arch was very predictable. His relationship with Solara was well developed (thankfully no instalove) and it is another case of the journey being more rewarding than the (entirely predictable) destination.

The big reveal about who was hiding out at the coordinates Doran's father gave him was definitely the most memorable aspect of the story. I truly did not see that twist coming. I also enjoyed the banter between the ship's crew. It actually reminded me a lot of the fabulous show Firefly. So I enjoyed all the bits where Solara and Doran were growing closer to their new "family."

I really enjoyed Starflight overall. While the plot was at times rather predictable it was easy to overlook because Landers made following these characters so much fun. Solara was a strong female protagonist and I always enjoy such characters in my reading. I look forward to reading the companion novel when it is released!

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